estimate with the car owner and explain it to them.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:00 pm   Post subject:   

Thanks for reading those Lori, They are older and I thought you might have already seen or read them. I don't gamble on, or expect anything. I just go over the ins. estimate with the car owner and explain it to them. I give them my opinion on how well or poorly it is written. If it is written for parts that I object to, I try to give them some options to help them. I usually tell them if they would like I am willing to make a call and find out if the reconditioned parts even exist. I called on a Porsche bumper the other day that did exist, but I asked what the rejection rate was, and was told 75%. I got it faxed to me, and the adjuster's supervisor ok'd new. I don't think the carriers should be forcing aftermarket and reconditioned parts on claimants, but often they are. I think used is fair, if it's cost effective, but I am surprised how often it is not. I guess you would have to agree with all of this, before I could ask you how uim claims (like the op here) differ in general from ones where at fault drivers are getting their own vehicles repaired.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:20 am   Post subject:   

I agree with everything you said in your post..with the possible exception that I think that a/m and reman and used parts certainly have their place in repairs...would it make my job about 50% easier if I didn't have to use them? sure it would, no phone calls, no supps (for that), no long conversations explaining everything....but fact of the matter is I doubt they are going anywhere, and there have been times, that I have used them that the owner was appreciative of it to save a vehicle from totalling...sounds like your adjuster or their supervisor did the right thing....on an odd ball car, or one I don't see alot of I usually remember to ask about the rejection rate, if it's over 25% I don't even write it...not worth the hassle, and we all know how quickly euro car parts arrive anyway Rolling Eyes re: UMPD or UIMPD it would be handled the same as collision or comp re: first party claim...

I think used is fair, if it's cost effective, but I am surprised how often it is not
Me too! it blows me away! I'm seeing more and more of this as oem drop their parts prices more and more....I get irritated, (as I'm certain shops do) when I go on a reinspect where another (young) adjuster has written used, and not even looked to see it was more cost effective...I had one just last week, similar, rep wrote to replace a front frame kit (ford f250)...well by the time you added everything NOT included (which she missed of course) it was by far cheaper to replace the entire frame with a used one..(which was a much better repair anyway and what the shop preferred to do as well) this case the vehicle totaled, and I knew it would when I saw it and it should...but again, what 'looks' like the most economical repair isn't always the case....


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