You’ve got married and have your own family now. You’re trying to stand on your own feet and write your own destiny. Consequently, you have moved out of the home of your parents as you don’t like to be a burden and rented a house in the downtown. Your footing is still in the past […]

The advent of the Internet has ushered us with probably the greatest gift – the ability to work from anywhere you want. With the craze of everything going online, the need for written content for the web has grown rapidly over the years. And all these have led the birth of the modern writer – […]

While the cost of a speeding ticket varies from state to state and depends on the magnitude of the offense, according to sources, the average cost of a speeding ticket is $150 (including court fees). Apart from this, you have to face time-consuming jury trials, prosecutions, and the hassles of dealing with the police. Nowadays, […]

You have paid all your auto insurance premiums over the years without delay. Now when you’re caught into an accident and have suffered significant damages, you expect your insurance company to come to rescue you from the trouble. However, you receive no calls from the adjuster after informing him or her of the accident. Does […]

A no-fault insurance is a certain type of auto insurance policy where you are indemnified for losses by your insurance company, regardless of fault in the incident that generates the losses. A no-fault insurance policy is not different from first-party coverage. Generally used in the context of state auto insurance laws, this policy ensures that […]

Auto break-ins are very common these days. According to the FBI, more than 1.17 million thefts from cars were reported alone in 2014, with an average loss of $835 per incident. Apart from these, an additional 360,000 vehicle accessory thefts were reported, with an average loss of $553. In spite of the fact that today’s […]

Christmas trees don’t automatically ablaze, however if they do, one of a standard size can destroy your house in minutes. The risk of a calamitous fire increases during the holidays when electric outlets remain overloaded and candles are left burning. Christmas is the time of family gatherings, celebrations, merry-making, eating and shopping. So make sure […]

Parking lots are busy places, with harried drivers pulling into and out of spaces. According to studies, one out of every five car accidents happens in a parking lot. Accidents in the parking lots and simple fender benders are common and everyday phenomenon. Such kind of accidents usually takes place due to faulty driving skills, […]

The auto insurance score is a three digit number that the insurance industry uses to determine the likelihood of an insurance claim file. Also called as credit-based insurance score, major credit score providers calculate it using data from your TransUnion credit report. However, your auto insurance score has nothing to do with your credit score […]

An underground utility line is damaged every six minutes in the U.S., according to data collected by Common Ground Alliance (CGA). The reason being digging by every other person without calling 811. Digging without knowing what lies beneath the surface can result in severe damages to electric, gas, water, communications, and sewer lines. As a […]