Being a homeowner, you should assess your home’s current and future flood risk status. For that, you need to understand what flood risk means; that is, recognizing the restrictions of the engineered systems, and “realizing that future development within a watershed can alter natural flooding and reduce the effectiveness of existing protection systems.” How will […]

Are you planning to buy a used motorcycle? If so, then you’ve to be a bit cautious. It’s because purchasing such a used vehicle can be tricky. You need to consider different factors like from where to buy, the value of the used motorcycle, and so on. If you want to buy a used motorcycle […]

Buying travel insurance is such a thought that pops up in our mind whenever we prepare for a significant trip. However, regardless of the mode of transport, the scope, and nature of the insurance that you buy changes with each trip. As we said earlier, it doesn’t matter whether you travel by road or fly […]

Flea and tick prevention is a crucial part of your pet’s summer health – both for dogs and cats. However, did you have any clue that a few flea and tick medications targeted for dogs are actually toxic to cats? In a nationwide survey conducted by PetsBest in 2015, veterinarians reported it to be the […]

If you’re retired, you have a hell lot of means to save on insurance. Whether you’re going to buy a new car insurance, about renew your home insurance, or life insurance policy, there are lots of ways to save – all because of your age. As we get old, a majority of us refrain ourselves […]

When record-setting snows layer the Northeast of the country and tornados sway the South, a majority of homeowners find themselves standing with inadequate insurance coverage than what they had expected. A situation that causes nasty, unanticipated expenses. So before the next big snowfall hits, be proactive and remain prepared. It’s not easy to escape Mother […]

If you’re going to buy a condominium, condo insurance isn’t an option that that you can consider availing. It is mandatory as per law in each of the 50 states. Apparently, condo insurance may appear very similar to home insurance since it covers your property, articles, and liabilities just like a regular home insurance policy. […]

Most people don’t think about the safety of the house they move in from another. They remain more concerned and engrossed with stuff like moving costs, packaging, paint, decoration, utilities, etc. You might not take this as a big deal since you already had your property checked up by a home inspector before buying the […]

Since the days of your boyhood, you’ve accumulated many possessions and there’s no doubt that you’re emotionally attached to many of them. Whether it’s a vintage almirah that you inherited from your grandfather, a family photobook, or an electronic flying machine that your father gifted you on your 15th birthday, all these are very special […]

Genetic testing is the crystal ball of health predictions. A few strokes of a cotton swab can tell you if you’re prone to cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and/or any other hereditary diseases. Now, the life insurers argue that they need the information too. Genetic testings have been around since late 80s when biological elements like hair, […]