Most, if asked what disability insurance is, won’t be able to come up with a satisfactory explanation. If put simple, disability insurance is there to protect your paycheck. If you fall ill or become injured and unable to work, disability insurance ensures you a portion of your monthly income until you get back to work. [...]

The Affordable Care Act required hospitals, health insurers, device makers and all pharmaceuticals companies to share the cost since they were supposed to get an avalanche of new, paying customers. However, when a jaw-dropping $8 billion in taxes is due on Sept. 30, the insurers are getting help from an improbable source. This year, the [...]

Term life insurance is preferred by millions over cash value life insurance since it is the original form of life insurance and can be contrasted to permanent life insurance like whole life, universal life insurance, and variable universal life. Term life insurance guarantees coverage at fixed premiums for the lifetime of the covered individual. This [...]

As we moved to a sprawling mansion in the countrysides of Idaho from a clumsy condominium in Texas, it was only a matter of time before a cute puppy would follow. We chose Grey, a golden labrador from a local puppy seller. It was really charming and mingled with us within a few days. However, [...]

We all try to make sure that our home, car, health, and other stuffs remain secure and insured. But have you ever thought about your supply of food and water. You can live a day or maybe a year with your car. But what if there is no food or water to quench your thirst? [...]

Life insurance policies are there to protect you in case you or any of your loved ones come across any misfortune. However, you might not know but life insurance can also come to your rescue in case your creditors come after you. In case your creditors sue you or you file for bankruptcy, your creditors [...]

Are you really fed up with your ever-increasing auto insurance bills? Most people have really no idea why their monthly premiums increase whenever they go for a renewal. If you are just frustrated over swelling auto insurance bills, then here might be some relief for you. After successful launch in Washington, Illinois and Oregon, Metromile, [...]

Now it seems like you can insure just anything! Yes, anything! If Keith Richard’s middle finger and Rich Hall’s sense of humor can be insured for millions of dollars, then why it can’t be a limb of your or any special talent? Check out this infographic brought to you by AmPmInsure Community and witness some [...]

While planning a trip to Italy this summer, you may get so much caught up in the excitement of a dream vacation that like many you too simply forget planning for some basic stuffs – like travel insurance. Think practically and don’t let the absence of a few hundred dollars’ policy ruin your dream vacation. [...]

Just like life, health and home, you need business insurance – even if you are operating a small business. Today we are enlisting 7 must have insurance policies for small and medium business owners. 1) Business owner’s policy: A business owner’s policy includes all the coverages a business owner might need. These are property insurance, [...]