After the recent floods in Texas and Oklahoma, the homeowners in other states should learn from the adversity and take necessary precautions in the wake of something similar. But how can you prepare for the unforeseen? Who can by the way? Well, you could do these three things – have an emergency evacuation plan in [...]

You might know that it’s best to go for a life insurance policy when you are young, in good health and have dependents since at this stage of life the life insurance premiums stand relatively low. However, for a plethora of reasons, most of the people don’t purchase a life insurance policy during this sweet [...]

We often receive a lot of advice about getting different types of insurance that will fit our lifestyle, work, business, and possessions. Most of the insurance policies that people are aware of are for the assurance of the policyholder, but some insurance policies will also cover the family members, the baggage in travel insurances, the [...]

Congratulations! If you are reading this article, perhaps you are one of the lucky survivors. Undoubtedly you are blessed. We pray for your long life. But what now? While looking for life insurance after surviving an ovarian cancer, most of the women roam around clueless. They remain ignorant as in where to head since most [...]

Congratulations on your commendable success! You’ve met a milestone in your life. As a fresh graduate your next step must be achieving professional goals. If you are heading for a full-time job, you may get health insurance through your job. However, if getting a job is not on your ‘to-do’ list or you fail to [...]

We all hear stories of how celebrities and sportspersons insure their body parts for millions. Amazing, isn’t it? However, sometimes a policy itself becomes more exciting than babbles like who is using it or the cost involved. We have already covered some unusual insurance policies here before. Check out the following five weird insurance policies [...]

This is the time of the year when the temperature remains cozy and flowers blossom. However, this is also the time of the year when rash winds blow and thunderstorms occur. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, aggressive winds and thunderstorms are natural during Spring and Summer months. We are officially in the time [...]

Today, just a month’s stay in an average nursing home due to a critical illness can drain all your savings. Long term care insurance can protect you and your family members from unforeseen health disasters. However, the policies are quite expensive and not always required. Moreover, there are many factors that need to be considered [...]

In our previous article, we have already discussed stuffs that collision coverage insure and reasons to avail it. Apart from the benefits that collision coverage impart, there are a few very important factors to keep in mind while choosing or dropping collision coverage for your car. Value of your vehicle If your vehicle’s market value [...]

When it comes paying for the damages made to your car because of any accident, it’s collision coverage that offers you the very initial layer of protection. Many of us believe that we are never going to dump our vehicle on another, or will never get involved in an accident. Yet, as per statistics provided [...]