It’s a very good question and many people (including many small-scale employes) remain confused about it or don’t know the answer. However, your ignorance may speak against you and you might end up draining a good fortune if an employee gets injured in the job and you have no worker’s compensation coverage. Employee Disability Insurance: [...]

You’d never know how the cost of your pet’s surgery, chemotherapy and a follow-up procedure would turn from an affair of couple of hundred dollars into a couple of thousand one. Such a cost would no doubt be worth every penny for you. However, on a second thought: Is all that costs necessary in the [...]

After the housing bubble and double dip recession many people have become financially responsible – yet savvy. Nowadays, people are more concerned about their personal finances like insurance, budgeting, savings etc. If you are really savvy about your personal finances, you might have come across terms like gap insurance that’s required for your brand new [...]

From an old myth that red cars cost more to insure to the one about rates dropping when you turn 25; there are many myths that surround the insurance industry. And these are easy to rob you if you are not aware about the facts. Check out the following 7 insurance myths and the truths [...]

Today, using GPS, you can precisely see what your location is and where you should head. There is a facial recognition software that will identify your friends and acquaintances and ask you to tag them on your social media profile. Today, you can travel from one continent to another just in few hours. Science and [...]

Traveling with your loved ones is a great experience which I’m sure nobody wants to spoil for any silly reason. A great trip experience leads to some great memories which you would cherish for the rest of your life. If you are a person who loves traveling, then you are most likely to buy a [...]

Whether you are insuring your car, your house or yourself, never shop without knowing the coverage itself or the add-ons since when the unexpected will happen – a fender bender, a speeding ticket, a head injury or a house fire, you’ll be left stranded & clueless. It’s always a relief to know that at least [...]

Do you have any clue that stuffs that you tweet or share in social networks could be used against you during a judgment? This is what attorneys who deal with insurance litigations are saying these days as long as it is the case with social networking and car accidents. You should never convey or share [...]

With so many insurance policies and types of coverages out there, it’s very easy to get confused as in which one to choose and whether or not it’d offer you the coverages you want. Umbrella insurance policy is one of the most misunderstood policies in the world of insurance. Some people simply believe that umbrella [...]

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The head of the family is having several responsibilities. If you are the only earning member in your family than your responsibilities are just the double and which may make you to run short of money at several moments when you need it the most. Keep in mind the present costs of hospital visits and [...]