Low mortgage rates and affordable homes after the housing-bubble are attracting many buyers – especially the millennials, who are newly into a job, and are frustrated due to the ever increasing house rents. Today, a single apartment condo in downtown NY costs anywhere between $1,500 to $5,000. Owning a home is a good investment that […]

No one wants to pay more if they don’t have to. Paying for insurance is such a gamble that you are bound to play even if you don’t want. So, would you mind if you could settle for less? Here are four tips that could help lower your car insurance premiums. Most of just pick […]

We buy the umbrella named insurance as we know bad times are there – accidents, health issues, home repairs, etc. Though many might see this as pessimistic to dwell on uncertain future, there is no harm to prepare for any devastating surprises. When disaster strikes your home, just repairing the structural damages doesn’t end the […]

Just imagine walking into your office one morning to discover yourself standing up to your knees in water. Flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the United States. Every year, the United States suffers several billions of dollars in flood damage. Unfortunately, your business too is not immune to the natural calamities. […]

As economies grew tougher to survive, people have been taking certain steps to ensure their existence. One of such steps that people have been undertaking is to do things on their own instead of seeking the help of a professional. They call it ‘DIY’ or ‘do-it-yourself’. You are probably already accustomed to the name due […]

If you are in the process to buy a new home, your mind is probably too much filled with stuff like mortgage, down payment, lenders, credit score, interest payments, and closing costs. If you think that your plate is already full and you can’t take anymore, you’re probably wrong. There are many other things that […]

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly a tragic happening in anyone’s life. What makes you lose your heart the more is when the insurance company refuses to pay the death benefit. Though it doesn’t happen every other day as unlike disputed auto or property claims it’s very hard to fake a death, there are isolated […]

A car without oil is just like a living being without Oxygen. The organs will start failing if they don’t get the required amount of Oxygen. Checking your car’s oil level between changes can help ensure that your car is properly “hydrated”. If you don’t keep it hydrated, it will die for sure. Here’s a […]

Kitty litter and salt are actually more harmful than the help they do to you to melt ice and snow. There are ways that are more eco-friendly to de-ice your driveway. During January and February, the entire North America remains buried under mountains of snow and ice. The roads remain blocked and commuting for work, […]

We take care of the financial issues circumnavigating our family, those depend on us, and of course, us. Unfortunately, we are bound to take care of a few obligations when we’re no longer around. You can neither escape death nor the expenses that follow after the funeral. So, how do you meet your burial expenses? […]