During the upcoming holidays, millions of travelers will come down to the roads. The additional traffic on ThanksGiving and Christmas will bring along some additional pressure for the highway patrols and the traffic police. In addition to the general law such as over-speeding, texting during driving and drunk while driving, in this article we have [...]

If you are a first time home buyer or even having a home for long, you perhaps very well aware of the heat of maintaining a home. There is no doubt that maintaining a home is an expensive proposition since with a home a bunch of other costs come along too. However, there are ways [...]

What if you wake up one morning and find your car to be a lemon? Would you make a lemonade of it and start your day by drinking it? Sounds weird, right? Well, if unfortunately your car turns to be a lemon, your state’s lemon law could come to your rescue. Check out how. Few [...]

Life insurance, is just like any other necessary evil in our life. Like all other insurance products, here too, most of us seek it, but want to pay less in premiums. This could also be an ideal example of what we call ‘painless’ way to save money. If somehow you could lower your monthly insurance [...]

In the aftermath of the Superstorm Sandy, insurance carriers got busy recalculating the risks in case another Sandy strikes. However, after two years, State Farm agent Jen Dunn is trying to make her customers in New York understand the new insurance math. From now onwards, instead of the dollar value, deductibles for home insurance will [...]

People driving in Michigan pay on average $983.60 a year for insurance. If you think this overwhelming, just take a look at the figure that the driver of Detroit pay on average – a whooping $10,723.22 on average. As per the insurers, it’s due to the growing risk of crimes and uninsured drivers in the [...]

The 6.0 magnitude quake that hit the golden state in August, left the state with massive economic losses of more than $1 billion. When it comes to gain control of this situation and conquer it, a majority of the toll will come from the common man’s pockets. Despite estimates of the risk of earthquake has [...]

About 47% of the US households have a dog, and these households are a cause of headache for the insurance companies. According to data, in 2013, homeowners insurance policies had to pay around $483 million for dog bite liability claims. Obviously, insurance companies wouldn’t like to shell out millions of dollars over dog bite each [...]

Most, if asked what disability insurance is, won’t be able to come up with a satisfactory explanation. If put simple, disability insurance is there to protect your paycheck. If you fall ill or become injured and unable to work, disability insurance ensures you a portion of your monthly income until you get back to work. [...]

Life insurance is an amazing thing and can do miracles for you and your family. It can buy time for you so that you can grieve for your loved ones. It can pay off debts and other obligations of your predecessors so that you can lead a debt & stress-free life. A life insurance can [...]