For many, purchasing a house is such a decision that is taken in a lifetime. And for millennials with large amount of student debt, sometimes, buying a home is just next to impossible. However, with lender becoming a bit more flexible, purchasing a home can be like a dream come true for many millennials. You [...]

Have you lately started brooding on renovating your home? Might be adding an additional fireplace or that roof-top garden you’ve always cherished. What about transforming your dull bedroom into a master suite of your dreams? Dreaming about all these are always amicable and satisfying. However, in reality, most of the time renovating your home isn’t [...]

What do New Year resolutions mean to you? Achieve specific goals in life? Make your and your family’s lifestyle better? Or, just because it’s a custom and you too need to have one like everyone else? Did you hear about any such resolution that could fatten your wallet? Here are seven resolutions that could lower [...]

Nowadays, many Americans are considering keeping pets in order to reduce their loneliness. As a result, undoubtedly demand for pet insurance has increased more than ever before. According to an estimation by the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, pet insurance industry to reach $750 million by 2015 as Americans spend more than $15 billion [...]

In the last 10 years, there has been a 100% increase in cyber threats. The insurance regulators are quite well aware of this and hence have recommended Cyber Risk Insurance as a comprehensive way to save the vulnerables. This year in June, Commissioner Luis Aguilar shared his concerns over cyber risks, noting both the ever-increasing [...]

The fraud started in New York with a small classified ad in a Chinese newspaper that offered cheap auto insurance. As per the prosecutors, 40 Chinese nationals succumbed to the sales pitch. All the 40 drivers travelled to Massachusetts and met a person named Lefen “Helen” Chen, who in turn, helped them fraudulently apply for [...]

One in eight woman is supposed to suffer from breast cancer during her lifetime. At the same time, fortunately, death rate due to breast cancer has been decreasing since 1989, according to Previously, life insurance wasn’t available for breast cancer patients. However, nowadays, due to better treatment options and higher survival rates, many life [...]

During the upcoming holidays, millions of travelers will come down to the roads. The additional traffic on ThanksGiving and Christmas will bring along some additional pressure for the highway patrols and the traffic police. In addition to the general law such as over-speeding, texting during driving and drunk while driving, in this article we have [...]

If you are a first time home buyer or even having a home for long, you perhaps very well aware of the heat of maintaining a home. There is no doubt that maintaining a home is an expensive proposition since with a home a bunch of other costs come along too. However, there are ways [...]

What if you wake up one morning and find your car to be a lemon? Would you make a lemonade of it and start your day by drinking it? Sounds weird, right? Well, if unfortunately your car turns to be a lemon, your state’s lemon law could come to your rescue. Check out how. Few [...]