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The head of the family is having several responsibilities. If you are the only earning member in your family than your responsibilities are just the double and which may make you to run short of money at several moments when you need it the most. Keep in mind the present costs of hospital visits and [...]

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The trunk of your car – that magnificent place which has been provided to you by car manufacturers to store those things that you might need while traveling by road. If you’ve ever used it to keep anything back there you would know just how convenient and comfortable its existence makes our drive. Some of [...]

‘Tis the season to be… dangerous? While we’re all undoubtedly jolly in the winter time — between holidays, family, food and the like — if you’re driving a car, weather conditions can make things much more dangerous and nerve-wracking, as opposed to fostering our beloved holiday cheer. Between snow, ice and the occasional rascal-thrown snowball [...]

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With so many different policies, prices and people, finding the right auto insurance can be a real challenge. If you just bought a car or are looking to switch insurance policies, finding the one that fits your budget and your needs involves a lot of research and an understanding of what you want. While it’s [...]

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Of the many losses that come with old age, the loss of ability to drive is the worst. It severely impacts a person’s mobility, thus compromising their freedom. Driving is a risky experience at an advanced age, almost as risky as it is during one’s teenage.Research shows elderly drivers are 5.5 times more likely to [...]

When something unfortunate befalls your home, your home insurance is supposed to be there to save it and in some sense, you from the unnecessary and unforeseen expenses. However, each and every coverage has it’s own limits. Today, most of the homeowners just pay no time to understand their home insurance policies and simply remain [...]

The first and most significant question that comes to the minds of millions of life insurance applicants (predominantly male) each year is why women pay less than men for life insurance. Most applicants, when first come across this fact, want to know the reason behind this. Battle of the Sexes (Obviously women are winning) Yes, [...]

Bicycling is a great way to save some while commuting and at the same time to get some exercise. Doesn’t matter how you make use of your bicycle, it’s always important to know the traffic rules and insure your bike properly. It’s good to know that bicycling is regaining its lost popularity. As per the [...]

Motorcycle insurance can either be a stand-along policy or ratification to an auto insurance policy. As per the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), if you are one of the proud owners of the nation’s eight million happy bikers, spring may be the time to get it before the sunlight. It may also be a great time [...]

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Don’t get into all that debate about whether phone insurance is a good idea or not. You must go for it and there are no two ways about it. Don’t listen to people, who say insuring a mobile device is just a waste of hard earned money. These are the same people who will say [...]