It’s usually the well-being of an individual that is taken into account before approving him or her with a life insurance policy. However, it’s not the only reason behind. Nowadays, with insurance frauds on the rise, most insurance companies are involving strict preventive measures and making stuffs more complicated by introducing complex eligibility criteria. Here [...]

Few months back, when Carl Stoces, a 70-year-old Monterey, Indiana, resident, fell off an extension ladder and suffered a massive leg injury, he was immediately airlifted to South Bend and admitted to Memorial hospital for treatment. It took him around two months to rehabilitate, and the bills accrued were so overwhelming that the payments would [...]

Are you looking for cheap car insurance in Detroit? If that is the case, it’s going to be a tough ride for you. The average annual car insurance premium that a Detroitian pays is $10,723, which is the maximum among the large US cities. This figure is more than double the average of the second [...]

When someone files an illegitimate claim with an insurance company, he or she is committing an insurance fraud. In 1993, fraud investigators staged several bus accidents in New Jersey disguised as the passengers. Later they came to know about hundreds of claims from people who jumped onto the buses after the accidents or simply drove [...]

Nowadays, insurance policies have become a very part of our lifestyle. Many of us just can’t even think of planning their finances without certain insurance policies. There are obvious reasons behind this. Today, I’m able to write just because my father had bought a small term life policy, which helped us pursue our education and [...]

As the Baby Boomers are nearing their retirement, many are thinking of shredding expenses that they consider as burdensome, oppressive and fruitless, which include cost for life insurance too. For many, the kids are already grown up and the college expenses are taking a toll on their financial health. Whatever it might be, no earthly [...]

Are you planning to amaze your girlfriend by gifting her the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day? But what it could be? A diamond necklace, a new home, or, could it be a life insurance policy? Life insurance sounds weird, right? During this holidays when we’ll be celebrating love, we should try to do something that [...]

Did you have any idea prior to reading this that your health coverage may affect your taxes? Well, if you or anyone in your family has enrolled in a Marketplace plan in 2014, you should gather some information before you file your federal income taxes this financial year. Here we have put together 5 things [...]

For many people it’s just the cost associated with that they take into consideration while purchasing a policy. However, this is not the only aspect of a policy that experienced motorists look into. What matter the most while buying an auto insurance policy is reviewing the protection that it offers. See if it’s able to [...]

For many, purchasing a house is such a decision that is taken in a lifetime. And for millennials with large amount of student debt, sometimes, buying a home is just next to impossible. However, with lender becoming a bit more flexible, purchasing a home can be like a dream come true for many millennials. You [...]