“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.” If you are planning to tie the knot soon and want to know about wedding insurance, you’re at the right place. 1. What is a wedding insurance policy? This policy will cover you economically if something unexpected happens on […]

If so, then check out how to save money on life insurance by defeating your body fat. Who doesn’t want to save on life insurance premiums? It holds true for all of us, right? Issues like tobacco use, driving record, high blood pressure, cancer, and so on can raise your life insurance costs. Among these […]

There are two things that health insurance companies hate to do the most – take risks and pay claims. Unfortunately, these are the only things their business revolve around which. Nevertheless, focusing too much on either will make them broke, and less will make the customers find a better policy. The balancing isn’t that tough […]

There wasn’t a single ticket or accident that you faced last year. Still, you noticed an increase in your car insurance premium this year. Have you ever wondered why? A majority of car insurance holders surprise when they see such things take place, but few question and try to know the reason. Have you ever […]

We all make new year resolutions more or less. However, often those last for a couple of days or weeks. Frequently, the treadmill or fitness cycle you buy as part of your new year resolutions is easily abandoned and gather dust in your basement. However, there are a few resolutions that you’ll not only want […]

As of now, there is no doubt that Donald Trump is going to chair the Oval office very soon. And one question that is probably running in everybody’s mind now is what impact would this have on the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The Republicans have been targeting the law since its inception, and now […]

If not, then upgrade it right now. Massachusetts has a law (Chapter 453 Acts of 2008, amended in 2010) for homeowners using oil heating system. It deals with oil leaks from a home’s heating system. Homeowner Oil Heating System Upgrade and Insurance Law: What’s it? Previously, homeowners insurance policies didn’t have coverage for oil leaks […]

Most homeowners have no clue about the stuff that their home insurance policy covers. More than 30% of the US households believe that flood damage and earthquake are covered by standard home insurance policies. The fact being – there are lots of calamities including natural disasters that aren’t covered by standard home insurance policies. It […]

Can you imagine scaling a long distance without your car in the winter? No, right? Winter is the toughest weather that your car endures. And since it’s approaching fast, it’s time to see how much operational your faithful friend is. Squeeze in a few extra bucks to sew up all the loopholes your car has. […]

Is a homeowner liable to pay for your injuries if you slip or fall on his/her property? Will the property owner’s homeowners insurance cover your medical bills? When can you claim the medical payments provision of the homeowners insurance? Well, there are plenty of points that come into play here. Read on to know more. […]