It sounds terrible when you hear about your auto insurance policy being dropped by your carrier. Such news are just unwelcome surprises that nobody wants to hear ever. There are two ways your policy can be dropped by your auto insurance company – either through cancellation or nonrenewal. Nonrenewal occurs when the company doesn’t renew […]

If you are super healthy or at a tender age, the thoughts of pain, wounds, disease, and disability never come to you. You remain under the notion that this is permanent, and you’re never going to fall ill or become disabled. Well. you’re not alone. There are many people like you who think that they’ll […]

Pet dogs may seem friendly, timid, and approachable, however, there are time when they can be deadly. There have been a number of cases in the pet insurance history of the US where the insurance companies received claims involving fierce dog attacks on both humans and other pets. Today, insurance providers hesitate to offer coverage […]

It is true that today a large number of homeowner’s and renter’s insurance companies offer limited coverage for small water vessels like sailboats, canoes, and powerboats with a maximum speed of 25 miles/hour. If you’ve a boat coverage added with your home or renter’s policy, the coverage amount probably is 10% of the house’s value […]

In America, the two most coveted and adored pets are cats and dogs. A survey in 2007-08 revealed that dog-owning households outnumbered those who owned cats. However, the total number of pet cats was much greater than that of dogs. Similar results appeared when the survey was again conducted in 2009-10. On their 10th anniversary, […]

Despite the recent increase in the number of people who opted for health insurance, numerous people are still paying out of pocket for the care services they need just because of the high deductibles. A recent analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that while the employers kept the rise of healthcare premiums modest, they […]

Are you a financially cautious homeowner who is looking to save some money without sacrificing the current home insurance coverage limits? There is nothing to be ashamed of if you want to play well with your hard earned money. Moreover, you need not sacrifice the privileges you used to get just because you’re paying less. […]

It was just yesterday when the heavy snowfall kept us worried as long as driving on freeways was concerned. We used everything ranging from radial tires to tire-chain to keep us safe. Though the threat is no longer relevant, another problem is lingering from all that snowfall (and rain, for that matter): potholes. Potholes are […]

Many American drivers never change the auto insurance policies, which their parents had. Many even never ever think of switching. Who are these people? Are you one of those who thinks it’s better to work to maximize the income than to sit idle and brood finding ways to save? Perhaps yes. But what if you’ve […]

It is our fear based on which the life insurance companies thrive. The life policies that we buy are exclusively marketed and sold based on a single human emotion: fear. Fear of death, injury, and any catastrophe that might befall you or your family are the prime compelling forces that haul you towards a life […]