Getting involved in an accident when we are really looking forward to going somewhere is really messy. But if you do, then what? Here are some easy tips on what you should do as soon as you get involved in a car accident assuming you are in a state to do these. Take a look at the following:

Note the degree of damage/injuries: First, try not to panic. If you can be then you need to be calm to be able to determine the extent of injuries and damages. See if you or anyone in your car needs immediate medical attention.

File a report with the police: Make everything go through a legal procedure. No matter whether the accident is minor or major, make sure to file a police report.

Get your facts straight: This is the only way you can properly file a claim. If you do not have your facts in place you can forget about getting reimbursed for your losses. The are 10 important things that you need to take note of immediately after the accident occurs.

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. The policy number
  4. Home and work phone numbers
  5. Make and models of the cars
  6. Names of the drivers and passengers involved in the accident
  7. Name and insurance company of any other drivers involved
  8. Details about the accident
  9. Description of loss and injury
  10. Police Report Information

Discuss any details only with the police: It is important that the police have the details of the accident. It is but obvious that you will be shaken by the accident. So, it will be sensible if you can restrict your discussion about the accident to the police and your insurance agent only. You surely do not want to get into any kind of trouble for a faulty statement that you make, do you? So, you must share information with only these two.

Call your insurance agent: Get in touch with your insurance agent immediately. It sometimes happens that the police officer present in the scene of accident can give a better description than you because he can better judge the incident since you may be ruffled from the accident. This will not just help you with your insurance but also save you a lot of time in recollecting and narrating the whole incident.

These are only basic guidelines to follow when you have an accident. You would definitely want your auto insurance to cover rather than paying out-of-pocket. A better option would be to put these instructions somewhere in your car so that you remember to do them when in a similar situation. The auto insurance laws, however, vary from one state to another. If you are not completely aware of the state rules, then let the police officer handle the situation.

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