What does a standard homeowners policy exclude?

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Reckless in Vegas, homeowners insurance does not cover losses caused by a dirt bike accident so no, you can't file a claim against his homeowner's policy. You would need to file a claim(or he would) against the insurance policy covering the bike, which is usually a motorcylce policy but may also be an ATV, ORV, or Motorcross policy, depending on how the insurance company covers off-road motorcycles. DId you want to file a claim for injuries you sustained, damage to the bike, or damage to the neighbor's property?

If the bike is insured, you can file a claim for your injuries under the Medical Payments coverage, up to the limits of liability and usually coordinated with your health insurance. Damage to the bike would be covered under Collision coverage, but you may want to get an estimate for the cost of repairs before calling the insurance company or filing the claim because it may be cheaper to repair it yourself if it's less than the deductible and higher premium caused by the claim. However, since you admitted to be driving the bike illegally, recklessly, and negligently, the company may deny the claim. Most policies exclude losses occurring during unlawful acts or transportation.

For damage to the neighbor's property, they would have to file a claim on theirs and their insurance company will subrogate against the bike's insurance company for a property damage liability claim. The homeowner can sue you directly, in which case the bike policy should cover you for damages you're found legally liable to pay in court (or at settlement), up to the limits of the policy, plus legal fees and for lost wages while in court. Again, all assuming you had permission to drive the bike and recognizing that you admitted to driving the bike illegally, recklessly, and negligently the company may deny the claim.

If your friend doesn't have insurance or collision on the bike you're out of luck and unfortunately it's not legally required unless it's modified & licensed for road use, so many dirt bike owners don't have it.. If you have health insurance it should cover your injuries, but a homeowner's policy doesn't cover losses from dirt bike accidents. If you have any other questions you can PM or email me directly, or reply of course. Hope that answers your question.

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