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PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:27 am   Post subject:  

or even heard gunshots

LOL i was about to comment something similar. I heard a few in my own time. I live in new jersey. One from next door in a ghetto. best part was no one cared. Cars kept commuting, anyone kept walking. no matter what. The other time I heard gunshots was somebody used a 347 magnum to kill someone else while driving on the freeway. I heard it from the house like two miles away. And I am sure I have likely heard more, But mistook the group for fireworks.and finally, I work in roofing. Our secondary school was a diverse place. there were kids that later on went to Ivy League schools and kids that went on to serve life sentences for murder. School events like sports games or parties were type of neutral zones. That meant that people from all backgrounds hung out along side each other and were friends. there have been kids though that were gang members, When they went back to their block they were in diverse world. That world there are occassions when spilled into "recurrent" college life. Crack cocaine was rampant at the time (90 and kids were making a ton of money selling it.It wasn a strong AK 47 drive by, It sounded like a hand gun, Maybe 3 hits. not everybody was hurt, Windows weren harmed, The party just proceeded.there are still bikergangs that are mostly germans, but you are the exceptions. Due to the migration during the balkan wars we have a selection of their mafias around for example Albanians. Due to migration during the lebanon war we have one arab lebanese family around that is rather big and is influential sexy ukrainian girl in Berlin, Essen and in many features of the Ruhrpott area. Due to current migration a syrian gangs seems to be emerging and there is a strong possibility that the nigerian mafia will settle over aswell, since they're "acquiring" a few nigerian migrations that land in Italy and may use them to enter Germany. they're aswell a few east european ones.Bikergangs do mostly illegally reproduced arms deal, security and safety money, pills (With some exceptions).Albanians are the archetypical robbers, But do the other things aswell,East western european" Gangs are specially big in prostitution (more often than not human trafficking of more naive romanian, Bulgarian and ukraine women into a language like german brothels).The arab libanese family does most of all the normal stuff (safety money, against the law arms dealing, detrimental drugs, Prostitution, But afaik not big on person's trafficking).our present-day emerging Syrian ones seems to currently stick to protection money and drugs.The nigerian ones aren remarkable here so far, But with their european home (france) They do everything listed above + child trafficking.In general there seems to be often very mafialike and less like you as an american propaby know most gangs as often specific local instances of a criminal group with (in general) common race.They tend to unravel their problems among each other more silent. Even if some fight over a territory it isn't likely that it is very bloody. The groups which happen to be muslims (essentially the arab libanese one) Tend to use Islamic magistrates who judge according to Islamic law to settle conflicts. okay, The islamic law is a hidden parallel world to the state german justice systems.Duno if this answers your idea. At school had military learning (Soviet memories), Had to study to shoot gun (Don remember the make or type) plus Kalashnikov, without, during 18. In the country side hunting. 1990ies when actual fireworks were pricy for our generally quite poor people the New Year was greeted with a total cannonade, The house was jumping off its foundations from the noise, Every neighbour brought out whatever, Some cracks did def sound like from illegal stuff, Probably from army warehouses after Soviet army left. we have some legal things at home.also heard explosions in city, One that was about 100 200m from the house felt like the multistory house moved aside and then back again. appears to be at 4am, honestly scary. The explosion destroyed the doorway hall of a modern apartment house. Had just polished touring the flea market.all of heard shouting and saw a crowd form, Walked the actual crowd and saw two policemen running. Suddenly I heard gunshots and everyone started screaming and running for cover. I ran just about to happen into a souvenir shop for cover.I not sure if this next bit is a figment of my creativeness, But I remember who owns the shop next door dramatically saying to me "introducing Athens,what's more, Last sat morning at 0630 ish, I woke rise by two gunshots. i assume, And aspiration, They were from some deer hunters at the farm approx 100 meters from my window.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:29 am   Post subject:  

Russian woman goes ice skating in suit VIDEO

A young woman stunned bystanders in Russia as she strutted around an outdoor ice skating rink in nothing more but a swimsuit before sprinting away and saying that her breast milk was 'freezing.'The unusual skater was filmed in the snowy environments of Dzerzhinsk in western Russia. Despite the chilly temperature outside, She was sporting only a one piece black swimsuit and a couple of wooly white mittens.It a person to go now. Or my breast milk will frost nova. I a nursing a newborn mother in case some of you didn know, She announced before skating away.The woman later told reporters that she was out for a photoshoot with a friend. She said that it took years to train her body for winter by walking in the snow barefooted and bathing in icy water.Her antics drew mixed typical reactions on social media. Some commenters accused the scantily clad skater of being an uncaring mother, proclaiming that she should after the kids more, rather than fooling around. Joke hot russian mom prefer this. We have good antibiotics now but with pneumonia who knows one wrote.Ice cold water appears like no water: Young woman shares her all situations swim (online video)Others praised the woman ecstatic attitude to life. A super valuable beauty! one person wrote. Another jokingly noted that additionally you can easily on the streets sooner if more women followed suit.There were also suggestions that the slide may be a cheap stunt, With folks saying that the woman ready to do anything for and was in it for the hype. Your friends would become? Share this storyline.

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