Should I disclose my parents' Liability claim Form ?

by Guest » Thu Apr 06, 2006 06:24 am

Hey !

A group of my friends had once visited our ancestral home for a weekend. Since one of them expressed his desire to go out for a boating, we offered him my parents' personal watercraft. While he was sailing at a distance from the house, he was hit by a wave so hard that he had to be diagnosed with a slipped disc and needed immediate surgery. We all expected his insurance company to accept his claim but he filed invain. Its been a year now that he has been trying to get it out of them but his insurer insisted that he must submit my parents' liability claim form in order to secure his claim.

Now we are pretty much sceptical about disclosing my parents' insurance information to his insurer. Should we proceed with that without a second thought ? We'd also like to know if its fair to file a claim against the watercraft insurance now !

thanks ahead.

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Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 10:34 am Post Subject: watercraft insurance

It has become quite natural for your friend's insurance company to enquire if he is already covered in your parents' policy or not. I don't think you should hesitate in disclosing this small piece of information which would otherwise cause no harm to you or to your parents. We all know of how much help a personal boat insurance would come in the event of an accident when it comes to paying for medical costs and funeral expenses.

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