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Do you gain by converting IRA into Roth IRA?
Compare between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA on basis of the net benefits they provide. Opt for a change only when it's profitable.
Current Traditional IRA Taxable Amount ($)
Years till you Retire (#)
Expected ROI before Retirement (% per annum)
State and Federal Tax Rate (%)
Years of Expected Retirement (#)
Expected ROI after Retirement (% per annum)
Expected Federal Tax Rate during Retirement (%)
Consequences of converting IRA into Roth IRA
  Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Estimated Account Value at Retirement
Annual Distribution
Total Value of Distributions
Taxes Due at Conversion
Lost Investment Opportunity
Post Retirement Tax
Total Tax Due
Net After-Tax Value of Account
Greatest Net Value

Assumptions: Federal Adjusted Gross Income(AGI) before IRA conversion is assumed to be $100,000 or less, if married it assumed you are filing jointly, and contributions that have been made to any Traditional IRA were fully deductible.

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