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Bought insurance and two hours later had a accident how does that work

insurance suspension
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I had suspended my auto insurance temporarily when i traveled abroad only during my travel time . On return i , i met with a minor accident. The agent said i was not insured and the date to reinstate is end of month. From what i recollect i had clearly mentioned the return date which was not end of month. I am being told by the agent that i can get covered for the incident. The claims is telling they are still working on it. I hat to fill my motorist report telling my insurance status is "not known" giving the details of what exactly happened. any inputs on what could be the complications?

Is it fraud to cash in on your insurance claim check?
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My Neighbors child rode his bike near the side of my car and scratched the side of my car with his handle bars. There's no question to weather he did it or not seeing as their were adults who witnessed it and the mother too full responsibility and filed a claim as well as paid her deductible for the claim on HER renters insurance (home insurance, SF) I was contacted and told since it's not a auto insurance claim they don't send out adjusters and to get a certified quote from an auto repair shop and she'll issue the check for the quote. The quote to my surprise was well over $1k!

Review of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp.
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As a current employee, I want to give my honest opinion of Buffett Senior Healthcare. I have been with the company for 3 years. In that time, I have seen them help a lot of seniors. We receive thank you cards from them daily. Their agents come to the office regularly for training, and I can tell that some agents are better than others. The good ones make a lot of money, treat the people in the office nicely, and do a great job. The ones who don't, I suspect, end up posting negative things online when the job may have not been the best fit for them in the first place.

IRS audits
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Auditing 412(i) Plans
IRS Auditing 412(i) Plans

recently been auditing 412(i)
defined-benefit pension plans.

They are seeking substantial taxes and
penalties from what they characterize as
“abusive plans,” but they do not regard all 412
(i) plans as necessarily abusive. A properly
structured and administered 412(i) plan can
be an invaluable tax reduction tool for a
business, but care must be taken.

In addition, the IRS is stepping up its
examinations of companies’ retirement plans