A car ran a red light and hit me and now I am suffering from

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A car ran a red light and hit me and now I am suffering from bodily injury. A police officer was driving and saw the whole thing. What can I do about this pain and will I be compensated?
She has insurance and they are telling me that they will settle my bodily injury claim for one thousand dollars. I am in massive amounts of pain and having to take eight vicoden a day. I do not think that is fair. Should I ask for more?

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You probably need to consult with an attorney. You will have more doctor appointments, physical therapy, meds - not to mention the damage to your vehicle.

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The insurance company will evaluate the BI claim and will compensate you accordingly. I'd like to know what the bodily injury adjuster has told you about the worth of the claim.

Under the BI claim, you'll be compensated for the –prescription drugs, treatment, lost wages and also for the pains and sufferings, but you may not receive more than what you are entitled to get.

Your state's auto insurance laws have a major role to play in this case. The laws may restrict your ability to pursue the other party for more. You may seek the professional help, but at the same time remember that the BI lawyer may walk away with a sizeable portion of your claim as fees.


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Just tell the adjuster you are not ready to settle yet, nor will you be until this pain is under control...and you will talk with the adjuster about your settlement at that time...have you been to the doc? when are you going back? before you run to an attorney keep in mind they will get a minium of 33 1/3 % of your settlement...what EXACTLY is your injury? and what are your medical bills to date...how long has it been since the accident?

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It doesn't sound like $1000 is going to cut it. More information about your injury would help though

Take your time in evaluating your injuries and determining what your rights are. Tell the adjuster that you are not going to accept an offer until you fully understand the extent of your injuries. Keep the lines of communication open - but be firm in protecting yourself.

Posted: 20 Feb 2009 10:35 Post Subject: Auto insurance

What is the minium coverage/payout on Pain & Suffering for Illinois auto insurance?

Posted: 24 Feb 2009 12:15 Post Subject:

I guess the minimum payout would be 'zero'.

See, its hard to tell an amount that would sufficiently cover your pain and suffering. It varies widely with the situations. You may need to elucidate the query for better replies.

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I guess the minimum payout would be 'zero'.

GREAT (and correct) answer Jeremy! :wink:

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