work computer stolen from car

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 08/28/2008 - 16:08

car was broken into (smashed window) and stole work computer. Whose responsible?
A. car insurance
B. work has to replace
C. I need to get another job and buy it again myself


Posted: 28 Aug 2008 05:00 Post Subject:

"Work computer" is a little vague. What matters is who owns the computer. If the company you work for owns it, then they have suffered a loss. Your auto policy will certainly not cover the loss. If you don't own the computer then your property carrier won't cover the loss either (as mentioned above, if you don't own the computer then you've not suffered a loss).

If you had the computer in the vehicle for a good reason and it's owned by your employer, then I'd think your employer should address the loss.

Posted: 28 Aug 2008 06:35 Post Subject:

Depends how pissed your employer is gonna be!

C. I need to get another job and buy it again myself

I too have a company car, laptop, camera, yada yada...right there in the stinkin' 'rules' says I'm not to leave it in the car...(yeah right)...the company I work for handles it when these are stolen however i do think the employee may get his/her record marked, and had better not let it happen again... :roll: dang that's a call i wouldn't want to make to the boss! :shock: not only the laptop but the whole security thing!

Posted: 28 Aug 2008 11:13 Post Subject: Stolen Computer

Keep in mind that the information on the computer belongs to the Company. If secured data is on there they may be responsible for notifying their clients or sutomers of a data breach. In 40 states this is a requirment.

A claim in Ohio where someone broke into an interns car and stole two large computer disks has cost the state close to $8,000,000 in notification costs, PR and other crisis management expenses.

Posted: 29 Aug 2008 01:47 Post Subject: Lesson Learned

Just don't leave your valuable things inside your car. You just don't know what may happen...

Posted: 29 Aug 2008 01:57 Post Subject: cheap car insurance

Find a cheap car insurance, that will insure your valuables too...

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Posted: 29 Aug 2008 02:01 Post Subject:

Nice, krissybee.... one non spam post, the rest just pure spam.

Posted: 29 Aug 2008 06:04 Post Subject:

The auto policy will not cover the stolen item. Normally, these items receive coverage through the homeowners' policy, ie, have you had your own laptop stolen form the vehicle you could have received the compensation from your HO insurance carrier.

The comprehensive component of the auto policy extends coverage only to the items embedded in the vehicle, like- the cd player and the other auto related equipments, but it'll not cover your personal belongings.

I agree with INTLXS, the employer needs to be informed about the theft, since it was his property that was stolen.


Posted: 29 Aug 2008 10:20 Post Subject:

krissybee14-non-exsistant, there are no auto policys that cover these items...'cheap' or not...

Posted: 25 Sep 2008 10:31 Post Subject: stolen items from vehicle

When we ask what items were in vehicles when it was stolen, we all kinda giggle and then sigh when people tell us "Ohhh my ipod, my sunglasses, a moneyclip with $200 and my laptop!"

What kind of person leaves valuables in their car? Your insurance company will fix the damage to your vehicle from the break in but as far as your items, sorry bud.

Posted: 25 Sep 2008 01:43 Post Subject:

I hope there wasn't customer's personal information on the laptop. I'm with INTLXS on the cost to the company if there was. Haven't seen anything on CNN or Fox News about a problem so...

(Tell us...what company do you work for)

No, your auto (or homeowner's insurance won't cover the theft).

Yes, your auto insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle.

Posted: 25 Sep 2008 01:48 Post Subject:

No, your auto (or homeowner's insurance won't cover the theft).

Huh? Why would a person's HO policy not cover the theft of personal property from a vehicle?

Posted: 25 Sep 2008 01:59 Post Subject:

After thinking about this, I have decided to edit this post to the following:

Where I would never...absolutely never...encourage or suggest insurance fraud, this person (and any other individual) should just say, "My laptop was stolen from my car." Do not elaborate and say it actually belongs to someone else, work, etc.

Repeat after me, "My laptop was stolen from my car."

Posted: 25 Sep 2008 04:06 Post Subject:

If our guest owned the laptop the HO policy would cover it - unless business items are excluded.

IF the laptop was company owned then the company would be responsible.

But the OP is probably in hot water - never leave valuables in your car!

Posted: 25 Sep 2008 07:22 Post Subject:

Huh? Why would a person's HO policy not cover the theft of personal property from a vehicle?

Todd I don't know if this is a state issue or not...but many HO policys exclude theft of personal property ''while in or upon a land motor vehicle''...further we know that many also exclude ''business property'''s possible i suppose that you might be able to cock your head just right, and maybe just maybe look at the ''property of others'' but i think that too has business property excluded as well...i'll have to pull my policy out here in a little bit and see what i see in the MO policy..

Posted: 25 Sep 2008 07:41 Post Subject:

(Why can't I "quote"?)

Interesting. All I know is that our HO policy will cover certain personal belongings stolen from an owned auto.

Part of the terminology is: parts, equipment or accessories attached to or located upon any land vehicle.

So, a GPS is not covered. In-Car TVs are not covered. I have seen cases where CDs/DVDs were not covered because they were played in the vehicle.

A briefcase would be covered. Bag with sporting equipment would be covered. A laptop (personal) would be covered.

Posted: 25 Sep 2008 08:30 Post Subject:

(Why can't I "quote"?)

cuz' ya' haven't figured it out yet... :wink: copy and paste what you want to quote then highlight it then click on the 'cartoon balloon', just above this box (the box you are typing in) to the right of the ''#'' sign.

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cuz' ya' haven't figured it out yet... Wink copy and paste what you want to quote then highlight it then click on the 'cartoon balloon', just above this box (the box you are typing in) to the right of the ''#'' sign.

...cuz ya haven't figured it out yet..ha ha ha...

(psst...there isn't a cartoon balloon or a # sign)

Ohhh..wait....I can't use "quick reply" - I have to use Post Reply.

Ahem..someone forget that minor little detail...


Thanks Lori!!!!!!

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I use quick reply every time...hmmmmmm ...anyway glad you got it now... :wink:

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Really? I dont have any option on my Quick Reply screen other than entering the text and hitting the box. No smilies, no fonts, etc.

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not sure see a blank box right where you can add a post? right above and next to that are all the options...AFTER you type everything...THEN just below the box see the 'quick reply' button? (type everything then click button don't click quick reply first)

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It was in the Profile section.

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great life glad you got it straightened out... :)

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