help with claim please :)

Submitted by brandysem2 on Fri, 07/25/2008 - 02:24

I have a case with geico right now and need to know some things
(1)If they total my car and I buy it back will i be able to drive it in GA?
(2)I have been to the doctor 3 times for my back and the doc tells me to come back in a few days what would my comp be?


Posted: 25 Jul 2008 04:20 Post Subject:

HI Brandy

I am not familiar with the laws of Georgia so I won't answer #1

As for #2

The comp you will receive depends on a lot of factors including any long term injuries, your income (and how much income you lost), your medical bills and more.

I hope you have a speedy recovery!

Posted: 25 Jul 2008 11:03 Post Subject:

Contact the GA DMV or actually your adjuster should be very fimalar with that regulation and can tell you some states require alot of hoop jumping for salvage titles some do even brand them...

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