Life insurance is an amazing thing and can do miracles for you and your family. It can buy time for you so that you can grieve for your loved ones. It can pay off debts and other obligations of your predecessors so that you can lead a debt & stress-free life. A life insurance can help you stay in your home and pre-fund your child’s education in case something unfortunate happens to you and you lose your job. Again, it can offer a stream of income for you for a comprehensive period of time. But for all these, first you would need sufficient life insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, many Americans don’t have adequate amount of life insurance to protect themselves from unprecedented events. According to estimation by LIMRA, around 95 million adult Americans have no life insurance coverage. The bottom line is a majority of families have either limited coverage or no coverage altogether, leaving them financially vulnerable against any accident or terminal illness.

What if you suddenly pass away and the entire responsibility of your family comes down on your spouse? Would your family be financially self-sufficient if you pass away suddenly? Have you checked with your employer if there is any kind of life insurance coverage you could get from there and moreover, any option to increase the coverage? When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance needs by a professional?

To make Americans aware of the needs and benefits of life insurance coverage, every September the not-for-profit organization Life Happens coordinates Life Insurance Awareness Month. More than 100 of the nation’s leading insurance companies and organizations join this educational initiative.

Every single day, you, like million other people, put your family’s financial future at hazard by not buying any or enough life insurance. It might sound like a no-brainer, but many people are simply unaware of how and where to buy coverage. Some even have no clue as in where to turn up for help. Eight in 10 Americans have no clue what type of and how much life insurance to buy and often end up making wrong decisions. That is why each year on September the Life Happen foundation brings the life insurance industry under one umbrella to support the Life Insurance Awareness month.

If you are one of these millions of uninsured American, this is the time to go ahead and ensure the financial future of your family. Get in touch with the host and they will gladly help to gather knowledge about the industry and obtain the right coverage for you and your family.

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