What Type Of Insurance Is Needed

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What type of insurance is needed if a web based business is going to be giving nutritional and exercise advice. It would be a subscription based site where members join and can follow protocols to lower their cholesterol etc.

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Hi James5555

For web based business you ought to get web business insurance to protect you from damage resulting from any attack on your computer(s) by viruses, any attack to the hardware of your computer, public disclosure of private information, slander, charges of libel, any kind of attempt to business extortion, copyright infringement and theft of data, securities or income or even software resources.

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Thanks Sil.

Good call on the types of things to be aware of with a web business.

Also, Do you know anything about insurance related to the diet and exercise advice the website will be giving?

Posted: 19 Jan 2013 08:35 Post Subject:

quite possibly liability insurance...which covers the cost of any negligence claims and allegations against your advice and will give you less hassle.

Posted: 20 Jan 2013 03:41 Post Subject:

covers the cost of any negligence claims and allegations against your advice

As a newly licensed agent, we can probably forgive you for making this statement. But if you are telling prospective clients these same things, then YOU need a very large Errors & Omissions policy to cover the claims against you when insureds discover that they are not covered for something specific after being told by you that they are covered for ANY CLAIMS.

Choose your words more carefully AFTER taking the time to read the contracts you are proposing to people.

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