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HELLO, THIS IS A WEIRD ONE...I was working as an offshore commercial diver in 1981. I was injured with a CNS injury that left me a tri pelagic, both legs and my right arm and right eye. THe platform was secured to the floor and the injury was covered under the Harbors workers claim. The Insurance company paid for my medical repairs, my retraining in the computer field and i went back to work. `i was left with the typical medical problems with spinal cord injuries. I need a long leg brace and medications. The orginal insurance comainey was sold to this new insurance company and they have just stopped paying for the Rx that have been paid for for the last 30 years!!!. My doctors have sent letter after letter and the people at the new insuance just do not make any kind of help. They just do `nothing.. SO how do I sue this new insurance company for breach of contract as the office I am talking to is in a different state than I live. It is a very big insuance company with offices every where. What are the steps I need to do..So far the RX bill is $96k in arrears......HELP Mike

Mike Hackett
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Why are you talking to the office in a different state? Does the insurance company not have an office in your state? What are they saying? Have they denied your claim or are they just refusing to talk to you? We need a little more information to help you out.

P.S: If they are refusing to talk to you are delaying the claim process, you can file a complaint with the state DOI against the insurance company.

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Find your local agent from Yellow page,and make a call to them,they should have good suesogtigns for you.For the situation like yours,I would like to suggest you have a look here carinsurancefree.up4.net,you should find something useful.

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It OK to quit uniform dating

It's a little known fact that 116 percent of all couples now meet online or at least it is exactly what the over eager dude on the eHarmony commercial wants you to think.

pragmatically, research funded by eHarmony, Found that about one third of relationships started online. this agreement, I say whoopee doooo in their mind.

No in actual fact. I believe that it is freaking fantastic if people meet online and find their forever matches. Love is definitely elusive little devil, And if someone can find it sifting through associated with eligible 20 somethings that is some glorious pixelated fate.

But I'm observing, by myself, Internet internet dating just doesn't do it for me. So I'm telling that eHarmony dude to shove it and officially quitting online dating services.

I'm not a one bad online date and I quit girl. I gave it a good shot. I've been online dating service on and off since the somewhat regrettable decision to write a blog series about it back in 2011. Then I transitioned to OKCupid because let's be honest it's free, And filled with the "creative" Types I was ready for. gradually I found myself on Tinder with a sore right thumb. by means of my journey, I met some lovely somebody, Some extreme people, But mostly just a great number of not for me people.

all of dating did was wear me out. our almost not quites, associated with ghosting, regarding the "let us bone" benefits messages; It was formiddable. Perhaps that's enough of a reason to quit in and of itself: After 4 years and years, online dating isn't fun anymore.

And yet I kept uniform dating, Because I am actually awesome it. It got a game. I learned the rules and I was batting pretty much, Even helping write my friends' profiles and continuously working at their Web selves.

The thing about internet dating is that I only have to make someone like the idea of me, And then be that idea for about six weeks so that the guy or me got bored. But in just those six weeks, I got a rush coming from your texting banter, the main first, Second, Third dates and the consent oh, How I became dependent on the validation.

That's why I decided you are quit. international dating became a game of scoring those validation points, A distraction from the truly struggle of actually trying to connect with someone. That's a procedure that takes far more time, Wine and expressing all of those vulnerable emotions without emoticons.

looking over my dating past, My favorite a lot of people been those I didn't meet online people I met through accidental blind dates or at parties I didn't intend to go to. They were people I wasn't looking win, individuals who I was myself around because I didn't have a screen between us to alter who I was.

I'm not saying all people should quit uniform dating. There are huge sums of smart, hottest, cute, advantageous, Awesome individuals who met their partners online and are having a smashing hot latin women good go of it. There also are who find themselves far better at staying true to themselves online. But for me online dating site became a performance, something which took me farther away from who I am. And the a greater distance I got from myself, The less likely I am to have the person for me.

I know the prescriptive advice to people who want to quit online dating services tends to be just "stick with it, But there are other options for finding love perhaps the best of which is just living your life and giving up the game. If we all make only one resolution this year, It ought to be to be truer to ourselves, However that looks. to me, 2015 is around being less pixelated and more present.

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