Business insurance?

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How to claim a insurance when some one got loss in their business .

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You need to file a claim when you undergo a major loss of business. Here's how to go for it:

1. Determine whether your type of loss is covered by your policy.
2. Ask for the claim form from the insurer and fill out the necessary details. (There might be a time period within which you have to file your claim)
3. You may also need to submit a sworn proof of loss statement to the insurer.
4. You may need to find a replacement property, i.e an alternative location for your business
5. You'll need to show several documents as proof like the tax returns, budgets, business contracts, financial statements. This will give out an estimate of the loss incurred by your business.

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I've never heard of an insurance coamnpy that wanted an essay from a potential client before they would issue him/her life insurance. You don't have to do that.I recommend that you contact a LOCAL agent, and have him/her do a Financial Need Analysis (FNA) for you, to help you determine how much life insurance you need. It will also help if you need disability income protection, and savings for retirement.

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Claims and loss handling is the materialized utility of insurance; it is the actual "product" paid for. Claims may be filed by insureds directly with the insurer or through brokers or agents. The insurer may require that the claim be filed on its own proprietary forms, or may accept claims on a standard industry form, such as those produced by ACORD. You can read more about on Wiki.....

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