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When you need no credit check loan in USA, Short term credits could be a right choice for your loan no hassle, No traditional credit check online installment loans. Apply today for no credit check installment loans at our online form. We will approve your loan applications can receive money as soon as the next business day.

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Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 05:07 pm Post Subject:

i ran across an imposter in Houston

We bought and sold a few emails. She stated she was a whole seller and an authorized agent and wanted to move to flipping. I explained I am in search my first flip and gave her some details. I liked that experts claim she said seller's fees could be avoided (By her dating a latina specifically and agent). And she liked that I have a Hard Money Pre approval Letter and how much my dad is my contractor (He has 30+ year's experience with construction). She seemed completely legit so I agreed to discuss with her (In a arrest place) go over a deal. there we were to meet Friday morning(7/18). To continue my research I went back to her profile tonight (7/17) To see if she had all others posts to her links. Low and behold her link is gone (She was really a new user). I still cannot find her name or her company on the web (Other than a contrasting person with the same name in another city). I e mailed her 4 hours ago saying "I am continuing my due groundwork and I went to your post, Your upvc profile is gone, good reason, this wounderful woman has not replied. Part of me wants to say her name and company but I think it's pointless because I believe it was just an alias. I'm concerned about if "lindsay lohan" Will show up as some one else, another day. Lesson discovered how early, one good thing, The hunt persists for my first flip!Wouldn'thave gotten to this point without the help of some awesome BP people I have metand/or chatted with. Just like on online dating service personals websites, People can post any picture to get more focus on their profile, exactly the same way anyone here can post anything about their experience to attract more attention.

You wouldn't commit to someone from one of those online dating websites without meeting them and learning the needs of them better.

have fun with your hunt for the 1st property.

People come on here and hide. They post no personal pic, A website with little advice etc.

to be your first flag. E mail connections, message here, A phone call people shouldn't have a problem with. I don't use Skype often but for clients who want to connect that way video and audio for real estate I am there.

Might not be a bad idea before driving to meet anyone to see them on Skype and chat. Also individual references they have you can call on are great as well. Remember folks who suffer from nothing to hide embrace. People who have lots of things to hide deflect.

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