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I had a situation with the Kingston, NY store. The came to get a dryer that was not working properly and exchange it for a new one. Only one very heavy person arrived and thankfully my helper was here and offered to help the guy get the old dryer out and onto the truck and then the new one into the laundry room.

The guy from the store spent 2 hrs here and told me that everything was installed and to use the dryer. I did so 2x. Quite by chance my helper, 2 days later, discovered that there was lint everywhere on the steps and in the basement because Home Depot had never connected the dryer. This left me with a life threatening situation because there was a pile of lint behind the hot back of the dryer. I want to contact the insurance company for Home Depot to let then know the hazzard that the store created in my home.

How do I find out who insures then for these types of things.

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How do I find out who insures then for these types of things.

You don't. This has nothing to do with Home Depot's insurance. Nothing happened to you and you don't get money for what didn't happen.

What you do is call customer service at the store and they will send somebody back out to fix it. Feel free to watch them fix it.

This is not an insurance issue, it's a customer service issue.

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 07:03 pm Post Subject: America, we need to stop looking for someone to sue

AdjusterJack was spot on. People insurance premiums will drop significantly if we learn how to use it.

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