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Hi, I'm a real estate consultant in Chicago and I work from home. Is my home owners insurance enough to cover my risks?

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What will happen if you get sued by your clients for a certain failure? If you're not covered for such risks, then you'll end up damaging your financial stability. Also, you bear the risk of anyone getting injured within your office premises while on a visit. Have you ever thought of that?

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The cost to replace your equipments could be covered under an incidental business endorsement. It might also offer some protection for business liability that you might have in the future.

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You may consult with your insurer and check if he's willing to offer a comprehensive policy that covers both your business an home at once. These days you often come across good combo offers that cover you for income replacement, liability, fire and theft together. Make sure it covers you for mishaps that occur beyond your office at home.

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IMO you should go ahead and apply for the E&O policy which is just another name for the Professional liability insurance. There are chances that any of your clients might file a lawsuit against you for not performing up to his expectations.

Such claims may also rise out of your failure to ensure data security or negligence. E&O insurance will bear all the legal fees associated with such lawsuits for you. It protects both the independent contractors and employees.

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Homeowner's insurance does not cover the professional liability one might incur as the result of their home occupation. If a client was coming to your home to sign a document, for instance, and slipped on your driveway, breaking their ankle, your homeowner's policy would exclude the loss since it was directly related to your business activity.

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I think Steven is absolutely correct. While running a business all the aspects must be well thought of to avoid future risks.

Posted: 15 Jul 2011 02:10 Post Subject: lxgIFEoHbXmH

YMMD with that anwser! TX

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I don't think home insurance covers business risks, you'd have to go and get a separate policy for your business.

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I am some important information.

A typical homeowners policy may cover as little as $2500 for in-home inventory and equipment (such as computers) and $250 for incidents that occur outside the home. For example, if your laptop is stolen out of your car while at the office of a client, you would only get $250 toward that recovery, at best (and not including deductibles).

Your insurance provider may offer a combine policy that specifically covers both home and business in a single, comprehensive policy. Developed specifically to address the needs of home-based business owners, these types of combo policies usually provide general business coverage (including liability and the replacement of lost income), along with typical homeowners coverage (for theft and fire). It should cover incidents that occur at or away from the home office. Most importantly, the policy is designed to prevent duplication of coverage and is priced affordable for a truly small, home business.

Time recording systems

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(including ... the replacement of lost income)

Not exactly.

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today, insurance field is growing speedily in market so that the value of loss assessors are highly increased. for business purpose this is best option which choose by people.

Posted: 10 Oct 2011 04:30 Post Subject: fire damage

i am back again.
home insurance is very necessary for all and all people should take interest in this. there are various damages like fire, smoke, water, flood then home insurance broker or fire damage restoration are used.

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We all know how significant business insurance plan is for consultants and all sorts of job.

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I think You should prefer home insurance for busoness insurance for consultants.....

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You may consult with your insurer and check if he's willing to offer a comprehensive policy that covers both your business an home at once.

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Your home insurance only covers the home. You should consider getting business insurance to protect your business assets.

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