BOP for my small business

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My friend is helping me to start a small business. He's suggested that I look for property insurance and liability insurance. I was going through an online business quick-list and came to know of this BOP policy. Is it really helpful for small businesses?

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I'm not an agent but I've dealt with BOP policies many times. As an adjuster they can be pain as they are uniquely written in each case. But this is what makes them good for a small business... you can obtain only the coverage you need.

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Well, it sounds good if the coverage is tailored to meet my needs. I'd be interested to know if it covers all that property insurance covers for me.

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Yes, these plans are known to be good for the small businesses only.
Large businesses don't qualify for such coverage as they involve more risks.

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The cost of a BOP would depend on a number of factors like- business location, financial strength, security features, chances of destruction caused by fire, construction quality etc.

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"BOPs," or "Businessowner's Policies" are the commercial equivalent of a homeowner policy. It's a package of coverages contained within a single contract, unlike a commercial package policy which must be "built" in order to provide a package of coverage.

BOPs are not available for all types of commercial risks; they're only for small and medium size businesses and it truly simplifies the underwriting process. BOPs will take on only certain risks that are generally considered to bring a smaller exposure to the table. Ineligible risks include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Any automobile business (repair, service, dealers, parking lots, etc.)
    1 or 2-family dwellings
    Places of amusement
    Financial institutions
    Wholesalers, unless eligible under another category
    Bars, grills, restaurants, unless eligible under another category
    Contractors, unless eligible under another category

There are also limits on the square footage, height and size of the building that houses the risk, etc.

These contracts can be perfect for the right risk, and are "easy-peasy lemon squeezy" to write.

InsTeacher 8)

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I guess a BOP policy offers business interruption insurance as well. It covers your losses arising out of a period when you've been forced to close down operations temporarily or stop or lessen production. Business interruption insurance might offset your insured losses for a period of one year.

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Hi Mark

BOP for small business is a good plan. Any business involves a lot of risk and hence you need to get it covered to prevent extreme losses. Your BOP policy will cover for losses that may cause you to shut down business or for loss of production. It covers you for any harm done to others by your employees or products. Accidents may attract lawsuits. Your BOP policy will provide coverage then. You will also be covered against burglaries or any destruction or even robberies.

I found you an article link from this website. I think you can find useful information here on BOP

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A BOP policy is quite good in the sense that it covers you for certain thefts, hooliganism, or burglaries. Thus it protects your losses in terms of money as well as securities.

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Owners policy.. Retweeted it :)

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Owners policy.. May I repost it? :)

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Owners policy.. Nice :)

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Owners policy.. Amazing :)

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Hello Friend,

What is BOP policy. Can you explain in detail. How it is beneficial for a bussiness man.

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A Business Owner's Policy covers the cost of keeping a business open and operating when the owner is disabled. It pays most expenses other than the owner's income.

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