RV totalled -Japanese tourists involved..can u help?

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A few months ago, September 2006, my husband rented an RV from an RV company in Southern California. He purchased $700+ in insurance to protect from any damages to the vehicle. He had 3 friends from Japan with him. All had international driver's licenses and all signed to be able to drive the RV.

The day they left on their trip, Sept. 6, 2006, one of the persons from Japan was driving when he lost control of the vehicle due to some wind. The RV fishtailed, then it overturned. It was completely destroyed.

My husband was airlifted to the hospital. One other had a cut hand, and the other 2 were fine.

The CHP took a report from the other 3. I read the report. It has many inaccuracies. The chief one: the CHP officer said he read the report back to the 3, but they don't understand English. The only one who speaks some English is my husband who is en route to the hospital.

This rental company has sent us a threatening letter saying my husband has to pay for everything. No mention of the insurance he paid for. They also say we've been lying and haven't responded to them and that they're going to notify the DMV that we have no insurance.

I've sent a letter to the CHP officer telling him of the inaccuracies. I've sent a letter to the rental company. I've sent letters to the rental company's insurer, Zurich. I've sent letters to my own insurance company, Esurance.

The driver of the vehicle is back in Japan and he has been calling constantly to find out what to do next. But we just don't know where we stand. We've also contacted the towing company and they say the bill for storage is now $8000 and growing (until it gets paid). I sent them an email suggesting they contact the owners - El Monte RV - to advise them of the bill.

I'm beginning to think I need to get an attorney.

Does anyone have any comments about this? All is appreciated. Or can anyone refer an attorney? We live in L.A. County, San Dimas. The accident occured in Madera County, California, a few hours away from our home.

Thank you so very much!

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Hey..I see no reason why your husband needs to pay this entire $8000 worth of storage bill when its evident that all four were responsible towards the rented car and that all of them bore international driving licenses. The lame excuse that the companions don't follow english won't hold good at the court of law. But yes, your husband will certainly be responsible for a portion of the damages. thanks, Betty Jones

Posted: 25 Oct 2006 07:27 Post Subject: I lost my friend likewise..

Yes my friend, as of now you seem to have messed up with things a bit !

No worries yet, though its pretty clear that your case would be subject to application of laws governing California automobiles only. We all are aware that each year there are tens of thousands of motor vehicles accidents around the california highways.
There are two ways these accidents normally happen- either its the negligence of the Japanese person who was operating it otherwise it must have been related to any defect involving the vehicle or the roadway. So in your case it is all the more important to throw some light upon the person or the cause which is responsible for this accident.

My friend John was once a victim of such a crash that proved so dear that I lost my friend for ever. I remember his family contacting some personal injury attorneys from 'Kottler and Kottler' who they said had immense expertise handling such cases for about 35 years or so.
I still have their contact number as 1-800-254-6551. Check it out!
wishing you all the luck, Tom Hopkins

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lemme ask you some necessary details right away !
You've told me that all of the occupants in the car possessed international driving licenses. Now may I know what happened to those licenses after the accidents ?

Did your husband get a temporary driver license after he got admitted to hospital ?
Were any of them arrested ?
As far my knowledge goes, the DMV should have been contacted within 10 days of the mishap in order to arrange for a hearing for preventing your automatic driver license suspension. I had once come across an attorney from California who offered me the following contact information belonging to some Takakjiansowerssitkoff criminal defense body. They have their offices throughout Southern California, jus don't know if it would be of some good use to you or not:
(888) 579-4844.
email: tsscrimlaw[at]aol.com
regards, Sasha T.

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