Things to know about auto insurance

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You make many claims in your post... please feel free to offer up ANY proof of ANY of your claims. You state that these are "facts". As such, you should have not problem providing proof. Truth is, you can't.

It's _very_ clear you actually have NO idea what you are talking about.

You state that the insurance company gets a kick-back for using preferred repair centers. This statement along PROVES that you don't have a single clue about this subject. I've worked for around 7 carries over the past 15 years and had many friends who work for many others. NONE of them get a "kick-back'. Your a joke for even mentioning that this is a "fact". What the insurance company _does_ get is the savings (around $100) in not needing an appraiser to inspect a vehicle and/or not getting gouged by Bob's Body Shop. Insurance companies spend considerable expenses in picking these shop and reinspecting their work/estimates on an ongoing basis.

"95% of the time, your vehicle will not be repaired correctly if you use a body shop recommended by your insurance company". Please provide proof of this. Where are you getting your "95%" amount? Truth is, these preferred repair centers do plenty of non-insurance work and they don't change their expertise in any case. The carrier I work for has a few preferred repair centers and I almost never recommend them. But I can say that many damaged vehicles I hand go to these shops... as people _tell me this is where they want to take their vehicles_.

You also state that repairs will be shotty. Again, please back this so called "fact" up with proof. Here is some _real_ information... preferred repair centers back up their work for the lifetime of the vehicle. The auto insurance company does the same thing. So why would they _try_ to do shotty work? As far as an adjuster totalling out a vehicle later, after the "shotty" repairs... well, what can I say. This statement does not even come close to reality and only further proves that you have no idea what you are talking about.

You go on to spam your site on this board (which will be removed as it against forum rules, which you should have read). This really just shows that you are a lowly spammer without a clue. Your domain name has only been registered since March 2, 2007. It's hardly got any credibility.

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