Slow Around Here

Submitted by tcope on Sat, 07/28/2007 - 22:36

It's gotten _really_ slow here. There use to be at least a question a week. Now nothing for months. Very unusual.

Posted: 29 Jul 2007 12:31 Post Subject: Just more of you..

No Tcope, I don't agree with you at this :) Actually you're looking forward to the experts. People are visiting our site more often, but yeah, may be we didn't have enough experts for quite sometime. I believe for that reason people are not encouraged to post so much now-a-days.

I'd like to see more of you over here, atleast once in a day, so that our community members get some encouraged by someone like YOU. :)

You would be able to check the number of member who are registering with on a daily basis over here ->

It would also be good to see you write some testimonials about the site :

last thing we want from you is - you enjoy while helping others :)
Thanks a lot!

Posted: 30 Jul 2007 07:27 Post Subject: An Appeal To Contribute More..

Hi guys,

Yeah, I'd rather agree with Tcope at saying that there has not been enough movement at the Claims & Payments forum for about a month. I've thoroughly checked up the nature of posts coming up at the other forums..yes, there is no denying the fact that it apparently gives us an idea that the penetration level has suddenly dropped at this point.

But if we observe carefully, we'd notice that many of these posts at the other forums are not exactly fitting with the nature of the forum. Instead, they would have suited with this forum as per the nature of the event addressed through them.
But as we believe in ensuring our user's free choice at every level, we didn't shift those posts over here.

I believe we had somewhat around 25 threads created for the month of July across all our forums, which suggest that we had approximately a quality thread created per day! Yeah, I'd call it a quality-thread since I see some important value add-ons when I compare this month's threads with the previous month's.

I'm sure all of you'd agree to one point that our forums are qualitative forums as compared to many others available on the network!

If my words make sense, I'd expect each one of us contributing a bit to add value to the platform, by fixing our daily-schedule in such a way that gets us at least some time for our beloved community!
Thanking you for all your efforts,

Posted: 30 Jul 2007 07:58 Post Subject: Regards..

Hey! ..even if its something worrying if the number of threads are not increasing, its real good to see that users are taking interest to carry on researches pro-actively before replying to the complex problems addressed through our forums!

SO, its high time that we need a very strong network getting involved with our forums which comprises of some invaluable commentators with the likes of Tcope & Cyrus! Hope you all agree with me!
Regards, Fatman

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