Disability insurance payments and offset amounts

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I am a teacher and have disability insurance. I recently had surgery on June 25, 2007 and was not able to work until Aug. 1, 2007. My last day of work was on June 5, 2007. I am not paid for any days after 6/5/07, but receive a check in June and July for work done prior to June 5, 2007. My insurance company is claiming that I am being paid for June and July and have to use my pay for those 2 months as and offset. I do not agree with them.

Posted: 08 Oct 2007 06:09 Post Subject: How can they do it!

Well my friend, as my understanding goes.. disability insurance would only avail you that part of the policy worth as is the worth of your damage but at the same time I do believe that it would surely provide you the benefits for the period of time that you're disabled ie. post june 5th in your case. I simply don't understand how your carrier could try to define your income prior to your disability as an offset, when the significance of being 'offset' can be explained as :

The intent of the offset provision is to ensure that the combined benefits from workers' compensation and Social Security are not excessive. The offset of Disability Insurance benefits applies to disabled workers under the age of 65 and their families. Benefits for a worker's spouse or dependent children are offset before the offset is applied to the worker's benefit. Under the 1965 law, the Social Security disability benefit will not be reduced if the state workers' compensation law or plan provided for a reverse offset (a reduction of the workers' compensation benefit of a worker also receiving Disability Insurance).

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I'd once heard of a similar problem from one of my better friends who's just passed away!
What Johnny told me was a bit different from your scenario though, since he had his policy through govt. sources...n as a result the govt. program offered restricted benefits under its narrow terms...n more so when my friend had started to depend on it as his main source of survival. Hope yours is a pvt. insurance! Casandra Van Huesen

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Hey, if you'd listen to me the worth of DI benefits would get lowered by certain factors like that of the pensions that you receive under the PSSA or any extra inc under your DI rehabilitation.

Otherwise I don't see any other reason if your policy is beyond the waiting period. I'm sure you're aware that there is a certain period for which you need to wait till your benefits are gonna get activated. This elimination period may be 30 or 60 days or may even stretch between 60 to 90 days during which you'll not receive your benefits. I believe that its well beyond the elimination period.

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Look in any of your papers or booklets and see if you can find that out for sure. It should say in your papers what they consider off set and when it begins and how your pay if affected.

Call the insurance company, and explain that you don't understand, and to explain it agin.

My brothers wife,age 45, had a stroke and had disability insurance through her job. It took a while to get them activated. Her insurance did balk on paying for rehab-she's paralyzed on one side.

She still hasn't gotten on social security disability insurance so far, so has to do what the insurance tells her she can do, and what treatments.

Good Luck--Karen :D

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