Insurance compensation for three months loss of use

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car accident. the other driver is at fault. car is repaired for three months. how many days of loss of use do I entitled? Thanks. :P :wink:

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Hi anonymous1, in your case where the car is getting repaired you will be compensated for the period your car is at the body shop. But if your car takes longer than the initially decided period they may cover that too. That depends upon the insurance company. However, in case of a totaled car, the insurance carrier may pay for the rental car only for a specific time period. Generally, for the time period before the insurance company declare the totaled value for the car. Rupert

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Good morning anonymous1, and welcome to the community,

You may be entitled to the entire time your vehicle was down, but you may not. First they haven't had you in a rental vehicle this whole time? Why not?

If the 'total' repair time on your vehicle is (let's say 40hours) it shouldn't have taken more than 10 days to repair, if this is a shop of your chosing and the shop just didn't get it done, and let it set and there and there were other options they may only pay for the 10 days (as an example clearly your's in probably a 200hour job atleast). The resonable amount of time that one of 'their' shops would've completed the job. Has there been no discussion with the adjuster about this?

But if that is not the case then they 'may' owe the entire time. Again though I wonder why you were not in a rental this entire time.

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Yupp thats quite true Lori!
I have fair reasons to believe that the insurer is supposed to offer support towards the rented car for the period of time his car is not replaced.
Rosa Lind

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I don't think I've ever seen a repair being 240 hours+. This is the 3 months. It's also close to $10,000 just in labor! Not to mention all the parts they were using during those three months.

I'm guessing somewhere along the way there was a problem or two?

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My thought exactly and why not in a rental all this time? hmmmmm but want loss of use?

Posted: 19 Oct 2007 09:24 Post Subject: Alot of smaller insurers don't automatically

put people in rental vehicles. Maybe it took them three months to decide to accept liability because they couldn't get their insured to fess up to it, or they had to get witness statements, so the car just sat there. Every situation is individual and to come to a conclusion on this one, they'd have to be asked. Generally, Loss of use or rental is due during the time that the claimant has been without the use of the vehicle while it's being repaired. (this can also include commercial down time claims for truckers, bus drivers, etc.) I've handled a number of these. If its the body shops negligence that the car took so long, they should put you in a loaner, or pay for your rental. Again, more questions to be answered before a true conclusion can be reached. And here's an important tip - don't forget to make a diminished value claim for your car. If it was that banged up, it will never be the same, no matter how many repairs it has had. You have to get an expert to appraise the vehicle and provide you with a report indicating how much the value of your vehicle has diminished.. and if there is anything left on the property damage policy limits, you will be entitled to that, in addition to loss of use. I suggest you find a very good public insurance adjuster in your area that has experience handling vehicle claims - not many of us do. Good luck to you.

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I suggest you find a very good public insurance adjuster in your area that has experience handling vehicle claims - not many of us do.

OP, you should be able to get 500% more on your claim just by getting a PA! :roll:

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it will never be the same,

NOT (necessarily) TRUE! There are people that think if a new bumper cover is put on the vehicle they are due a dimished value payment, wonder why a PA would suggest that? hmmmmm. I wonder why premiums are sky rocketing.... Yeah, also , (and no one ever mentions this) it might be better! I wonder why we don't charge people for 'additional value' added to their vehicle? :wink: After all if this is a five year old vehicle and we put a new suspension/steering, clearly new paint, and sheetmetal, are we not adding to their vehicles value?

OP, you should be able to get 500% more on your claim just by getting a PA!

AGREE! According to the other Florida PA's that have posted here........absurd.......

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