Health insurance and the bill

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I'm 50 years old and single. I earn around 45,000, but my health insurance has lapsed. How would our new health care bill affect me?

Posted: 22 Mar 2010 02:12 Post Subject: insurance

I work with Senior Citizens and the Handicapped. A few of my 'Clients' have already received letters, stating their Medical Insurance Benefits will decrease. Their co-pays, on Meds, have already gone up. It's really horrible. If this Health Reform bill passes, DOES mean everyone will get Heath Insurance. will get what 'THEY' want you to have and at a VERY high premium. I'll tell you right now, NONE of my 'Clients' will be able to afford to pay for 'THEIR' Medical Insurance. Ihope the 'Bill' doesn't pass.

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i was a passenger in dec 08 no fault insur paid bills 6 month cut me off after ime , i was being treated for sacal dysfuntion and soft injuries leading to fibromyalga, and brain injury i have a history of minor pains from work injury in 02 also i have a felony and a hitory of cocaine but i've was clean 4 years prior instead i turn my life around got in college stayed on dean's list and 1 year before grad i was in this accident stop my life.. do i stay a chance with the no fault insurance company?

Posted: 22 Mar 2010 02:22 Post Subject: insurance

First of all, ..I want to say congratualtions to you for 'cleaning' up your life!!! It's not easy to do. Good to hear you went back to school, etc. To be truthfully with you, I'm not sure how to answer the Insurance question you're asking about. One of the Forum experts will be around soon to help you. I just wanted to say...glad you straightened your life out!!!!! :lol:

Posted: 23 Mar 2010 11:28 Post Subject: insurance

Well..........I'm actually surprised the'Bill' passed. 'Our' country will REALLY be affected....not in a 'positive' way!! MSWELLINGTON: I know this is an Insurance Forum, however,..I think it's encouraging that people state the troubles they were having in their lives and that they overcame them!! That's encouraging for OTHER people to know that their is a 'way out' and there IS alot of positive things they can do with their lives!!!!!!!

Posted: 24 Mar 2010 03:01 Post Subject:

Folks, it's important to understand a few things about this so-called "passage" of this healthcare bill.

First of all, nothing is done yet...remember that there's going to be numerous legal challenges to this. Also remember that this is a "reconciliation" bill; that's a bill in which both sides of the house/senate "reconciled" their differences and decided to compromise. COBRA is a another reconciliation action, but there was little dissent in Congress, it was just a couple of little things that stalled passage.

This ain't no little thing...there are tons of republicans staunchly opposed to this thing and more than a few attorneys general have already filed constitutional challenges to the legislation which will tie up the courts for just a little while. In the meantime, it hangs in stasis until that stuff gets ironed out. Don't hold your breath.

Also keep in mind that this plan is phased in over a period of nine doesn't reach "completion" until 2019. It's got all sorts of codicils and conditions attached that place severe budgetary constraints on insurers which you're sure to hear about. That one'll take a couple of years to surface, but ya read it here first.

Many of the plan's requirements don't take effect until 2014, such as the ban on exclusions for pre-existing conditions. There are a few things that kick in this year: no more lifetime dollar limits on benefits, no cancellations for being "too sick", kids covered on parents coverage to age 26- but there's a problem here for kids that are already sick. Insurers can still continue to reject kids with pre-existing conditions until 2014. Most states have laws that prevent this if the child is reported to the insurer within a period of time, but that's not all states.

The requirement that you must have coverage kicks in in 2014 as well. That applies to most, not all, people. 2014 also marks the year of Medicaid increases, no more denying coverage or issuance of a policy due to pre-x, tax credits for certain people and a few other things.

The "doughnut hole" that's currently a huge problem with the Part D prescription drug plan closes over time...a looooong time.

You can Google the daylights out of this. Read a bunch of stuff. This is going to affect every single person that lives in the U.S., so get yerself edurcayted. I would post a bunch of good links, but Lori or some other Mod would yell at me.

InsTeacher 8)

Posted: 24 Mar 2010 12:41 Post Subject: insurance

INSTEACHER................thanks for the info!!! The way the media is talking, the 'Bill' is going to take affect RIGHT A WAY!!!!!!! I'm sure this 'Bill' scares alot of people. i would be scared for them, too. So much 'fine print' no one knows about, etc.

Posted: 26 Mar 2010 01:24 Post Subject:

You will probably need to pay the fine for not acquiring individual coverage. Such negligence might inflict tax fines worth hundreds of dollars every year.

Posted: 26 Mar 2010 02:52 Post Subject:

Hundreds of dollars of fines is much less than thousands of dollars of insurance premiums. Instead of negligence, depending upon the wording of the bill, this may be smart financial planning for some.

Posted: 27 Mar 2010 06:51 Post Subject:

Hundreds of dollars of fines is much less than thousands of dollars of insurance premiums.

The fine that you'd need to bear would be worth $800 annually. On the other hand, the premium that you'd need to pay would be worth $800 every month.

Posted: 27 Mar 2010 09:44 Post Subject:

I'm sure health insurance is a necessity for someone in his 50s. You must try and look for a cheaper coverage, and I'm sure you'll find one if you don't have any pre-existing health condition.

Posted: 30 Mar 2010 10:06 Post Subject:

The whole bill is very fluid. Some changes take effect this year. Some much later.

Heck...even the President doesn't know what changes happen when.

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 01:47 Post Subject:

The need for knee or hip replacements after 70 years of age. I was told by my chiropractor that the Obama health care plan will not cover them.

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 03:58 Post Subject:

The need for knee or hip replacements after 70 years of age. I was told by my chiropractor that the Obama health care plan will not cover them.

I am not aware of anything under the current legislation that would prevent a 70-year old from getting medically necessary hip replacement surgery.

Nothing personal, but your chiropractor (a) wouldn't be your hip replacement surgeon (as you are aware of) and (b) doctors don't know anything about this legislation. Obama doesn't even know much about it.

InsTeacher 8)

Posted: 11 Apr 2010 10:47 Post Subject:

I would post a bunch of good links, but Lori or some other Mod would yell at me.

"Link a way!" You silly man, you is a moderator your own self! I wouldn't dream of pulling any links that aren't self serving...let em rip-tater chip! :wink:

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Not until someone actually reads all 2300 pages of the Obamacare legislation will anyone actually know what's in it, and then they won't be able to explain it anyone else.

So what else is new?

Ronald Reagan's Tax Reform Act of 1986 was more than 2000 pages long, no one I know ever read the whole thing, it was tweaked two years later with another thousand or so pages, and it still takes a couple of hours with Turbo Tax to do one's return. Oops! Gotta go do mine!


Line 1: How much did you earn in 2014?
Line 2: How much do have left?
Line 3: Income tax due . . . . write in amount on Line 2

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I am amazed by the lack of knowledge concerning this bill amongst the insurance companies and the politicians that wrote and signed this thing.
No one has any ideas of what the effects will be on the economy or even the people that need help. The insurance companies are unable to even plan for these changes as it so unclear what the changes are or will end up to be. I have first hand knowledge of this and am afraid of this bills impact on our economy and everything else that it will touch.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2010 12:26 Post Subject:

OH . . . I wouldn't be so sure "No one has any ideas what the effect will be on the economy . . . ."

If insurers are going to be foreclosed when it comes to who they may decline for coverage, and unable to charge higher rates for preexisting conditions, then all of us who would otherwise be insurable are going to have to pay more for our coverage to protect the insurer's risk of adverse selection. Question is, with a captive market, how much will they be allowed to raise premiums? Look at Spirit Air, this past week, announcing $45 fee to carry an item on board one of their aircraft. ("We are lowering our fares on most flight by $40"). Why not keep the same fares and just charge the stinking $5? It's all a matter of PR.

Honestly, it would have been far better for Congress to have adopted an "assigned risk" approach instead of saying no insurer will be able to decline a person due to their preexisting conditions -- at least with assigned risk, those who are declined for coverage can be charged a higher rate or receive reduced coverage as a substandard risk, and insurers would only have received a proportionate share of the AR market, based on their general market share (5% of the general market, must take 5% of the AR cases).

On top of that, we're now getting the word on the REAL COST of the bill over the first ten years. Only about 5-6 times more than Congress was told and voted to approve. Gee . . . I wonder if Obama used the same crew that GW Bush used to feed numbers to Congress on Medicare Part D. After that piece of junk was passed, the real numbers came out and they were at least 3 times as much as Congress agreed to cover.

This was BAAAAAAAAAAAD legislation to begin with, done behind closed doors, voted on in the wee hours of the morning on a weekend. What does that tell you?

Like the Bible says, the wicked love the dark and fear the light.

And the arm-twisting and special deals handed out to obtain the necessary votes in the 11th hour, is a sure sign that this was not something that should ever have been passed.

The will of the People of the United States has been violated by those who were elected to do the People's work and to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. They have all -- democrats and republicans alike -- failed the People, and they all deserve to be thrown out of office the next time they come up for a vote.

All incumbents should be unelected and made lifetime members of the "Recumbent Party."

Posted: 16 Apr 2010 01:55 Post Subject:

You make excellent arguments MaxHerr, if I would have completed my thought about this bill, I should have finished the thought which is that this bill is designed to cripple the private health insurance market and force us into a single payer system. Not that I am opposed to rationed care either as part of me believes that it must be fairer then our current system which has perhaps the worst mortality rates of any developed nation for poor people.
I am by no means a Socialist however and am confident that both parties are more inept then criminal but the final verdict will find that our two party system is certainly going to be an important cause of our final demise.
This bill should be criminal because in its aspirations it will ruin more then just the economy but our very way of life.
I am shocked and amazed by the size of the hole that we have dug for ourselves and it is probably large enough to bury all of us, before even the worst of this bill is even felt.

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EC . . .

Why the insurance companies became the target of the Obama Administration is beyond me. That insurance companies are profitable was the rallying point.

Personally, I would never want to do business with an insurer that isn't profitable.

Then again, Wellpoint's application for up to nearly 40% premium increases here in California was both ill-advised and ill-timed.

It was entirely understandable, however, as Wellpoint stands to be one of the major beneficiaries of any "national" health care scheme. Get the rates up first, and answer questions later. Unfortunately, for them, they prematurely killed the golden goose.

As for the hole you mention, Social Security and Medicare already have more than $87 TRILLION in combined future unfunded liabilities according to the Trustees that Congress chooses to ignore. Why would anyone believe they care about this second bottomless pit they have created?

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