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Posted: 10 Sep 2010 12:36 Post Subject: ***STATE FARM INSURANCE***

Today, I got off the phone with Scott Bright/Claim Representave with State Farm Insurance. My 27 year old son and I are trying to trying to recover our contents from a house fire. My son claimed that he had 1,500 worth of wire in the house at the time of the fire. Scott needed more information about the wire and asked for some kind of documentation. Seth went back to the store where he purchased it two years ago and got a receipt from a girl that works there. My son goes there a great deal (Habitat For Humanity) and buys things. The Insurance company is claiming that Habitat does not use the type of receipt that we summited. Forthurmore, Scott claims that 1,500 of wire was not on the businesses records. I know this lady remembers the transaction and therefore gave my son a receipt. I was warned not to purchase anything further since my claim was now being looked at! WoW Should I get a lawyer?

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