Filing insurance complaints with commissioner

by Guest » Tue Nov 18, 2008 05:57 am

Friends..please tell me about the must-knows while filing any insurance complaint with the state insurance commissioner.

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See..I'm sure you'd be aware of the fact that the insurance commissioners have this uphill task of meeting thousands of complaints each year. Such complaints may comprise of claim-settlement issues involving insurance companies as also service related issues. So, I don't see any reason why you should be skeptical about filing an insurance complaint with the state insurance commissioner. Purpleheaded08

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Yes dear, you should always know your rights before you're gonna consider buying a policy or even before you consider the online quotes. You'd need to be prepared to file a complaint with the commissioner.

I think there is a complaint form available in the insurance commissioner's website. You may need to download it from there. You'd be informed about the process through this website. It would be better for you to maintain your phone conversation records as well as the contact information of the agents involved.I'm sure this is gonna help you a lot for all your future references. Crossbreed

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It would be better for you to maintain your phone conversation records as well as the contact information of the agents involved.

I think almost all insurance companies now have claims departments as well as call centres. But it is important for you to know that every time you'd call them, you'd come across a new voice n the other side. So, you'd better be prepared with your records.

Once you'd go through the process as mentioned in the website and have all the documents in place, it would certainly be easier for you to file it to your commissioner. Caromel_merquez

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Yes,filing the complaint is not that tough..
Once you file would be up to the commissioner's office to get back to you in case they need any further documents. It is natural for the commissioner to send a copy of your complaint letter to your carrier and they would be asked to reciprocate within a stipulated time frame. Under circumstances that you commissioner feels that the response forwarded by your carrier is justified, they would certainly convey it to you.

On the other hand, if the cause is not accepted as "justified" by the commissioner, then your case would be passed on to a state designated professional who'd involve both you and your carrier to work together towards solving the issue maintaining the compliance guidelines.

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Hey there,
I'd certainly agree with your saying regarding the state designated person...but one thing I'd like to mention over here is that this person would never be able to guide you as an attorney!
You should always keep the option of hiring an attorney open..It would be your lender of last resort in case you're not so confident of dealing with your insurance carrier or if the cause of your complaint seems inexplicable to any party.

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 01:15 pm Post Subject: roof inspection

I was told my dad's house could not be reinsured because of its condition, one aspect being the roof; when I had a roofer out he could find nothing wrong; when I recontacted the insurance company I was told it had been inspected and given the inspector's name and retold that it had been deemed unreinsurable but they could not provide me with a copy of the inspection report noting the exact issues. Upon going through a long process to endeavor to get this information I was finally informed by their executive office that if I continued to inquire about this matter, I would be charged with harrassment

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