Drivers disclose a scam

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 02/28/2006 - 09:41

Hi everyone !

As we all know how Auto Insurance scams have triggered widespread consciousness across the heart of Canada in the recent times, I just could not stop myself from sharing whatever I came across recently at a news daily.

In order to stop uninsured drivers fooling around and enable the police help protect law and order most drivers are now intending to introduce the mandatory insurance disks on cars.

Following a study conducted by Tesco, a vast majority of these drivers have now united to disclose facts about a million of these uninsured drivers. In countries like Italy, Ireland and France, this system of displaying an insurance disk has turned out to be a form of Legal Recruitment enabling the police to intervene and get hold of the bandits. It has come to notice that these uninsured drivers cause the others to pay an average of $45 in terms of higher insurance premiums.

According to a Tesco spokesman motorists are now urging the government to try more towards isolating those drivers on road, even though the recent changes to the Road Safety Bill has empowered the authorities to fine the uninsured drivers or even confiscate their cars.

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