Discover AmPmInsure features

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Discover AmPmInsure features

Ampminsure is a community that offers a participatory platform to discuss over Insurance related issues amidst a knowledgeable and experienced community. It provides a guide towards resolving the insurance queries, to manage the insurance policy with the different associations of agents, lawyers and the versatile nature of the community members.

This particular insurance community comprises of the insured as well as the uninsured people, the lawyers, the insurance agents & brokers, the insurance companies, and the insurance experts. Thus the purpose of our community is to relate to different forms of insurance all over the world. The aim is therefore to invite the members and other interested parties and offer them an opportunity to share ideas, initiate new relationships and gain in terms of knowledge. Moderators are supposed to have the control over the entire community/forum so that we can terminate the irrelevant posts other than insurance.

Some of the existing features are,

  • Community Discussion-A forum is the best place to discuss and debate over issues. Members can certainly help each other understand insurance better with his/her experiences. The forum is aimed at reflecting and analyzing the innumerable challenges faced by the insurance consumers from time to time. The Community members should be able to cross-examine each an every solution coming out as a result of discussions which are thorough and realistic.

  • Guide section - The community manages its guide section with the community FAQ managers. Over here the members are also expected to nourish a strong platform through a good use of their knowledge base, thereby achieving the very aim of establishing the community. Each of the members ought to create a personal section and thus contribute towards being a part of the wholesome movement of compiling insurance knowledge. The Community gets enriched each time as it gets uniquely handled by each member.

  • State Specific Information - Relevant information pertaining to each of the 55 states could be availed by the guests and members at any point of time. A precise presentation of facts and data based on the specific state laws and guidelines would be available to commuters at a glance.

  • Insurance Calculators - The Insurance calculators have been developed as efficient tools to assist the community and the guests towards simplifying most of the complicated insurance calculations. This is turn would definitely help save time and also contribute towards their decision making as they would be able to calculate and identify the most beneficial policy and the exact amount of their claims.

  • Insurance Terminology - Sometimes the users might find it difficult to derive the exact meaning of an Insurance term or a phrase. The insurance terminology section would play a key role at this juncture and help the users by offering them some alternative terms which might prove very helpful. The users would find it easier to locate the meaning of the different insurance terms displayed in an alphabetical order.

  • Insurance Quiz- A Quiz section would definitely assist the community members to test and check their knowledge base. One new quiz will be added every week by AmPmInsure team. This is open for all and anyone can add a quiz. We can expect one or more new quiz every week. This would also get the members updated with the latest insurance information and practices at large.

  • Different ways of earning money - Along with learning Insurance we will also earn money as a community with a shared revenue model. Our target is to help each member earn at least $1000 every month. Keep participating and things will fall in the right direction.

  • Latest Story Section - All the members are requested to join their arms and help gather all the vital information that remains scattered across the Internet. Anyone can submit any blog post, associated article or news item directly to this new section. This would certainly help the community to experience the facts of the insurance world and take a note of the current happenings. They would also get a taste of the best news providers prevailing in the industry.

We will do everything possible to help community understand the in-depth of insurance.

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