I Need hip replacement and will have to take time off work

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Can I collect medical disability from both companies, my full time job and my part time job.

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There appears to be a large misconception concerning disability insurance and where it comes from. You only receive disability benefits if:

1.) You have an individual policy

2.) You are covered by a group plan through your employer

3.) You can qualify for SSI (social security disability benefits)

1.) If you have an individual policy you can ask your agent what requirements are needed to satisfy payments for benefits

2.) If you have a group plan, you'll need to speak with your HR department, but you'll probably also want to contact a representative from the group division of the insurance company who provides the benefit.

If you live in the states of NY, NJ, CA, HI, or RI you likely have short term coverage through your employers provided by those states' mandatory disability benefits law

3.) Recovery from hip replacement surgery alone will not qualify you for SSI. In order to qualify you must first satisfy the elimination period (a waiting period before benefits begin) which is 5 months. And the disability has to either be expected to result in your death or be irrevocable.

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