insurance subtypes

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I am writing a paper can someone please explain the MAJOR insurance types and what subtypes of insurance goes under the major insurance types. I am so confused.

so under life is there

whole life -is there other subtypes under whole life ?
burial - is that same as whole life ?
Industrial life -or is industrial same as burial ?

ordinary - or is ordinary same as whole life ?

can someone explain what goes under what category ?

And then what about health

Posted: 13 Dec 2009 08:41 Post Subject:

Major insurance types meaning, the entire field of insurance? That's a huge list. Alternatively you could mean life, helath and accident insurance, or Property and Causulty insurance.

A paper that seeks to address all types of insurance would be extremely unruly.

Posted: 01 May 2012 07:35 Post Subject: type & sub type of insurance

What are the types & sub types of insurance?

Posted: 16 Aug 2012 07:09 Post Subject: Subtypes of Whole life Insurance

It has six traditional forms:non-participating , participating, indeterminate premium, economic, limited pay, and single premium.

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