PTSD insurance not honoring.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 04/14/2010 - 19:27

Hello, I have PTSD. A reoccurance just happened to me and I went to my primary doctor 7 weeks ago. He immediatly admitted me to the psychiatric unit. I stayed there for two days.The Psychiatrist( upon release) asked me when would I like to go back to work. I said the following week.During that week I was off work I had a severe episode again.I had already set an appointment with my primary doctor per the psychiatric unit. At that appointment my primary doctor said you are not to go back to work, you are suffering PTSD. My work approved FMLA immediatley.I notified my insurance disabilty claim to let them know the situation(this was 6 weeks ago). My work refered me to a Employee assistance program. The psychologist specializes in PTSD.She diagnosed me with a reoccurance of PTSD.The Psychiatric unit set up an appointment for me to see another psychiatrist because the one I went to the first time,I work with him. I just went to my new psychiatrist . he said"you are having a severe reoccurance of PTSD".I notified the insurance company of this.6 weeks ago I signed a release form that they may access all my medical records. Still they refuse to pay me.I am going to lose my house car and all my bills are late. I was getting better,but all this worrying is making me go back into severe stress.pls help

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What is the reason they are either denying your claim or haven't moved on it?

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Beyond the question Lori has asked, what type of disability insurance are we talking about? Short Term or Long Term? My guess is short term based on the time frame--most group LTD policies have a 90 or 180 day elimination (waiting) period.

We also need to know what the definition of disability is. What is causing the problems with PTSD? Is it something that is specific to the work you do? Or is it unrelated and preventing you from working in any capacity?

If you are having trouble getting results from the insurance company, and truly feel that you qualify to collect on the benefits, your state's insurance department is a great place to start complaining to.

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