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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/09/2010 - 21:26

I recently fell, and as a result have suffered broken bones, and will be having surgery within a week. Unemployeed since April 1st, 2010. Since I have no insurance, am facin hospital costs etc.. Need advice for medical help, and will I lose my employment? So stressed, any advice appreciated.

gw/In NM

Posted: 10 Sep 2010 10:38 Post Subject:

Whether you're gonna lose your employment or not will depend a lot on your medical condition and your employment agreement.

If your employer terminates you, you may perhaps depend on unemployment benefits. On the other hand, if you're disabled and quit your job, then you may depend on the disability benefits. That's how it works over here!

Posted: 12 Sep 2010 06:21 Post Subject:

This is not a comfortable position to be in. Depending on how badly injured you are, you may qualify for social security disability, you've now covered the necessary number of months to satify the elimination (waiting) period. Don't be too surprised if they deny your claim though. You'll then have to wait and reapply.

As far as medical insurance goes. You'd be well served to look up health insurance plans offered by your state (if any). Depending on your income for the year, you may have trouble qualifying at this exact moment.

There's not a lot of advice that can be given concerning medical bills for someone who isn't insured besides get ready for some more bills. The good news is, hospitals are usually pretty nice about the collections process.

Concerning employment, depends on the state, and the contract you have for employment. If they do terminate you, you could apply for unemployment, but that just recoups a portion of income, won't address the medical costs.

Posted: 12 Sep 2010 10:11 Post Subject:

Unemployeed since April 1st, 2010

Need advice for medical help, and will I lose my employment?

You are unemployed or employed, which is it?

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 03:01 Post Subject:

Unemployeed since April 1st, 2010. . . . will I lose my employment?

Makes no sense to me either. Perhaps he meant to write "will I lose my unemployment (benefit)?"

If that was supposed to be the questions, then the answer is PROBABLY. To collect unemployment insurance benefits, one must be CAPABLE OF AND LOOKING FOR WORK. By definition, someone who is totally disabled is either incapable of working, unable to look for work, or both. But you might qualify for a state-provided disability benefit.

Posted: 15 Sep 2010 02:01 Post Subject: Unemployment cncern

Fell recently broke wrist last week, am having to have surgery on Friday. Will I lose unemployment? and is there such thing is sort term disability, and how can i find out process...

Posted: 15 Sep 2010 02:49 Post Subject:

If you are on unemployment you wouldn't likely be covered under any short term disability policy.

I'm confused by the post though, are you now on unemployment? Yes? No?

Posted: 16 Sep 2010 04:44 Post Subject:

Federal unemployment insurance benefits (administered by the states) and disability payments are mutually exclusive.

To qualify for UI benefits, one must be available and looking for work.

To qualify for disability benefits, one must be unable to work (and it is assumed that you are not looking for work while disabled).

It is functionally impossible to receive both at the same time, even though you might "qualify" in some sense of the word.

If your state has a short term disability plan, such as California does, it is probably administered by the same state agency that handles unemployment insurance. What better way to prevent one person from collecting both benefits at the same time?

Contact your state's equivalent of California's Employee Development Department.

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