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I was laid off 9/11 and was collecting unemployment. Previously, I had been on disability due to mental health issues but had gone back to work for 2 years but was laid off. About 2 months ago I made an inquiry to disability about what the procedure would be if I was unable to return to work as my issues were once again getting exacerbated. They told me I would need to file an Expedited Reinstatement rather than having to reapply since I was still in the 36 month time limit. The expedited reinstatement would mean that I would fill out a separate application and would need collect my medical records again but a quicker determination would be made. The only paperwork I filled out to date was a change of work notification. In the change of work notification it asked me why I was no longer working. I indicated that I was laid off. When I had an interview at the disability office to ask this inquiry, I told the women that i was on unemployment. She indicated that Disability didn't care about that. Anyway, a week ago, I went into my bank account online and noticed that SSDI had deposited 10 months of back-pay disability checks into my account. Needless to say I was stunned but immediately stopped collecting unemployment. I was going to file the expedited reinstatement as I don't feel that I am in a position to go back to work but I didn't expect that it would happen this fast. Will this be considered fraud on the part of unemployment? As soon as I saw the deposit, I immediately stopped collecting unemployment? I wasn't expecting retroactive backpay since I technically hadn't filed anything. What should I do? Should I contact a lawyer? As I said, I stopped my unemployment immediately.

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What should I do? Should I contact a lawyer?

For what? Contact Social Security and verify that you have been awarded SSDI benefits. If not, then consider other options.

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