LTD- FT. Dearborn- child retroactive benefits violation suit

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 06:24

Has anyone else experienced issues with LTD company name Dearborn National, formally FT Dearborn Life, as it relates to the requesting of your dependent retroactive benefits from Social Security as well as requesting that your benefit it reduced by not only your SS benefit amount but the amount that is set forth for the children as well? I am trying to find others that has had the same thing happen as I am going through now. I do not think it is fair what they are doing and I am looking to take them to court. I am looking to basically just get my kids money. I also have had them say they were not going to pay me anything and withhold my whole benefit until the retroactive money that my children got is recouped for them in equiv to $1000.00 a month. That is crazy. Anyone else had these issues with this company? If so, please contact me. I will check here often for reply.


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You need to know whether a person's LTD policy is individually issued or part of an ERISA governed employer-sponsored benefit plan. It makes a big difference.

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