Will my husband be switched to Disability

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I'll try to make this short but basically this is it:

On 8/11 my husband was doing a job on the side for a local church (he was employed at the time) when he stepped on a nail. The nail went through the sole of his work boot and into his foot about 3/4 of an inch. Because he is diabetic and has neuropathy he did not feel it and ended up walking around for a bout 4 hours with the nail in his foot! We discovered the nail later when he got home. We went to the Dr. and he was put on antibiotics right away. Within a week it became infected and he was put on a second dose of antibiotics and watched closely. The Dr. advised no weight bearing, but that he could work. Which was fine because his current job was winding down so not much to do anyway except oversee everyone else finishing up. Everything was going along good. At the end of the month (8/31) his regular job ended and he signed up for UI. On 9/17 his foot became infected once again and he was put on his 3rd dose of antibiotics, however by 9/23 it became worse and he ended up in ER and being admitted. He had surgery on 9/25 and is not expected to be in the hospital for at least the next 5 weeks.

So...during all of this he has received one unemployment check. Obviously he is unable to work and unable to look or accept any work so I'm expecting when UI receives the next claim he will not be paid. I'm wondering since the Dr. has said he will be unable to work for at least the next 4 or 5 months will he be able to move to State Disability? We are in California.

Obviously to receive UI you have to be able to look and accept work...which he is not...and will not be able to for the next few months.

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You may contact EDD and switch his claim from UI to SDI. The compensation amount will be somewhat different. But SDI will last for about 6 months, if necessary. There may be a new waiting period imposed (up to 7 days) before the SDI benefit starts.

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