Can a company up your premium if you ask in-depth questions?

Submitted by Quenlin on Sun, 12/16/2007 - 02:44

And by in-depth, I mean; you have a clean bill of health and you don't smoke, and you start asking them; "Will smoking increase the premium?" or "If I take a job here will it increase?".

But you don't actually do those kind of things, just ask the question. Could they increase the premiums due to you asking them often enough because they think you might take it up in the future?

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 02:50 Post Subject:

If it is health related and they would have to pay for it, yeah I think they can ask just about anything, just like when they ask about pre existing conditions.

It is almost saying okay you have 10 speeding tickets, you are more likely to have an accident. Points on your license = higher premuims, or do you live in a flood zone for home owners insurance, if they think it is a risk, they can ask it. Hope this helps.

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 05:37 Post Subject:

I meant you, the one getting insured, asking the questions to the insurer itself. Not the other way around.

Posted: 16 Dec 2007 03:42 Post Subject:

Quenlin...they can't rate you for just asking questions...they might think it a little odd ha ha.. :P .but not for just asking..... :)

Posted: 17 Dec 2007 12:28 Post Subject:

Alright, thanks again Lori, you're a really great help on this forum.

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