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I would like to get several of you alls opinion on why you think so many people today are sueing insurance companys. Whether it be health or car insurance. There seems to be a lot of now a days. I know a few personally who have done this. My husband was in a position to do this yrs ago. But we did not take this route. It would have to be awfully bad to do that in my opinion. I know it cost us all in the long run. Maybe we should have sueing insurance, huh?

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Suing Insurance, that's pretty much what insurance is, to cover you if you get sued for whatever. Like, you t-bone someones car, they'll sue you, if you get hurt on the job, you would sue for the medical costs. Insurance just keeps the courts a bit clearer.

As for suing a company, probably on a breach of contract or outright trickery, like deliberately hiding a "This doesn't cover squat" clause in the really fine print or writing such a thing in an obscure way.

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Actually sueing a carrier is rare...

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I always think it strange that an insurance company will say they can't pay for this or that. But when you get a lawyer involved all of a sudden they can pay.Why is that? Would not it have been cheaper to have paid them to begin with. My son was injured in an automoble accident at the age of 17. He was riding with his brother in-law.There was a big truck with a big bed on it sitting on the edge of the road in the dark.They did not see it and ran up under it. If my son had not ducked it would have taken his head off. His dad had to sue the insurance company of his son in-law to get medical apyments and other monies. My son was lifted by helicopter. His hand is messed up to this day. he did get a settlement and was recieveing payments for years of 500 a month . Then after I think 10 years he got a few thousand ina lump sum. He hand though will never be normal again.It is disfigured,its his right hand too and he is right handed.

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In most cases, the main reason for insurance lawsuits is because "some" have tried to pull one over on the insurance company.

By the way, there is "sueing insurance" (did I spell that right?)
It's called Professional Liability Insurance or E & O.

For instance, I personally know a man who is totally disabled, according to the Social Security Administration. Guess what he does in the spring and summer? He bales hay for hire.

I realize most people want to be honest, but there are some who will "say" or "do" practically anything to make a buck.

Yes, we all do pay for it in our insurance premiums.

Let's make "you" the insurance company right now. You are going to personally provide a $5 Million health insurance plan for someone.
What kind of information would you require and how would you investigate this person to make the decision to put up the money?

People sue insurance companies because they have the money. Many insurance companies just pay the lawsuit amount, because the cost of defending it would be more. That doesn't mean it was a legitimate claim.

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Many insurance companies just pay the lawsuit amount, because the cost of defending it would be more. That doesn't mean it was a legitimate claim.

Right on brother!

I'm not saying there aren't times when an insurance company has it comin'! Because there are times...(thread active now, i think it's this one
for bad faith...but more times than not it's as ins.maze said...

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Yes, I see your point. But what makes me so angry is the premium we pay just to abide by the law to HAVE it. It makes no sense. Pay this amount to comply with the law ,then if you need to use it, we will need to raise your rates. I have never made a claim .I guess thats why mine is so low. I pay 186 every 3 months for full coverage. We got a few qoutes to see if there was anything out there cheaper .One say they could not beat what I already had.

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 07:44 Post Subject: Insurance Companies

It is easy to say, why sue, but it is really the only way, and I want to be perfectly clear about this "the only way", that you can get big business to listen to you.

Most legal matters, now rest with lawyers, think about it-its true, and yes you can negotiate with an insurance company, but politics and paperwork will drag you down.

The insurance companies have knowledge of their proper business job, but you don't, and they are not going to be totally dishonest with you, but they will omit information that favors the plaintif/thats you, and this is not really dishonesty, because insurance companies will work for the company that buys the service in the first place.

So the only logical reason to sue insurance, a self represented client is a fool.

Posted: 07 Oct 2009 10:25 Post Subject:

but politics and paperwork will drag you down

And that doesn't happen when lawyers and the court house get involved?

So the only logical reason to sue insurance,

I would add/change this statement of your Know it all, to, "The only logical reason to sue insurance (or an insurance company) is if you have a case! and feel it can be won!

a self represented client is a fool.

I think (no, I'm sure) the saying you're looking for is, "The person that represents themselves has a fool for a client" this saying is refering to representing ones self in a court of law.

Are you saying Mr. or Ms. Know it all, that every claim should result in the insurance company being sued? Fact is it's hard to sue the carrier. In the case of an accident, you must sue the wrong doer or at fault party not the carrier.

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The lawsuit is nothing more than America's latest greatest get rich quick scheme. Fueled by the media, greedy brief-filing lawyers that fill their gullible ignorant clients heads with BS and then charge them $45 for making a 5-minute phone call and the common belief that insurance companies make billions of dollars and screw the little guy.

All I can say is GET OVER IT

Guess which line of insurance has the most litigation? If you think about it, it should be easy. It's one of the problems associated with the "big picture" with this type of insurance. Answer? The entire medical field, with insurance companies footing most of the bills. Wanna guess what leads the way? Medical malpractice costs. All the malpractice payment reports made world wide, over 80% of those payments were made by United States doctors with the whole rest of the world accounting for just 20% of all payments made for malpractice. This is a completely ridiculous number.

It's estimated that about 25% of all the doctors in the United States get sued every year. It's also estimated that between 50 and 65% of all doctors in the United States are sued at least once in their career. Wow, I wanna be a doctor! The fun part is that 3/4 of all lawsuits filed lose their case. Frivolous lawsuits? Naaaah.

According to the NY Times, medical malpractice costs, in terms of jury awards, settlements and administration expenses run approx. $10 billion dollars a year. That ain't that much. It's about .05% of annual health costs. But that doesn't include the attorney fees. If you include the estimated $60 billion a year of what are considered "unnecessary treatments" prescribed by doctors who are deathly afraid of being sued, now we're up to $70 billion.

That ain't chump change.

Had to get my two cents in here. Comments?



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Okaaaaaay......what does this have to do with anything? Not just in this thread, but with ANYTHING???

InsTeacher 8)

Posted: 13 Dec 2009 11:37 Post Subject: Burned by Insurance for a clear honest claim.

Nobody looks to sue an insurance and expects to win much. Sure, auto and so one, $5K here and $10K there...
But when one is subject to a full business loss, your business, your income and your family. Then the carrier comes in and tells you they are discounting 25% of your goods due to waste? Then 20% for business loss, even through your profitable. Then approve funds to be spent to reopen and not send for months at a time. Calling and begging for the critical funds that had already been approved and then after the fact, claim it is under review. This all during the time when cash flow is low and reopening is hard enough. Then to the point that due to the carrier not paying within a reasonable amount of time, you have to close up again and wait until they "review the claim" this being pre-approved funds may I add. What is required of pre-approved funds but to send a check? The insurance carrier I had to deal with had a history of stalling, history of offering .50 cents on the dollar. Looked it up on line. They have been repeatable sued and lost. In addition, I came to find out they have a record profit of One Billion in 09.
What is the interest that an insurance carrier makes off the funds keep in the bank as long as possible?
How can an insurance carrier claim one billion in profit and continue to not pay a approved reimbursable that was approved months ago and continue to claim t=it is under review? Last but not least, when I files a claim with the DOI (Dept. of Insurance) bam, check arrived within two weeks and the carrier was fined $10K
Bottom line, DOI complaint and do it asap....

Posted: 14 Dec 2009 11:45 Post Subject:

Pitmaster, I can't understand at all what your claim was even about.

But......the truth is if you actually sue a carrier and win (presumeably for bad faith)..these are GIANT awards..There's a big difference between sueing an at fault party for their negligence that resulted in your damages, and for actually sueing a carrier themselves.

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