At 66 continue to pay for Disability Ins or will I get SSDI?

Submitted by 4Rretirement on Sun, 08/16/2009 - 21:09

I'm a 66 yr old employed teacher in CA. My husband is retired and recently had a stroke which put him into a dementia/Alzheimer condition. So I need to continue working. I've been carrying disability ins thru my district since 55 yr because CA teachers do not pay into SS. My school district continues to take payments for the disability policy. No one has contacted me about canceling the disability policy, so I'm assuming that I am still covered. Years ago I paid into SS before coming to CA. And recently I began collecting SS benefits due me from nonpublic employment. Will SS cover me for DI if I am not able to work? OR should I continue to pay the district for disability? If SS covers me, will it be enuf to cover our needs? And if SS doesn't cover enuf, will the disability ins cover what SS doesn't? Lots of ?s

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