Social security disability insurance

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How does social security look into disability?
Also would like to know about Supplemental Security Income!
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Hi..SSI is actually a federal income program that is supported by the govt tax-revenues.

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But then, such taxes are not the social security taxes.

It is just providing cash to meet the basic needs like clothing, food & shelter for people who have either become old or lost their vision or got disabled with almost no money or too less to spend. BradG

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How does social security look into disability?

Well disability as defined under social security is a bit different than other disability programs. Over here, disability denotes a 'total disability'. Thus, it clearly indicates that no benefits would be paid to the policy holders for partial disability or short-term disability. It is measured upon your inability to perform at work.
Thanks for coming & asking..

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The OP asked:

How does social security look into disability?
Also would like to know about Supplemental Security Income

Social Security benefits must be earned through taxation on wages by the feds. A person must attain what's known as "fully insured" status through the S.S. Administration, which consists of 40 quarters (10 years) of paying into the SS system at a minimum. You must also be "disability" insured through the SS system, which I could explain if you absolutely needed it. If you aren't both of these- no benefits. :o

THEN you have to qualify for SS Disability Income, or SSDI. That's the tough part. You must meet the SS definition of "totally and permanently disabled," which is much more restrictive than what's found in group or individual disability policies. You must be unable to work at virtually ANY substantial occupation in the entire national economy

THEN, your disability must be expected to last at least 12 months or result in your death. If not, you won't get benefits. :evil:

THEN, you have a five-month waiting period, with benefits payable at the end of the sixth month. THAT'S if you're lucky. Most SS beneficiaries wait a year or longer to receive their benefits. This is a tough deal, and it's, at times, extraordinarily difficult to navigate your way through this maze. :twisted:

SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is a separate federal benefit that is normally available for families that lose a wage-earner and meet federal grid guidelines as to household income, number and ages of dependents plus a couple of other qualifiers. It is available at the same time other survivor benefits are paid, but not for disability claims. This benefit can be a life-saver if utilized properly.

Hope this helps, and let us know if there's anything else.

InsTeacher 8)

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yes this should be fare enough but yet

Posted: 25 May 2008 07:12 Post Subject: is this

sorry for incomplete previous post, but wanted to know is this applies to all of those who lost employment even if other member is working in the family

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Also, a lot of times after you apply you will be denied in the initial weighing of the case (I think like 68% of initial claims are denied), but then you can appeal the process with a disability lawyer and many times you will still get disability. You can look it up on the internet, it's a very complicated process a lot of the time. There are lots of sites with information about it, but if you're far in to the appeal process, this site has a lot of good not-often-known tips to succeed in your appeal.

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Sorry, here's the link again:

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Yes I also here it is very hard to get. I did not know that you had to be the bread winner in the family. Thats a new one to me. Here in these parts I see the other partner getting benefits whether the other is working or not. Thats probaly mostly because this is such a destitute area that people have found it a way of life and do almost anything to get it. It really ruins it for the honest hard working pople.
I also think it is bad that you have to wait so long to get it when by the time ytou do you could lose everything. But I know first handed how that can happen. My first husband had kidney cancer that was really advanced by the time we caught it and he was actually dead before any benefits came through...Over a year fighting the disease and 5 mmonths deceased ...then ikt was approved. In any case Good Luck.

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If you are having difficulty with a social security disability insurance claim, our forum can help. Find support and information at:

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Thanks for getting that link here Steelermom. Sometomes people have no other choice than to go on social security disability. It is true the claims process takes forever. I see that you are a guest. If you like you can sign up an become a member of our forum.A new face is always welcome.

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The five-month period is counted from the onset of your disability. If you win you will be entitled to back benefits.

more information:

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The five-month period is counted from the onset of your disability. If you win you will be entitled to back benefits.

This is incorrect. SSDI has a 5-month waiting period. This is commonly known as an "elimination period" in insurance circles and is basically nothing more than a deductible. The "insurer" (the fed gubmint) does NOT pay you for your deductible, so to speak.

It's true that the average SSDI claim takes about a year to get approved. In the event of something like this occurring, the benefit will be paid retroactive to the END OF THE WAITING PERIOD, not retroactive to the date of disability.

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