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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 03/04/2008 - 22:13

Last year I had a minor accident in a company van, and my employer made a claim to fix the van. Now this year i have started my own business and when looking for insurance I was asked if i was involved in any accidents or had a claim against me in last 3 years. Do I need to tell them about this accident even though it was not my policy and had no choice about a claim been made

Posted: 05 Mar 2008 12:41 Post Subject:

yes, be honest and forthright, they will pull a 'clue' or driving record on you anyway... :wink:

Posted: 05 Mar 2008 05:53 Post Subject:

Your employer must had your name enlisted in their policy as an authorized driver of their vehicle and the claim is likely to get displayed against your name. Hence, play safe and inform your current insurer about the incident.

Posted: 05 Mar 2008 06:03 Post Subject:

I too agree with the other two posters above. Willful misrepresentation of the facts to the insurance company is considered as a fraud. The insurer will surely delve into your driving history before issuing you the policy and is likely to dig it out. Better you tell them right-away in order to avoid your application getting denied. Hope it gave you a clear picture.

Posted: 05 Mar 2008 10:29 Post Subject:

I on the other hand don't think the OP's name will show up in a CLUE report. Perhaps the companies name will, but I don't know that the drivers name would. Commercial Auto policies don't always have the name of every driver listed but even if this one did, I don't see why a CLUE report would include it. I don't know that much about what info is entered on a CLUE report, though.

OP, are they asking you if you've filed any claims under your _own_ policy or do they mean under _any_ policy? If you received a citation, they are going to know about that. But if it was just an accident, perhaps you might not have completely understood the question... that is, maybe you won't mention the accident and if they ask, will let them know that you misunderstood. It's up to you.

Posted: 06 Mar 2008 04:35 Post Subject:

When in doubt...answer "yes" to the question. If still in doubt...punt.

Posted: 06 Mar 2008 04:46 Post Subject:

Right tcope, even if the company had his name listed in their policy they have had filed the claim against their auto policy, which might not have directly involved the OP's name in it.

If the insurer is interested in knowing whether you have filed any claim against your own auto carrier in the past 3yrs, then you can avoid mentioning the incident. I don't think that would be counted as misrepresentation of facts.

Best solution, get the question clarified once more. :)

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