American Family Inability to pay a claim on a car accident o

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I was in a single car accident on 04/22/2008 in which I sustained a concussion and began having seizures. My insurance policy states that if I am disabled by a doctor, which I am, I am entitled to 80 weeks of disability compensation. So far, to date, the insurance company, AMERICAN FAMILY, has denied my claim, paid me for one weeks disability and offered me a $1,500.00 settlement so I would just 'go away'. I have tried three different lawyers and none would take my case. How can I get my point across and get my disability payments? I can't work or drive because of the car accident.
AMERICAN FAMILY is using every trick in the book to avoid paying me disability benefits even though I have been a loyal customer for over 12 years. Does any one know a good lawyer ready for a good fight?

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Auto insurance...?? You mention then making an offer to you but you mention "my insurance policy" so I'm guessing this is some type of first party coverage. What kind if offering you a settlement? Is this disability insurance?

Here is the question... WHY are they denying the claim??????

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always make sure to read the fine print when you sign a contract.
i work as a insurance agent and i never sold contract not even once without asking people to read EVERYTHNG in the contract .I pride myself in that .

You can always make a comparison with free quotes next time .You can go here , it won't cost you anything to read about different policies .

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well, maybe those lawyers know that if they will lose the case because of the fine print that you're not clearly read at your insurance policy.

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While the replies posted above all provide good information, one thing has not been said:

If you believe you are being victimized by an insurance company, before you get involved with an attorney, you should file a complaint with your state's insurance regulator (the Dept of Insurance in most states).

No insurance company wants the regulators snooping through their claim files, because where there's smoke there's usually a fire.

Recent market conduct exams by the CA Dept of Insurance on Mercury Insurance Group has found thousands of policyholders were denied discounts promised for having both auto and homeowner's policies with Mercury, along with evidence that a prior commitment by Mercury to change its ways several years ago was never put into practice. CDI investigators were responding to numerous policyholder complaints. Mercury could be facing a 9-figure fine and other regulatory sanctions.

In the health care arena, CDI investigators allege that one insurer has committed more than 10,000 acts of unfair claims practices, and that it was the insurer's general business practice to do so. CA law provides that the penalty can be a fine of $10,000 for each such act. Do the math: $10,000 x 10,000 = $1,000,000,000. Wonder why the insurer is now involved in serious negotiations with the CDI to try to reduce the fine from a BILLION dollars to something more reasonable, like a few hundred million?

Several years ago, misconduct by just **two** agents in Florida nearly caused State Farm to be barred from doing business in that state. Pretty tough penalty that could have been imposed on the #1 insurance company (in terms of premiums and policyholders) in the state. State Farm failed to appear at a mandatory administrative hearing. Fortunately for them, State Farm was able to prove that they had never been notified of the hearing (the FDI erred by sending the hearing notice to the agents with instructions for the agents to notify State Farm, instead of notifying State Farm directly), and was allowed to continue doing business in Florida. Without the services of two no-longer agents.

These are just a couple of examples of the benefit of complaining to the right "person." Your state Department of Insurance wants to hear from you!

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We've had a couple of discussions about similar topics in the past.
You may look through another discussion about AmFam here-

Posted: 13 May 2011 11:30 Post Subject: should have known

should have known there would be more then one thread about American Family Unethical Insurnace

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It is quite important for clients to read every document associated with your insurance plan, because some of the hidden terms will harm you, after asking for a claim.

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because some of the hidden terms will harm you

How would one find the "hidden terms"? Everything is disclosed, nothing is hidden. Most people simply fail to read their contracts.

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