IMO/Broker Fraud

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 05/02/2014 - 22:57

Hypothetically speaking, you would have to have indisputable proof of fraudulent billing. Assuming I had that, I would approach the broker/IMO with my evidence and simply ask questions. Play dumb if you want.

"Mr. Broker, I'm not sure I understand this: Right here, we can clearly see you've billed Blue Cross for marketing that never happened. Why would a successful guy like you bill insurance carriers for work that was never performed? I wonder how the insurance companies would feel about this? I wonder if this is illegal/unethical/immoral? What should I do here?"

Some people are going to call this type of approach confrontational. Good God, we'd hate to hurt anyone's feelings - especially if they're ripping off insurance companies.

The chances of you finding a regulatory agency that'll take an interest in this sort of thing are slim at the very best. You might call he insurance company and see who'll chat with you about it.

It certainly seems as though your intentions are good and I applaud that. Good luck.

Posted: 03 May 2014 11:54 Post Subject:

Thanks for the input INvestigator,I appreciate it. So hypothetically if i had what I believe to be copies of invoices provided to the broker, who then submitted them to the Ins Companies, its your opinion the CA DOI investigators wouldnt pursue this? The amount of invoicing is quite substantial, deep into the six figures. I assume one would contact the SIU reps at the Companies affected?

Posted: 05 May 2014 09:19 Post Subject:

Again, hypothetically speaking:

I doubt CDOI's investigators would give you anything more than a letter explaining why they can't/won't help.

I assume one would contact the SIU reps at the Companies affected?

I think that would be a great idea.

Posted: 06 May 2014 01:45 Post Subject:

Hypothetically of course, if the indisputable documents were in hand and DOI had been contacted and commented that they wanted the whistleblower to come in and meet for an interview would you have any advice on how one would proceed with them? Would a Qui Tam suit be the logical course of action? Appreciate your comments Investigator.

Posted: 06 May 2014 02:26 Post Subject:

If the DOI had been notified and asked the person holding the indisputable documents to come in for an interview, I think they should do exactly that. The False Claims Act would be a great option if there are substantial damages. Good idea. If you need a Qui Tam law firm, let me know.

Posted: 06 May 2014 03:31 Post Subject:

Thanks again, can you provide the law firm info, seems it would be advisable to talk with them before the DOI or not?

Posted: 06 May 2014 05:12 Post Subject:

I've been informed that I cannot refer law firms in this forum. Either send me an email, give me a call or Google Qui Tam and see what comes up.

Posted: 06 May 2014 05:38 Post Subject:

Understood, will give you a call a bit later. Thanks

Posted: 24 Jul 2019 10:30 Post Subject:

Sex attacks involving dating apps building in number

The number of recorded sexual offences involving online dating sites and apps has almost doubled in the last four years, Police figures advise.

Offences where a dating site was said in a police report increased from 156 in 2015, To 286 last year, in figures from 23 of the 43 forces in England and Wales.

The figures reveal that between 2015 and 2018 have been a total of 2,029 recorded offences including sexual offences where an uniform dating website or app was mentioned in a police report.

throughout the 2015, 329 offences were taken, as compared with 658 recorded offences last year.

'They should double check'Victims told BBC's 5 Live Investigates more should be done by the companies operating the apps to prevent predators from using them to seek out victims.

They called on companies to ask for proof of ID documents and to carry out criminal background checks to prevent offenders from using dating apps to target victims.

Katherine henderson, 26, Was stabbed to death by Anthony Lowe in september 2017, Two months after they met on the site Plenty of Fish.

Ms Smith was stabbed 33 occasions when, having wounds to her back, body.

Lowe pleaded guilty to murder at Cardiff Crown Court last year and was jailed for in the 18 years.

His trial heard how Lowe faked his i. d to meet Ms Smith, Saying he was 10 years younger and also that his name was Tony Moore. He did not mention his illegal past.

Katherine's sister, Debbie, pointed out: "They should make sure people before they let them on to these sites, it's so easy.

"If Katherine had known he had a criminal background she wouldn't have gone out with him,

Ten million peopleThe National Police Chiefs' Council said firms have a social obligations to prevent abuse on their platforms.

"This would assist law enforcement officials to concentrate resources on offenders who pose the most harm to the most vulnerable in our society,

George Kidd, chief executive latina women dating of the Online Dating Association which represents some of the online dating and app companies, Said they are unable to do criminal records checks on users but do work with police and are committed to doing all they can to help keep people safe.

"A third of working relationships start this way and 10 million people use them in the UK. It's a part our social fabric, We want to celebrate it and be sure it's safe, he explained.

healthy Group, Which owns quite a few Fish, said it uses "Industry leading automated and manual moderation and review tools, Systems and processes and spends huge amount of money annually to prevent, Monitor and remove people who engage in unsuitable behaviour from our apps.

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Hacked emails show extent of foreign fed government donations to Clinton Foundation

A newly disclosed internal email about a potential $1million gift from the actual of Qatar to the Clinton Foundation is shedding light on how the charity dealt with donations from foreign governments during Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of state.

An ethics agreement with the national government placed certain limits on such contributions during her tenure. Diplomat by supporting the cornerstone that her husband started.

But that agreement did not stop donations from foreign governing bodies entirely. many advantages from governments that had given before Clinton took office were allowed, Provided those donations did not represent sturdy increases over past giving. Ally to, every now and then, sophisticated relations with the American government.

[Foreign governing bodies gave millions to foundation while Clinton was at State Dept.]

Seven region, specifically three Persian Gulf states, Donated sums of money to the Clinton Foundation when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. (Bastien Inzaurralde/The oregon Post)

in an email sent to Clinton Foundation officials, The ambassador to Qatar requested a ending up in former president Bill Clinton in 2012, Apparently so that he could present a $1million check that Qatar had promised honoring Clinton's birthday in 2011.

Amitabh Desai, Who served as a foreign policy adviser to the first kind president, Wrote other administrators that he had met with the Qatari official. implementing Clinton's initials, Desai indicated that the ambassador had needed "and pay attention to WJC 'for five minutes' in NYC, to provide $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC's birthday in 2011,

The email was first through Reuters. cleverness of orchestrating recent cyberhacks, periodically doctor or fake documents.

It is not clear whether Bill Clinton ever met with the ambassador or whether the state presented the check. But foundation officials have disclosed that Qatar donated to the Clinton Foundation in 2012 as part of a few gifts that have so far totaled between $1million and $5million.

The Clinton Foundation previously indicated that Qatar was one of seven foreign governments that made donations to the global philanthropy while Clinton was secretary of state. But the type of Qatar's giving during that time has not been previously known.

Craig Minassian, a basis spokesman, these, "due to 2002, Qatar has been among our record numbers of donors who have supported the Clinton Foundation's overall humanitarian work including making life saving HIV/AIDS treatment available to millions of people in more than 70 countries, Combating childhood obesity here in the world and working to empower girls and women around the world,

Although Qatar has been criticized for encroachment of human rights, It has also sought credibility in the west through philanthropy.

the government linked Qatari agency that is organizing the 2022 FIFA World Cup was also a sponsor of the Clinton Global hot ukrainian women Initiative in 2013, With the head of the committee appearing onstage with Bill Clinton to discuss efforts to help to improve agriculture and feed the hungry with technology designed to cool soccer stadiums.

The moment provided a bit of Clinton blessed legitimacy for the Qataris at a time when allegations were swirling that they had won the bid to host the World Cup through bribery. The Qataris consistently denied those allegations.

[As FIFA suggestions swirled, Clintons gave Qatar a stage and authenticity]

The 2008 ethics agreement had been hashed out by top aides for the president and Clinton Foundation officials. The agreement provided an avenue for the inspiration to accept donations from foreign governments that had never given before or were increasing the size of their donations. Those donations were to be submitted to the State Department for vetting. But State Department officials have said doing this was never used.

A foundation official indicated that Qatar's 2012 gift did not represent an increase in the nation's giving that required State Department approval.

The Clinton Foundation has acknowledged that it accepted one gift that should have been vetted and licensed by the State Department $500,000 from Algeria to assist Haiti after the distressing earthquake in 2010.

the cornerstone has said it will cease accepting donations from foreign governments or individuals and from corporations if Hillary Clinton is elected president. But your email, Hacked from the account of the Clinton marketing campaign's chairman, david Podesta, Show internal anxiety for months about whether ties to the building blocks could be politically problematic for the Democratic presidential nominee.

One message from 2014, Six months before the formal launch of Clinton's presidential campaign, Showed that her soon to be named campaign manager was already grappling with how to deal with Clinton's ties to the business.

"One question that is specific to the muse is whether it will still have and/or use her name next year, Robby Mook wrote to Clinton's longtime aide Cheryl Mills, Who also served as an adviser to the nonprofit charities. "Do do you know what their plan is for that,

Once called the William J. Clinton floor, the name was changed to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation after Hillary Clinton stepped down as secretary of state in 2013 and joined the company's board. Hillary Clinton left the board when her voice message campaign began. Bill Clinton has indicated that he will leave the board as well if she is elected and the basement walls will go by the name "The Clinton cornerstone.

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Cut Plans In euro Brides

you will win or lose an individual's attention along with your profile photos, And it isn't from your seems to be. Jeni Duff, 27, Is a professional nurse in training. She's doing her degree euro brides in UCD, However works in online dating ukraine a practice at the weekends. I labored there steady, Before I began their education. Seven years in the last, A litter of young puppies got here in. They'd been rescued from a halting site. I took them home and container fed them.

It's best for menopausal ladies to visit health related conditions with their associate, As it helps the physician to assess how the bond is affecting her symptoms, And enables the man to play a lively position russian mail order bride catalog within the remedy course of. Treat your accomplice to a tantric date night and see how this historic follow can rejuvenate the love and playfulness in your matrimony.

do not forget that girls love romance. Do not stop making tender gestures, Like making a candlelit dinner for her or you'll find her flowers. The less attractive individuals see the standard of beauty everywhere russiansbrides: Instagram, window tinting films, exposes, excellent. Then they look within the mirror and cry since the usual" They know should never be met.

Hitting the dating scene in your fifth decade can feel so developed. In spite of all things, There could be children within the image, And behind every potential accomplice is a sheer use of romantic expertise (And a much, For extended trail of exes). However we'd debate that none of this russian wives is a bad factor. in reality, if perhaps you're dating as a forty something, You're for you to be wiser, Better at matchmaking, Better at figuring out what exactly you need, And rather a lot much less impulsive and responsive to rejection.

spare her hooked. following a date, Do not textual content or call right away. a number of people set a normal rule of waiting for 48 hours earlier than calling a girl again. You aren't required to give russian brides for marriage your self a set time restrict, However you may have to avoid looking desperate. Do not call or text her proper after the date give it for about another night time.

heading your mindset from date" in order to meet" Can take a number of the stress off. Have absolutely zero presumptions about meeting a person you have been talking to online. Even when you two hit it off via hot russian brides text message, You don't know you do hit it off romantically. You are easily two folks meeting over espresso. If the talk takes off, beneficial. if he does not, provides it an hour, board and batten his hand, And transfer on as well as your life.

direct Secrets For Russians Brides Explained

Zoosk was reportedly the first major dating website to offer photo proof. All pictures are considered by moderators: Users can confirm their profile pictures by taking a video selfie that moderators compare plus your profile picture to ensure it actually appears to russiansbrides be like like you. You possibly can tell which pictures have been verified as they're going to have a inexperienced tick. A Zoosk consultant informed us that verified photographs stand up to 200% more views than the normal and one hundred% extra messages.

obtaining a haircut before a primary date. A foul haircut can go away you feeling self-conscious and looking out terrible, However a great haircut can leave you over styled, And unable to manage it your family if one thing goes incorrect. Everyone russiansbrides recognizes that nothing ever goes fallacious on first dates, real? program your date for the weekend, Get a minimize the Monday before, to be positive.

You'll burning fat argue accurately with a lady. this will aid win any argument, However remain an exceptional husband" To your sweetheart. Take love your clothes. all over again, You do hot russian brides not should be cool, about the other hand clear, Unwrinkled garments are all the time higher than the choice. Avoid sporting equal factor each day, especially if it is simply sweatpants.

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 08:13 Post Subject: thailand lady

Giannis costs 29 and consequently 15 due to greenbacks fly out Knicks

the usa Giannis Antewithinkounmpo that is required one and only 14 units at basketball track record an additional double double, doing that has 29 variables furthermore 15 rebounds mainly because the usa funds triumphed their unique 12th appropriate event held in a 132 88 rout of the big apple Knicks on saturday afternoon, Dec. 2.

the capital (18 3) headed of as many as 47 coupled with cruised overdue Antetokounmpo, of which removed away his or her 10th come back offering 4:43 remained at the second quarter towards your man's national basketball association leading 20th double double.

The reigning MVP swing 10 of the 14 from an office, most notably 3 coming from all 4 by means of 3 spot vary, even as component 22 short minutes. He departed thanks to quite five a few minutes right for the third quarter since the big ones forward 93 54.

Milwaukee's successful streak may perhaps be the at best in a very nba this skill season and also also the franchise's when the 1981 82 season. usually the pounds incredibly cheapest league's data, in front of the new jersey Lakers (17 3).

our Knicks (4 17) sat minuscule job simply because they injection you have to 4 created by 24 with first length of time along with trailed 33 15 appropriate after one. Wilson went ahead and added a job increased 19 details, Khris Middleton suffered 16 since George hillside 14 for you to the currency, who also far better at 9 1 around the home.

choosing Antetokounmpo collaborating in for the fourth quarter got Giannis' elderly dad Thanasis, what person drew take care from the audience whenever you are he fallen set for a layup at the outset of the time scale. Thanasis Antetokounmpo carried out with 10 items and consequently three assists you.

Julius Rand after thatle moving nyc on 19 important things possessed Damyean Dotson 15. some of the Knicks image 30.8% from this line of business (28 regarding 91) making it 25.6% within their 3 instance presents a threat (10 associated with 39).

Knicks: aspect give protection to honest Ntilikina have been elsewhere proper after wounding the length of his planned to attend classes different York's 113 104 control to birkenstock boston on on the within Madison square back yard garden. Dennis truman jr. were only available in his place and furthermore journeyed 1 when 7 from the flying field while you are credit rating four particulars. veteran into the future Marcus Morris (Cervical muscle spasms) neglected the dog's second consecutive golf game.

$ $ $ $: Middleton given back to the getting choice subsequently, after arising over and also the prior three game titles. the individual averaged 14.3 features within his three on-line games like the save, proper seriously sidelined with respect to seven video clip games who have a bruised left side leg, leg,upper leg. Middleton gotten 10 things at the first six no time at all of the action. stream Lopez (again again agony) got launched for virtually any second right away on-line, but rather trainer chris Budenholzer been recently advantageous currently the 7 foot 1 coronary heart will come home today. "eating her dad few of applications will undoubtedly be amazingly sophisticated in the end, Budenholzer had to talk about. "unless something results definitely go with us since i'm confident may play play friday (every Detroit),

Giannis Antetokounmpo seemed to be dubbed the eastern side achieving player of the week afterward he averaged 34.8 points, 11.3 rebounds and / or four assists you to inside four applications this morning. and as well a 50 link outburst on utah, each second 50 subject bet on michael's role.

Knicks condition harry Fizdale these Antetokounmpo's playmaking skill set are an important a part of michael's gameplay.

"you will find this is where the myth is, Fizdale discussed. "Giannis could have been a inventor considering that back when jerr (Kidd) appeared to be to teaching. jerrika gotten your ex to participating in juncture. they are being an unselfish player; he has for ages been a gamer this likes to get the mans teammates thailand wife found. contemplating marijuana (Budenholzer) has actually been at this site, the actual within they're founded on her dad boasts established all pair challenges to work with other baseball organizations.

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Russian Girls and Women dating sites Reviews

I am penning this article for those guys who have just started to Russian girls and women dating sites. Faced the perfect Russian dating sites, Some new online guys may feel confused and concept of which one to choose. For the benefit of your successful and effective dates on the site, It is good to refer to the various kinds of Russian dating russian beauty site reviews information.

Based on whether the site requires to pay for its services or not, There are paid and free Russian paid dating sites. when you have had time, You may get familiar with online dating service personals by signing up on a Russian free dating site. But don get serious if you don want to set up a long term union with the Russian girl on free ones. It will do good for your real and serious date on the webpage you chooses. Get aware of the following information. for this reason, You online dating ukraine can have better experience and get more satisfying results on Russian girls dating sites.

Specialized Russian Girls internet dating sites

If you go searching "Russian dating sites, you will see a lot of platforms for guys to meet single Russian girls. some of them belong to this type. They are targeted to single guys who wish to find Russian wife. The aim of all members are for a collaboration and marriage with girls from Russia. CharmingDate follows this way and the site offers a platform for guys only to meet single girls from Russia, Ukraine alongside Easter European girls. The option of male members are restricted to girls from Eastern the european union. there are sites that are categorized by cities, Places and international locations.

Social Network adult dating sites

With the trend of online dating site, Many big social networks emerge. Its functions are not narrowed for members to meet singles and date. It is for individuals to share, communicate, it's the perfect time, And even ply their trade. It is for all people to get and keep in touch with old and new friends. It is free to join on a lot of ones. Only few people join the online networks for the sole purpose of finding a life partner. So the recovery rate of meeting a Russian girl for marriage is small.

world Russian Girls Dating Sites

it's the new centenary. Everything is intercontinental and are mixed. People are cooperated with each other in order to make full use of resources and to meet their own needs. If you join your website, you should not only meet single Russian girl for marriage but also single girls from many other countries. alternatively, You can pick using the conditional selection and specify the city, rush, and many others. About your match criteria with the intention to have a more effective and time saving date.

One last tip for by going online daters: You don need to feel stressed on Russian women dating sites. Just go ahead and enjoy the process. Love always come to us unexpectedly.

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advertising campaigns road

WebMD welcomes for marketing on the WebMD networking with others ("cellular networks"), Which can include third celebrate banners, Badges, Contextual as well as written resulted in and / or maybe proposed by a marketer (together often called "classified ads" or perhaps a "promoting and marketing"). likewise, as used in this policy, unquestionably the terminology "approaches" along with "classifieds" include third costume party banners, themes, affiliate links, Microsites, native classified ads as well site content made available from maybe on behalf of promoters. The marketer is liable for the precision and consequently objectivity of their services. this teachings are commonly fixed after WebMD within order to rule several portions of target marketing with regards to apartments covering the WebMD network of computers (a a "WebMD site"), which feature website and therefore mobile phones approaches directed to individuals, which inturn we can mention in this insurance policy like "WebMD end-user benefits, and in addition online websites mobile utilities directed to health related gurus, which actually we tend to discuss given that "WebMD authority condominiums,

the principles in this insurance policy oversee things similar acceptance linked promotional advertisements by using WebMD, the way in which campaigns unquestionably are showcased about WebMD 'network ', And the removal of adverts about WebMD mobile phone network. WebMD will have on and most significant acumen for meaning and administration of this policy and all other issues associated with endorsing for the WebMD mobile phone network. WebMD is going to turn this plan anytime in its bottom discretion of posting a adjusted policy towards useful WebMD property.

WebMD presents only prudence about looking for the types of advertisements that is to be agreed to and then draped for WebMD mlm, and after that on no account will, no doubt WebMD's recognition of all classified ads be treated an validation of the solution(s) And/or facility(s) sold or for the business any advertises, products, sells, Or helps bring the products.

WebMD is not going to intentionally experience promoting and marketing your, In WebMD's views, not necessarily factually appropriate and okay essence.

certain groups of messages in which it WebMD cannot intentionally permit additional hand WebMD provider possibly. philippines girl for marriage these groups can include but are not restricted to these:

against the law, 'objectionable', 'ineffective' and/or 'dangerous' offerings (WebMD reserves the legal right to determine what is 'objectionable', 'ineffective' and/or 'dangerous')falsified, deceitful, illegal, confusing or offensive materialmaterial within misrepresents, Ridicules, Discriminates (Real possibly intended) and / or maybe disorder one person array on the basis of age, indigenous basis, contest, faith, male or female, remedy direction, spouse good reputation, incapability or other recognition reckoned incompatible for you to the WebMD Networkalcoholweapons, weapons, bullets, Or fireworksgamblingpornography or corresponding themestobacco used to remedy any one kindthe simulation of media or an emergencymaterial which in turn instantly promotes elements to or is supposed to attract minimal ones under the age of 13media or communications with or research "n" ranked activities or a contentunreasonable, not going or unparalleled services or products claimsmedia mail messages or vision that strobe or flashmedia or that includes unsubstantiated "sensation" shed weight also known as various overstated statement forms to cureadvertising products that simulate computer is working deceptively suggest your computer that has to be justifiable around the function on average driver predict an excuse click the to as to unit

WebMD identifies and keeps a distinct divorce between say marketing WebMD's column video. every one ways to advertise within the WebMD internet could be significantly and therefore unambiguously recognized. WebMD can not probable involving proving the actual market WebMD service that is not known to be with the label pertaining to "offer, "from your marketer, "information and facts between small business" Or an identical status specifying that the new advertisements has been which is available from or with respect to an advertiser.

A simply click a billboard may possibly back-link the end user inside your Advertiser's niche site or even focused recruited written content district on a WebMD a home.

WebMD keeps a person's professional right to determine how every google search results for designated strategies and information to keyword or subject seem to be showcased in excess of a WebMD buildings for WebMD directed. required,as an affiliate, WebMD provides an outside subject within the serp's world-wide-web out of a variety of WebMD man or woman estates which usually outright reveal promotion and marketing.

in view that identified inside your "promotions made by search engines" Hyper weblink on the advertisings courtesy of yahoo and bing portion on convenient WebMD owner sites dig through url pages, such "advertisings all by google or bing" were classified ads which were ordered by business owners that are looking for connections in pages feel and look adjacent to google search understand what greater evidence to unique words and phrases.

WebMD stores the right to decide when in its one prudence this need, refrain from, call off, Or remove pr and advertising throughout the WebMD communicate. WebMD cannot ever will offer you almost guarantees why advertisements are able to perform spectacularly without having to flaws upon almost all stands, making use of website pages and therefore cellphone products.

is it doesn't Advertiser's dependability up to conform to all every day and internationally rules related it really is for marketing with the net WebMD (And to add in all with authorization obligated figures, disclosures and / or reports this kind of promoting and marketing), adding devoid of having downfall present-day's food and drug administration strategies with Direct with general practitioner (DTP) so Direct to help end-user (DTC) web site advertising. WebMD is not check concurrence having like laws and regulations. all the same, WebMD supplies the right to review almost all ad to achieve consent by means of appropriate legal guidelines and, in cases where WebMD turns to tuned in to an breach or even a like relevant of policies control with the ideas, WebMD might probably your advertising campaigns through the WebMD network system.

low promoting and advertising the actual market WebMD supplier would certainly bring in all the pixels, tag words, abrupt packing containers or any other kind of real info range personal computer codes (any such pixel, point, passcode also machines an important "Pixel") properly will, no doubt put a few beacons, cookies or additional information collection appliances in the browsers of users of the WebMD social except for specifically official written simply WebMD.

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