How to say 'Do Not Call' to insurance tele-advisors ???

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 07/17/2007 - 08:15

Hi Guys!

I've recently been called by one of the leading credit card companies to consider their health insurance program for a membership.
Now, I'm truly skeptical about such products & services that are offered through telemarketers since a vast majority of them are targeted scams!

My husband is also apprehensive towards such ideas! Now, though I've turned down these offers several times, they keep coming our way from time to time. Now, the only thing that gets us into a dilemma is the need for another credit card with my husband's name in it.

Since I have my Gold credit card membership with this company for about 5 years now, hence we are thoughtful about how it might effect our credit relationship if we keep on rejecting such promotions!

I'd be truly grateful to all commuters who'd share there views in this regard. Thanks to all the ampminsure community members! Gillian Roosevelt :?

Posted: 17 Jul 2007 09:42 Post Subject: better you avoid them!

Hi....its natural for the financial companies to hire telemarketers or outsource their tele-promotional offers outside the US. Now, we can't ever be certain of the identities of such professionals. Thats why it is advisable that you avoid such calls. I'm sure I usually get around 35-40 such promotional calls a day mostly regarding credit cards, insurance benefits or other financial services.
So, its high time we beware of such processes. Welcome, Bridget C

Posted: 17 Jul 2007 10:02 Post Subject:

What do I do if someone calls me! At first I'd listen to the person properly and if the things are interesting to me I'd give it a thought. We may have a meeting so that I can see all the documents or proofs associated with the company's offer and then only I will proceed with it.
I am sure this processes will never harm me, if I talk to such people face to face, see all the documentation and then only move ahead with the deal.

Posted: 17 Jul 2007 10:27 Post Subject: North Carolina guidelines!

Hi Gillian! I truly empathize with you at this was the same problem with me once & I remained firm with my decision of not reciprocating towards such apparently lucrative offers.

It was just a matter of time that I suggested my name should appear at the National Do Not Call List. Now that was a quick move on the part of the company and I have ceased to receive such calls from them ever since. Another reason for this prompt deletion from their calling records might well be the North Carolina guidelines!

Posted: 17 Jul 2007 10:52 Post Subject: promotional offers..

Yes, it is very much evident through some of the State Guidelines in the US that these states do not encourage telemarketing that disrupts domestic peace at large.

North Carolina has always been a state where in stern compliance guidelines have been laid in order to curb such activities. So, we often come across tele-promotions that immediately stop bothering us as soon as we express our discontent over such an issue.

We also come across promotional offers from service providers who would make it it a point to offer an option of placing our names at their Do Not Call List - by doing which we won't be getting calls from their end any further. Fatman

Posted: 27 Jul 2007 08:46 Post Subject: a wonder site for you n me..

Hi all!
I've come across a wonderful site called the http// where in I could register my complain regarding an unknown caller who has been harassing me for quite sometime. I am sure it is a better way of finding out their whereabouts & join hands with our respective State Governments.


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Hi Quenlin,

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