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Submitted by tcope on Thu, 02/14/2008 - 06:00

Not really fraud and I can't say to much but I had a claim that I denied liability on. The party who suffered the loss threatened to file suit against the insured. Fine, certainly their right. But then the person came back and told the insured that they would turn over all info to the news agencies unless their loss was paid.

Hmmm, can anyone spell blackmail.

This person even put in writing that the information would be turned over to the insured once the claim was paid. In _writing_... on his company letterhead! Not the brightest move.

Blackmail (extortion) is a criminal offense... not just civil. This person may be in for rude awakening if the insured wants to file charges. I'm all for someone going though the proper legal channels to collect on a claim but to do something like this?

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 09:13 Post Subject:

The party who suffered the loss threatened to file suit against the insured.

Hey, I may be missing out something, is this in connection to any previous thread? or, are you referring to any recent incident that has taken place?:roll:

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 11:43 Post Subject:

He's talking about a recent claim he worked I think...

Tcope this claimant actually in writing did this? What a moron....What is your insured going to do? Can you give any 'sketchy' details re: what is this

the information would be turned over to the insured once the claim was paid

I'm scratching my head trying to think of what it could be? or atleast the policy type? (auto/home etc) know I'm just too curious for my own good...Do you think your insured will not buckle to this crap? He doesn't seem to worried or he wouldn't have told you right?

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 11:49 Post Subject:

Sounds like stupidity to put it on company letterhead like that, do you think that the person plans on purchasing a brain with the money they hope to obtain from the insurance.

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 03:47 Post Subject:

It's a general liability claim I am handling. Damage to several peoples property. The letter states that once the claim is paid the photographs will be handed over or delivered. That is the only mention of the blackmail part of it in the letter but there are many witnesses in the insureds office and myself that could testify about what this person said. I also think it's pretty obvious from the letter.

I never knew there were photos of the accident location prior to it being repaired. I asked him to send me these so I could consider them. At first he refused and said I could stop by and just look at them. I was not going to play a game as I needed them for my file. He also asked me who was going to pay for copies. I asked him how much it would cost. He explained that the photos were large... perhaps $25. I explained that there should be some sort of "film" available (heck, it was probably digital so he could just email photos). I explained that his friend (who suffered the loss) had a duty to prove her loss and if he was not willing to submit the photos to me, I could not consider them. He said he'd need to check on this and let me know. He called back and left me a message saying that he would not be sending them and that by noon the next day he would be turning over a press packet to the news. I was told he also started calling the insureds office and harassing them.

My guess is that he does not understand that news organizations check out the stories before they write them. Once they call my insured and are told this is part of an extortion plan, they won't run the story. I also think it might all simply be an empty threat on his part.

I don't think the insured is going to do anything unless this person does turn over the info to the news. While I'd like to see this person get what he deserves, that is probably the best move. Take the high road if possible.

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 11:35 Post Subject:

Well the claimant in this is just plain old stupid...if she has evidence (photos) to her benefit, showing what I presume you are denying (dangerous/hazardious condition) then she should willingly give them to you so you could make a more informed decision...If there was indeed something she can prove, then you'd have to reverse your decision, does she not see that? What an idiot...not like she still can't ''go to the press''...You know I had a pissed off claimant that I denied a stupid, fraudulent claim to, who kept telling me the same thing, they were going to the press so everyone would know what a b---- I was etc...finally couldn't take it anymore, and dropped part of my professional attitude, and told him, 'first of all everyone already knows i'm a b----, just ask my husband, and I've always wanted to be on t.v. so let 'er rip'....never heard from the guy again....let us know if anything else pops up....will ya'?

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