Why no inconvenience?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 18:10

Hi all,

My story begins on a Saturday after leaving my son's b-day party. It was pouring raining and a man in a vehicle darted out in front of me. To make a long story short, he's at fault, got a ticket. Fast-forward, the earliest my insurance company could provide me with a rental was Monday. It's a onsite collision, repair and rental center. So they schedule me to drop off my car on Monday at 10:00 am, however I had to be to work at 8:30am, the place is 30 min away from my job and it took her about 30 min to do a quick assessment of the car, get me info for the rental, and to assess the rental I would be in possession with for the next week----w/ my job it really didn't benefit me to go in late anyways, so I took the day off. I called my insurance company and asked if I could be reimbursed for at least a half day, she told me to talk with the other person insurance company about it.

When the other insurance company called me about the accident, I asked her, then she informed me, since I wasn't injured I cannot recoup money from a day lost at work not even a half day. Okay I could understand not giving me a full day but had their driver not caused the accident, I wouldn't have been in that position to begin with to miss the first half of my day of work.
I'm thankful no one was injured BUT we ALL we're inconvenienced. I just don't understand why insurance companies don't take that into consideration. What a horrible end to a b-day party! My daughter suffered a minor injury, she will receive so sort of monetary inconvenience. But me as mother, nothing. No inconvenience for possibly being in accident that could have seriously injured someone. I could have seriously hurt or killed someone EVEN THOUGH IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!

(sorry for the rant). I do have a question. I decided to take the children to the doctor's, just to be safe. At the time of the accident only one child complained of an injury, everyone was shook up and had a headache, not from hitting anything. I think it was just from being overwhelmed with the crash, adrenaline rushing. I definitely had anxiety.

So I didn't really discuss all of that with the insurance rep at the time because I was just thankful no one in either car was injured. I'm just wondering how will that play out? Will they find an excuse not to pay the bill for the dr's visit?

Posted: 21 Jun 2008 07:38 Post Subject:

I understand your point of view but I it does not really play out. It appears that you choose to file the claim under your policy and it was _your_ insurance company that kept you from your work (10am appointment, 30 minutes away, making you wait while they looked at the vehicle, etc) . If you filed the claim with the other carrier would they have had you take a day off work? It sounds like your vehicle was drivable. So what about leaving work after your done and dropping it off at the repair center. Most rental companies will then pick you up, drive you to their location and you can fill out the paper work and pick up a vehicle in under an hour. No losses wages there. Because you elected to follow your carriers recommendation and that _they_ tied you up for 1/2 the day does not mean the other carrier should need to pay for this. Also, it's the responsiblity of the person who suffered the loss to prove that loss... and the other party does not owe anything for this proof. So it would have taken you some amount of time to provide this information to the other carrier as required.

I could have seriously hurt or killed someone EVEN THOUGH IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!

It's also possible that the accident would not have happened. Neither of which are related to what _did_ happen. If I had a nickel for every time something _could_ have happened...

It's typical that a person does not feel an injury until a few days after the accident. This is not at all unusual so it should not matter much. As far as how the medical bills are handled, that depends on the state that the accident happened in.

Posted: 21 Jun 2008 11:21 Post Subject:

Thanks for responding. It's just frustrating because this whole thing threw a lot of other stuff off as well. Not to mention I was planning a trip out of town this week but can't go because I only have rental coverage in the tri-state area. It really is an inconvenience.
Believe me I did everything I could imagine in a split moment to avoid hitting the car. Yeah, I understand.. the would have, could have, should have's...

Posted: 22 Jun 2008 10:00 Post Subject:

This is a question I get weekly! I have people take a day off work to go get estimates WITHOUT ANYONE ASKING THEM TO...Then demanding payment for the day off work they took, or for their inconvenience...While I have all the sympathy in the world for them...Fact is well, 'stuff'' happens...in life, and most of the time, it's mighty inconvenient when it does....However, EVERYTHING doesn't have a dollar value or get paid for... :cry:

Posted: 22 Jun 2008 10:43 Post Subject:

When I'm out looking at a car or talking to someone about a claim and they thing the whole process is a pain and that they "did not ask to be hit", I agree with them 100%... telling them they are completely correct and that they should _not_ have to go through the ordeal. I mean every word. But I also explain that sometimes we have to pay a price for living so close to so many other people. We reap the benefits if this (imagine what life would be like if the nearest person was 500 miles away) but we also sometimes pay a price for it as well.

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 11:11 Post Subject:

but we also sometimes pay a price for it as well

Exactly, however we aren't able to 'reimburse' it... :wink: Todd, I know you like me have been at this a long long (too) long time..Have you noticed, this request ALOT in say the last ten years or so? I seem to remember it being very rare prior to the last ten years...(request for inconvenience pay).

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 11:17 Post Subject:

Just a request for the person's time? Only a few times. Mainly a request such as the OPs for lost wages.

Posted: 03 Jul 2009 05:52 Post Subject: inconvenience pay

it should be paid for...by the party at fault....thats the bottom line.... ! Time is money ! not saying for someone to get rich off this but simply to cover a days work if needed....thats it...it should be simple and courteous !
how would you feel if it were you ?

Posted: 02 Aug 2009 06:22 Post Subject:

I'm unsure why you couldn't use the rental car to go on your trip? Granted the rental insurance if you chose it would only be for the rental car company and not you, you were still covered. Where you travel and how far is covered in rental car contract. Alot of people don't read it, and you could read it or ask them. You also have the option of using the coverage of your own automobile insurance to cover the rental car.

Posted: 05 Apr 2010 04:41 Post Subject:

I have to agree with Carol902. A rental car is a good way to go in this situation.

Posted: 01 Jul 2010 08:59 Post Subject:

Alot of people don't read it, and you could read it or ask them.

That's certainly a problem with many of us. Either we don't read our papers or we don't consult with others. One good way to deal with this is to ask our agents.

Posted: 14 Jul 2011 06:36 Post Subject:

It is necessary to read all the policy documents before signing them, because at the time of claim we get listen to some new rules and regulations and didn't get the benefits which we hope for.

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