State Farm Complaints

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Hi, I'm from Miss. I'm here to share what happened between State farm insurance company & me in April this year. Me & my wife have been Katrina victims & we had filed federal lawsuits against State farm as they tried to prove that our home damages were the outcome of the storm surge & hence credited us with a little over $36k.

The federal judiciary had the opinion that State Farm are not guilty of procuring separate engineering reports to keep us away. But it was truly harsh how our damages have been turned down.
Most of the State Farm complaints would reflect their rejection of claims & the number of storm victims queuing up against state farm are increasing each day owing to their disbelief & fraudulent activities.

We had lost hopes while arguing about how State farm's involvement with an analysis & engineering co. had pro actively reduced the worth of wind damages done to our property. I'd still believe that this was an effect of their secret wish to reduce their liability towards my home owner's policy. What do you all think?

Posted: 26 Jun 2008 06:19 Post Subject: state farm complaints

Hey..I believe you're pointing out to the Scruggs Katrina I right?

Do you know how the attorneys associated with the Scruggs have been intimidated not to represent any other policy holder like you through any such lawsuit against State Farm regarding such damages caused by the storm. Hope you know about I right! -MystateAgent829

Posted: 26 Jun 2008 06:46 Post Subject: state farm complaints


I'd sincerely believe that your lawsuit would cause considerable damage to the insurer's reputation in terms of faith & dependency. But I have serious doubts whether it holds good in terms of considering it as a fraud case!

I say this when I have heard & read about how your attorney was involved in another fraud case involving a forgery of quite a large no. of storm damage reports. As far I remember such payments have been termed as 'illegal'.
At least thats all I gotta believe..


Posted: 26 Jun 2008 07:01 Post Subject:

Hi..don't you think the $36000 that you achieved from them was worth it!
Why don't you understand that it has merely been looked down as wind-water hazard & it is beyond any possibility of being framed as a State Farm fraud. See, again your attorney didn't appear to answer to the press following the legal proceedings.
Now what!

Posted: 26 Jun 2008 09:46 Post Subject: state farm complaints

Like a good neighbor,
State Farm is there.

Sorry, that didn't add anything to the discussion.

I can't even spell P&C...

Properly and Casually?

Posted: 30 Jun 2008 06:03 Post Subject:

Well..a couple of years back.. I'd come across a personal injury case at the wall street...that clearly stated how State Farm had been cruel with an 80 year old (that struck a $2,50,000 verdict against the poor consumer) & soon got sued for $26 million in return. The carrier even got branded for being callous & that's bad luck for the carrier! I'm sure it would be clearer once we go through more of state farm complaints.

Instances like this might push you to find an alternative in ALLSTATE.
What do ya think!

Posted: 25 Nov 2009 09:53 Post Subject: state farm insurance

i reciently had a small problem with state farm insurance. i recived a cancellation notice because i refused to pay a $3.00 monthly add on charge. i found out later that insurance co's will penialize you for not paying in advance or giving them access to your bank acc. i belive , a vender like state farm does not have the right to blackmail policl holders. as a vender/ they supply a product, i approve it and pay them accordingly. my wife and i are old school , send us a monthly bill and we'll write a check and pay it. i belive in today's econony anyone who pays in advance for any product is asking to loose their money. state farm may go belly up tomorrow, with your quaterly or yearly payment in their pocket. let state farm do as they ask us to. the upper level mgr's should write a check for say $10.000 to their power co. because we all trust everyone, state farm will be assured the power co will deduct the proper amount every month , and notifi them when the money is getting a little low. thats what the are asking us to do. pay in advance and trust us. sorry state farm i will replace you with a new vendor. you can say goodby to acc # 1082-6655-22. we no longer need your services. robert w hennis

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 07:40 Post Subject: 50 accidents

I have seen myself close calls and real accidents at this one place,last one suv rolled over last week.I went to my agent said something needed to be done about this and i was told they cant do nothing now this was early sumer 09 i went there.
Got same story when i asked about tree in the back of house thats not mine we cant do nothing but if it falls we will pay dont make sence to me so if i dont get heard i will make myself heard how KNOW ONE CARES at state farm. and iam sure there was state farm clients in those accidents.

Posted: 18 Dec 2009 08:12 Post Subject: car accident

i was in a car accident back in march inside a circle got hit on rear drivers door at the time i was sick with cold and have been coughing to were my back hurt from so of it,so i told the police officer that.
well the next day my lower back hurt so bad i thought it was kidney stones with to hosp they also thought the samething but it wasnt it was just my back state farm refused to pay for anything not even $80.00 when i had to go to doctor about my back.
iam still in pain and on fixed income but i do get pain pils from my doctor i have full coverage ant feed back from anyone thanks

Posted: 08 Feb 2010 05:07 Post Subject: Total loss

I reently lost my home to a fire in Oct, 2009 and was scared to dealth that I would have problems dealing with State Farm after reading all the complaints about them, but it turn out that the team that I had working with me were great, I never had any problems collecting my insurance monies and they jump right in the night of the fire, they put my family and I up in a nice room and help me in any way that they could. I feel alot of it has to do with the agents themselves because if you have a legitmate claim I can't see why they would step up to the plate and take care of you claims. I really wish that all insurance agents were as helpful as my's were, " Like A GOOD NEIGHBOR" state farm was there.

Posted: 20 Mar 2010 08:27 Post Subject: Good service with an outrageous high price

Texas - We have been fortunate that we have only had a couple of claims made on our homeowner's policy with State Farm, both prior to 2005. The first claim was processed quickly and we were quite happy. The second time, State Farm advised that only a portion of our roof needed to be replaced even though the roofing company said the entire roof needed replacing. After meeting with the roofing company and getting up on the roof of the house, State Farm's adjuster quickly agreed that the entire roof needed replacing. Fast forward to 2010. Our new homeowner's premium for 2010 is 22% higher than last years. An announcement was made last week that State Farm is requesting an additional 4% increase. Though we agree that our experience in servicing claims through State Farm has been positive, we are paying through the roof for what should be expected customer service.




How the State Farm Insurance Screwed Me Today with a Massive $5000 Tax Bill

State Farm seems to be just another corporation where its workers check their souls at the company door, if they even have them to start with. I went to a tax preparer this morning and was told because State Farm cancelled my life insurance policy I would owe $5,000 in taxes, instead of getting a $550 refund.

Last January 2009, I paid for my yearly insurance premium of $130.70 for a life insurance policy my Dad talked me into getting soon after I got out of the US Army. I made the payment on time, but State Farm 'lost' it. They didn't notify me of the lost check and a couple of months later they cancelled the policy I've had for almost 40 years.

Through the years, when times were rough, I made loans against the policy, which was permitted by the company. Once I borrowed money from my policy to help my brother who's wife just had a baby. They didn't have medical insurance so I paid for the $4,000 medical expenses so they wouldn't be in debt. State Farm often encouraged borrowing against the policy, saying it was a good way to get temporary help. It wasn't even necessary to repay the loan because it was just added to the total loan of the policy. If I died, the policy would still pay, but subtract the debt balance from the payment. Having a loan against the policy was not only permitted, but encouraged by State Farm. Hell, at this moment, I truly am worth more dead than alive. The 'insurance' is in effect until April 17th, so if I died before then the insurance company would have to pay. But that is probably why State Farm cancelled my policy without telling me. It seems obvious they are purging people who are getting older to lessen their financial risk. And they don't give a damn about the great harm they cause to the people they are targeting.

My policy also had a paid-up feature where it automatically paid your premium if you choose not to pay. It's just added to the loan. But last year, even though I made a payment to them to keep my policy current, they canceled my policy. Then they sent me a complicated statement saying I received a payment of over $23,000 for 2009, when I didn't take a dime out of the policy during 2009. The last time I took a loan against the policy was years ago. Then I later learned that the $23,000 would be added as taxable income to all my other taxable income for 2009.

Had State Farm not deceived me by not being honest, I would have received a $550 tax refund for 2009, but because State Farm 'said' I didn't make my payment last January 2009, my tax bill is now almost $5,000.

After feeling completely violated, I left the tax preparer's office and went to the nearest State Farm agent. I explained the situation and was then put on the phone with a 'higher up' in the organization. He told me if a mistake was made State Farm would issue a new 1099 form to the IRS saying I did not receive any money from them, because I didn't. But he said to prove a 'mistake' was made I had to show him a cancelled check. He assumed no responsibility if his company lost the payment. Nor would he accept any responsibility to explain why his company failed to notify a loyal 40 year State Farm customer the ramifications of not making a payment. At no time did State Farm ever mention the tax liability which would result from a missed payment, regardless of the origination of the fault. Of course, corporations are infallible. They never make mistakes. And if they do, they never admit to them.

I talked to a person who said his name was Daniel. I said I wanted to write a letter directly to him and asked for his address. He willingly gave me the address, but when I asked him for his last name he gave me a company code instead. I remember when people used to be proud of who they were. They didn't hide behind masks or fake names. People used to act with honor and had empathy & compassion for other people. They didn't check in their integrity, honor and common human decency at the door where they worked. But unfortunately, that world doesn't exist in corporations any more. People are apparently ashamed of revealing who they are. I suppose they are afraid of an angry person who felt violated in some way. But if corporate leaders acted with honor and treated people with respect and empathy they wouldn't have to hide behind fictitious names.

I've worked many years for corporations, but I wouldn't dream of hiding behind a disguise. But I didn't have to. I always treated people fairly, with respect and I always great valued them. But in today's corporate world people are not even looked at as human beings. People are nothing but a revenue sources to be exploited as much as possible until they can be discarded. That's what State Farm did to me today. It doesn't matter to a corporate worker if their actions greatly harm other people. Sometimes I wonder if some of them take great satisfaction in knowing they hurt others.

I told the State Farm representative "Daniel" that a corporation can do whatever it wants to do. They make their own rules and they can always amend their rules. But in my case, they chose to do nothing. They didn't care that a missing $130.70 check, misplaced by them, led to a massive $5,000 tax debt causing great financial harm to a fellow human being and a loyal customer. They didn't care that I would be in debt to the IRS for years while trying to pay it off.

On my drive back home I heard on the radio about how tea baggers were out today demonstrating against the government. They are filled with anger, rage, fear and loathing for the government, but seem to cheer on corporations like State Farm's abuse of human beings. They attack the government for asking them 10 inane questions on the US Census, but say nothing while corporations invade their lives daily, acquiring and accumulating every personal piece of information they can. And you can be sure that corporations will use that information to exploit you or profit off your information by selling it and reselling it. But instead of attacking the real evil in this country, tea baggers glorify unbridled capitalism and savagely attack the government, even if the government is trying to help them.

And if they are purging people who are getting older isn't that a federal crime? Any lawyers out there!!!!!!


Posted: 31 Aug 2010 03:53 Post Subject: statefarm termlife taxes..elderly

same thing is happening to us..

Posted: 01 Sep 2010 02:37 Post Subject:

I'm sorry I did not see LSR's post before now. There is a huge problem here.

Although a lost payment is one thing, if there was not enough money in the cash value to pay the $130.70, then the policy would lapse for non-payment of premium. Given the history of policy loans and interest that would accrue, this could indeed be possible.

What LSR does not state is what he did after receiving the notice of policy lapse. He does not state that he attempted to reinstate the policy by proving insurability and paying the past due premium -- something he can still do today, since State Farm allows three years to reinstate.

Because LSR made no attempt to reinstate, State Farm is required by law to report as INCOME all proceeds paid from the policy in excess of cost basis, which apparently was about $23,000. That amount seems rather excessive, in view of a $130 annual premium. If the policy has been held for 40 years, only $5200 or so would have been paid into the policy. 40 years ago, there was no Universal Life insurance, so this policy is undoubtedly straight whole life. So I'm a bit amazed that there was enough cash value to create $28,000 of indebtedness.

The reported income does not require LSR to have taken any money out in 2009, it simply was the year in which the policy lapsed and the distribution had to be reported. Reinstating the policy before December 31, 2009 would have prevented LSRs dilemma.

LSR claims that State Farm misplaced the check -- I don't know how he could even begin to prove that, unless it was later cashed. It could just as easily have been lost by the USPS or delivered to the wrong address, in which case what can State Farm do about that?

But LSR had to have received a lapse notice, and one last opportunity during the grace period to pay the premium due. Unless the USPS lost that, too. Anything is possible. But didn't LSR ever check his checking account to make sure the check had cleared? If it hadn't, he should have contacted State Farm to find out what the problem was.

Perhaps LSRs single biggest error was not allowing State Farm to automatically draft his checking account for the annual premium. It would have prevented the entire scene he posts. It costs nothing. It might be said it would have been worth $5000.

If LSR truly believes State Farm did something dishonest, then he should complain to his state's Dept of Insurance and let them inquire with State Farm as to what happened. If he's really insistent that an insurer is guilty of bad faith, or cancelling elderly people to avoid death claims, there are hundreds of lawyers who would take his case, try to make it a class action, and stand ready to collect a huge paycheck for their effort if they win.

I'm not sticking up for State Farm -- I am not one of their agents. There are probably some faults on both sides, but I think LSR bears the most liability here -- for not doing the right things. There are many things he could have done, but does not mention even trying, to avoid his losses. Did "Daniel" or the agent he talked to not mention reinstatement as a possibility? Or was LSR simply so mad at State Farm that he chose to go away mad, and accept his $5000 income tax liability?

Hillbilly . . . if you have specific details, please post them. "Same thing is happening to us" is insufficient to offer any advice.

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 06:07 Post Subject: canceled auto insurance

i canceled my car and two trucks insurance with state farm after 38 days i had paid a total premium of $801.60 they gave me a refund of $414.11 cent they charged me $387.49 fort the 38 days i think this was a total ripoff stay away from state farm if you know what is good for you.

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 06:11 Post Subject: vehicle insurance

the premium was for six monts

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 06:28 Post Subject: vehicle insurance

the premium was for six monts

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 08:54 Post Subject:

We'd have to see the language of your policy's cancellation provision to know if there's a problem here. On the surface, the amount of their earned premium retention appears to be a bit excessive. The contract, however, might allow for it.

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 05:40 Post Subject: rachat de credit

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

Posted: 25 Nov 2010 11:44 Post Subject: state farm claims people

was told by a lady at the claims center that this was State Farm we are not here to screw you and I am speaking english right.....

Posted: 17 Dec 2010 12:06 Post Subject: rachat de credits

Is there anymore information you can give on this subject. It answers a lot of my questions but there is still more info I need. I will drop you an email if I can find it. Never mind I will just use the contact form. Hopefully you can help me further.

- Robson

Posted: 17 Dec 2010 02:45 Post Subject:

What would you like to know? Feel free to email me. Just click on the link below!

Posted: 27 Dec 2010 06:25 Post Subject:

If [name withheld] has been trained to be indecent and ill-mannered to your clientele, by all means he is doing an excellent job.

Given the time of year, an insurance company claim representative could be suffering from "Seasonal Affective Disorder". A repressed childhood trauma of not receiving the electric train set or bicycle for Christmas but getting a box of underwear and socks instead. And now, every Christmas, as his wife and kids continue to buy him more socks and underwear for Christmas, he just becomes more morose and unsociable, and takes it out on those he has to deal with on a daily basis. Try pushing his "button" by asking him how he liked the socks this year the next time you call.

It probably has nothing to do with you, personally, and you can always ask to speak to a Claims Dept supervisor.

You can also file a complaint with your state's Dept of Insurance if you feel the claim is not being handled appropriately, or in a timely manner.

Posted: 19 May 2011 12:28 Post Subject: Screwed up company

I had statefarm car/life insurance i gave them specific dates to directly withdraw my money. my agents were changed three different times, only one with good reason(i moved to another state) . Then when i got to the new state farm (because i moved my policy to another state) they changed my monthly iunsurance rates three times!WTF!!! I know the economy is in a rut but damn! Then instead of withdrawing THE money on the day you agreed on, they do it when they feel like it! This causes major problems for me . Example they was suppose to pull my money on the 5th they pulled it on the 12th. i spoke with the agent last mth, and she know i was pissed trying to explain everything,"i dont want you to leave statefarm with a bad taste in your mouth". After apologizing, i be damned if the company didnt do the same damn thing. they took the money on the 9th , it returned , they charged it again , then they got the payment. :evil: Then guess what ?They asked me to make the same payment again my mail today!!! yes i am furious!I have blocked statefarm from my checking account, and on to ALL STATE I GO!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 30 Jun 2011 08:15 Post Subject:

I have had State Farm for 20 years or more. At this time I have a home 2 trucks 4 cars and a motorcycle on my policy. I have only made a couple of claims with them over this time and they have paid out less than 3500 dollars while taking in more than 40000 in that time. I started with a claim for storm damage over a year ago and after all this time they have only said that my roofer was trying to con me ( didn't even want to do my roof but would as a favor) and the other was a consultant with a degree in engineering. They have both said I have storm damage but the adjusters both decline that I do, but they do agree I have storm damage inside my home. I would like to know how this happened? Now they have started to say that I am doing damage to my roof myself. We had an F4 tornado a half a block from my house and every house in the area have had to have a new roof but for some reason mine don't have any damage. Their claims dept have been nothing but rude and left me with no choice but to have an attorney handle it. I now have to put the roof on myself and fight to get them to cover this. Within the next month I fully intend to have new insurance with a different company and have already stopped at least 1 person from going to state farm. I will never put them out of business but I will tell everyone I know how I've been treated and do everything I can to take as much business away from them that I can. I have never been late on my payments and have never done anything for them to treat me the way they have so for those of you looking for insurance look to other companys. There may not be any company out there that would treat everyone the best but you would think they would try to keep customers that pay their bills and don't make many claims.

Posted: 12 Jul 2011 04:52 Post Subject:

At this time I have a home 2 trucks 4 cars and a motorcycle on my policy. I have only made a couple of claims with them over this time and they have paid out less than 3500 dollars while taking in more than 40000 in that time.

A little confusion here. Your home and vehicles are not insured by one policy. You may actually have three or four different policies.

The other matter is your misunderstanding of how property and casualty insurance works.

You pay for auto, truck, motorcycle, and homeowner's insurance one year (or six months) at a time. Your policy is renewed at the end of that time or it isn't. If it's renewed, it may have the same policy number, but it's actually a new one-year or six-month contract. You may have paid a total of $40,000 in 20 years, but you did that one year at a time. Property & Casualty insurance does not "build cash value" the same way that some life insurance policies do.

You are looking at the numbers in the aggregate, the insurance company only looks at them one policy term at a time. Within the policy term you may or may not have had a claim. But when the term is over, you have no coverage and you cannot bring any new claims against that policy that occur after its expiration date. You had peace of mind during the policy term. But once it's over, it's over.

Now you have a new policy term, and you've paid your premiums, and you believe you have a claim.

Unfortunately, you have gone about pursuing your claim in the wrong manner. Engineering consultants and building contractors tell you what you want to hear, but they may have no idea what your insurance does or does not cover -- have either of them read your insurance contract? Your reliance on them is misplaced.

If you believe you have wind-related damage but the insurance company disputes this, you need to hire a PUBLIC ADJUSTER, a person licensed with your state's Dept of Insurance to represent you and your claim to your insurance company.

A Public Adjuster will ask you to sign a written agreement making him/her your "agent" fo the purpose of pursuing your claim. You will pay the adjuster about 10% of whatever he/she recovers for you from the insurance company.

Before all this, the adjuster will probably read your policy and determine if you have a legitimate claim. If you don't, he'll tell you and you won't sign an agreement.

So for the time being, forget what the contractors and "engineers" are telling you, and find a reputable Public Adjuster to represent you.

Posted: 24 Aug 2011 01:00 Post Subject: cORjgPNSrJtJWcUat

Hey, subtle must be your mildde name. Great post!

Posted: 11 Sep 2011 06:01 Post Subject: Like a good neighbor? As if...

Max- From a factual point-of-view, all of your statements above are true. The harsh lesson that many policyholders must learn is that their loyalty to an insurance company is worthless! They don’t discover this ugly truth until they file a claim and go through a living hell trying to get it paid.

Last year, I had borrowed my mom’s SUV to take on vacation and she drove my car for a week. She was driving my car to a meeting on the first morning of that week and was rear-ended by a State Farm customer while stopped at a red light. The impact was hard enough to knock my car into the SUV stopped in front of it, causing the airbag to deploy! My mom suffered some injuries including a fractured wrist, torn ligament in one knee, a broken toe, two broken fingers, airbag burns on hands and arms and substantial bruising on her chest from the seatbelt pre-tensioner. My car should have been totaled, but State Farm insisted on repairing it. That was a mistake that ultimately cost them $2000 more than if they had simply totaled it!

Although my car was insured by Amica, my parents had been with State Farm for over 37 years at the time of the accident. The other driver received multiple citations and the police report cited her as being 100% responsible for the accident. It took 32 days to finally get my car repaired properly and cost State Farm $9700 (I would have taken $10,000 if it had been totaled) and I fought them for a $3200 Diminished Value Claim that I ultimately won (after filing a lawsuit).

But 13 months later, my mom still hasn’t received a penny in reimbursement for her medical expenses! She didn’t ask for a penny more than what she had paid out (around $6000) but they refused. She finally hired an attorney and it will cost them a lot more than $6000 to finally settle. Her State Farm agent wasn’t remotely interested in getting involved in the situation.

Six months ago, my parents’ house was damaged by a wind/hail storm that trashed their roof. State Farm initially declined the claim and, after two months of my dad calling them daily, they agreed to replace only the front half of the roof. He hired an independent adjuster who agreed that the entire roof was damaged, but State Farm still wouldn’t budge. A call to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s office and continued daily calls to State Farm finally got the entire roof replaced….almost four months after the damage occurred!

This was their first (and last) claim with State Farm in almost 38 years. Thankfully, it opened my dad’s eyes and he is now insured with Auto-Owners and paying $1300 less per year (even though he has more coverage)! Like a good neighbor my @ss…

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 01:51 Post Subject:

A call to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s office and continued daily calls to State Farm finally got the entire roof replaced

Unfortunately, many folks fail to use this free resource that exists in EVERY state, including Puerto Rico and the DC. Much better than using an attorney in many cases.

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 04:58 Post Subject: Ripped off

Took out auto insurance on-line and paid $550 for one month and one month advance payment. After payment was made on-line, contacted local agent and when i contacted was told they needed more information on the policy. When i gave more information, which was not asked on-line before they took my money, was told the underwriters would refuse my policy, so i decided i would cancel the policy. This had to come from corporate for my refund and i only received $49.99 for 20 days of un- insured, insurance. :(

Posted: 20 Mar 2012 10:41 Post Subject:

File a complaint with your state's Dept of Insurance. They may be able to assist you.

Posted: 06 May 2012 12:57 Post Subject: Action against its own customers

We have this insurance for over 28 years but seem to notice their action/investigation against their own customers who have paid premium in thousands. They intrude into pay to pay a little per day while sick from accident injury but then do it pay by saying that you were receiving 20% of ur pay form TDI do they won't pay.

Posted: 24 Sep 2012 09:54 Post Subject: Car Insurance

Sate farm don't commit fraud? It 'a big lie, When you get accident and both sides are covered by statefarm, what they do , they said In case no witness no police report they follows their policy ,It means 50/50 both sides have to pay deductible, Claim team 22 did very good job because it reduce the amount they have to pay.No responsibilitis to customers,They ignore damage evidence on the car or they don't know what to do.

Posted: 03 Oct 2012 11:54 Post Subject:

The comments above are not typical of any insurance company's practices. Most auto policies state that if you are involved in a collision with another person who is also insured by the same company, they will WAIVE the deductible.

Whether you are at fault or not, is a completely different determination. If it cannot be conclusively shown who was at fault, then each party would pay for their own damages.

It does not prevent you from suing the other person and having a judge or jury decide who, if anyone, was at fault.

Posted: 03 Oct 2012 01:33 Post Subject:

Most auto policies state that if you are involved in a collision with another person who is also insured by the same company, they will WAIVE the deductible.

I'm not sure the policy states that (it could) but most carriers do this. It's done because it's easier to waive a $500 deductible rather then get sucked into a bad faith lawsuit for the very reason the prior poster mentions. Plus, it's a little odd when you are not at fault that your own carrier pays your claim less your deductible just to "recover" your deductible from themselves in order to refund it at a latter date. Combined with the above and it's simply just better business to waive everyone's deductible all together.

Posted: 30 Oct 2012 05:40 Post Subject:

Read my post for State Farm nightmate.

If it goes any longer I'm putting it on the local news and ill link a youtube feed.

A US Senator is one of the owners of the dealership that screwed me. Voting day is soon. :D

Posted: 30 Oct 2012 12:47 Post Subject:

Read my post for State Farm nightmate.

Read my response.

If it goes any longer I'm putting it on the local news and ill link a youtube feed.

If you're the local news director, it might make it on the air one night. Otherwise, good luck.

A US Senator is one of the owners of the dealership that screwed me.

So sue him. He's probably screwed me and every other American taxpayer, too. I'll lend moral support to your effort in that regard.

Voting day is soon.

There's your opportunity to make some changes. Don't vote for ANY incumbents -- from dog catcher to President of the United States. They are all in need of being retired from political office.

Don't miss your opportunity to vote. That is a privilege more powerful than any nuclear bomb.

Posted: 20 Nov 2012 07:57 Post Subject: ripped off

State Farm called me out of the blue and asked for mileage on my vehicles because they arbitrarily decided they were going to up my rates by about $50/month. I cancelled all of my policies and was billed the day before cancelling. I have always paid my premiums a month in advance. State Farm is now telling me I never paid a month in advance and I get no refund. They are done getting any more money from me at least. Stay away from them. They lie, they're greedy, and they'll rip you off.

Posted: 20 Nov 2012 10:53 Post Subject:

If you have a record of your payments, you can file a complaint with your state's Dept of Insurance which will work to get your refund if you are owed one.

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