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Hey everybody,

I was looking at the search graph and also at the searched keywords. I found a very interesting keywords or better to say a query in that section. I am posting that query here and I think our members will certainly help the visitor to get the answer. :)

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I have 10 years of underwriting experience in subprime mortgage and is now unemployed. I am interested in insurance underwriting which requires some type of degree. Can my 10 years of experience account for the degree? If not where can I find a company that will offer me a entry level position while I attend school to obtain a degree?


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There are only a handful of companies that require a educational degree. Most will trade this for related experience. With that said, it really depends on the company and what people are available for the job. In my area (Utah) there are not that many people with insurance experience. So companies are willing to train someone who has some experience but perhaps has never performed the actual job. Many companies like to see applicants who have some related experience but never worked for an insurance company. This means they can train the person how they want.

If I were you, I'd most certainly apply and don't sell yourself short!

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