Bad Roads

Submitted by goodnatured on Mon, 02/11/2008 - 00:05

I went out unaware of what the weather would be like today, it was terrible, could not see for the blowing snow. Got like three miles from my destination and there was a fatal accident. I kept thinking the whole time, if I had watched the weather I would not have went out today, so I will keep an eye on it from now on, I urge you all to do the same. I know there are people out there that will say, it is february, what did you expect, well I did not expect what I ran into today. Becareful everybody.

Posted: 11 Feb 2008 12:12 Post Subject:

Fortunately, in Beirut, Lebanon...we have no snow. WE just have to worry about heavy rain and those pesky Iranians and Syrians that try to ruin things for us.

Posted: 11 Feb 2008 11:33 Post Subject:

You simply can't stop going out on a bad weather day. But, yeah, the extra bit carefullness can save you from ending up in mishaps.

Posted: 11 Feb 2008 11:50 Post Subject:

Ohio Health Insurance, When I read your name I thought you would have been from Ohio, lol. Never would have thought Beirut, Lebanon.

Posted: 11 Feb 2008 12:54 Post Subject:

Ohio Health Insurance, When I read your name I thought you would have been from Ohio,


RE: getting out in bad weather you're right some of us have to, but others do not, I agree with OP it's always a good idea to check on this before heading out and if you do not have to get on the roads DON'T...I wish they'd pass some kind of law in my city, if the dag gum schools are closed due to bad roads, if they catch a high school kid out driving...TICKET!

Posted: 11 Feb 2008 03:55 Post Subject:

That is a really good thought Lori, Some kids think it is a free pass to cruise around all day long and BE a HAZARD. I am sure there would be many complaints if they did start ticketing them though it is a great idea.

Posted: 11 Feb 2008 11:47 Post Subject:'s just a little joke that I have carried over from other Forums. I am located in Ohio and although I have been to Beirut may years ago...I would NEVER go there now. Hezbollah hates all Westerners and unfortunately is ruining the country.

But every now and then, I'll infer that I'm located in Beirut. Just a joke. I'm right here in Ohio...waiting for the snow to hit later tonight.

Posted: 11 Feb 2008 11:56 Post Subject:

Sounds like you won't have to wait too long, it is gonna get pretty bad from what the television stations are saying. Hope you stay warm.

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 01:52 Post Subject:

Me too. Just took out the garbage and it is bitterly cold. I envy those garbage men, who only work one day per week...heh heh

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 11:44 Post Subject:

I think they work more than one day a week, just routed to you once a week, lol. I don't envy them in this windchill, a lot of them are on the back of the truck going from stop to stop, boooooooooooooooo, they must freeze their butts off.

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 02:06 Post Subject: weather

I am quite the weather bug. Seems I grew up with it in my blood. I can remember not dare talking when the weather was matter what time of year it was...there was always something thunderstorms, frosts, snow and my parents had to know EXACTLY what the weather week held. I think it makes us all think when we seen a fatal accident but infortunately most forget just days later. No matter what the weather conditions or time of year we all need to be safe drivers.

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 03:19 Post Subject:

Hey, fireyone good to see you here, haven't seen you in a while on here. The weather has been terrible the last few days for driving, I am glad to have a four day weekend coming up, we have presidents day off and then I have tommorro off. Then next week I have to do some extensive traveling for work, I am not looking forward to it at all, hopefully we will have some descent weather or I may be inclined not to go, it is like a 4 hour trip for me to get to where I need to be. They could have done it in April instead of february. We shall see, I will hope for good weather.

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 06:50 Post Subject:

I watch the news in the winter time, I try to keep an eye on the weather for travel reasons. Having a trip ahead of me like that would drive me crazy, goodnatured, would not want to be you, I would be worried until the trip was over. anxiety would be kicking in, right about now :roll: :roll:

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 02:20 Post Subject:

Hey good natured. just got the bugs worked out of my computer. Seems I had alot of adware from different sites. Got it all cleared for now. The roads around here (I live in cow country) leave a lot to be wished for, like summertime. I don't travel on them if there is even a trace of snow, an anxiety thing, ya know. I usually just get my chauffer (sp?) to take me. Yes I am talking about my husband. Good luck on your trip and enjoy your 4 day vaca. talk to ya soon.

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 02:45 Post Subject:

Fortunately, I am only seven minutes from work. And new tires make quite a difference if you are driving in horrible conditions.

Speaking of horrible conditions, one wonders what it would be like working for Western Southern.

OK...I'll play nice. Old established company for old established agents that want to go out of the business quietly...without any fanfare.

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 03:07 Post Subject:

Gosh, Ohio, that avatar makes me dizzy every time I see it, LOL. WOW!

It is not a vacation, it is work related, I will be stressed out the whole way down there, thank god most of it is the turn pike and they keep it pretty clean, but there are a ton of big trucks and I hate the tunnels. I won't get rid of the anxiety of this trip until I get home. I am really trying not to think about it, thinking about car pooling also, that may be an option that I need to talk to some one about on Tuesday when I am back to work.

It will all work out, if it gets too bad, I will just not go. I don't think there is bad weather coming, the forecast is a little too far out yet to see, but I am definately watching the weather.

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 05:13 Post Subject:

Yeah, it is a busy avatar that is for sure, LOl, but it is kind of neat.

hey good, don't think about your trip till it gets closer, relax and enjoy your weekend, don't stress yourself out about it, the weather may be fine. Take a look at the weather when the trip gets closer.

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 07:48 Post Subject:

I can tell before hand how the roads are by looking out the window.If there is snow on them I don't go anywhere.Looking outside and listening to the tv or radio is a good way to know what condition the roads are in. The only bad thing is getting caught away from home in bad weather.

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 10:00 Post Subject:

I live on back roads so I can not see the main ones before leaving home. It always looks bad from my window in the winter. Well good natured I hope your trip works out for ya. I meant the 4 days you have off would be a short vaca not the trip. I know when your working 5 days a week 2 days off isn't enough especially when you have kids and a house to take care of. Hope you think about the car pooling. Sometimes its a pain but it saves a little gas money and gives a little company on a long trip. Have a safe trip[.

Posted: 16 Feb 2008 05:55 Post Subject:

I hate winter time period, bad roads, higher heating and other utility bills, all the cold spells. I just keep thinking that spring is right around the corner to keep my spirits up.

Posted: 17 Feb 2008 04:16 Post Subject:

I hear ya there girl. Not much of a cold weather person myself. Money is always tighter this time of year. Never had the passion for all this white stuff myself or the longer nights. About this time of year I start getting the winter blahs.

Posted: 17 Feb 2008 07:24 Post Subject:

If you listen to the school reports in the morining for your area that will be a real good indicator if the roads are to bad to travel.The schools will not close in my area unless the back roads are clear.

Posted: 18 Feb 2008 11:49 Post Subject:

I partially agree with that. I use to go by the fact if school was not cancelled the roads were good. Recently in Pittsburgh they had school and the roads were bad. They thought they could get the students there before the worst of the snow hit and then it would clear up before they got out. They misfigured that one and there was bus wrecks everywhere. I guess it comes down to good old fashion judgement and common sense.

Posted: 18 Feb 2008 12:33 Post Subject:

Common sense, what is that? I seen that on the news too fireyone, they were a little concerned that the kids would not get their allotted time in because of strikes this year.
I am glad that our contracts go smoother than that every four years, seems like they are always walking out for some type of union negotiation.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008 12:34 Post Subject:

Driving home from work today. I'm only seven minutes from home. 32 degrees and partly cloudy. A minute later...WHITEOUT! Unbelievable. A snow squall had come through the area and I could barely see the road. It was over in 10 minutes but it was scary.

Not quite as bad as driving to my office in Beirut though. Sniper fire all over the place. Hezbollah is determined to bring the country to its knees for the killing of their leader. They know Syria was involved but insist on blaming Israel.

All hell is going to break out shortly.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008 10:51 Post Subject:

Whiteouts are definately no fun to drive in. I really hate when your in one of those or on any bad roads and someone (usually in a 4x4) screams by you or rides your rear so close that it impairs your own nerves and driving. That happens a lot around here. As for all the soldiers over sea, God keep them safe and bring them back home.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008 07:32 Post Subject:

I hate the white outs too, I would like to just stop in my tracks. I think they should be putting up the old fashioned snow fence that they used to put up, I think it would keep alot of the blowing snow off the road.

Off on my trip tommorro, I will try to sign on through web tv if it is available in my room, I shall see. See you all soon.

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 01:52 Post Subject:

I wish you luck on your trip, I am sure that everything will be fine, you just get yourself all worked up prior to the trip. Let us know when you get back.

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 04:33 Post Subject:

You wouldnt believe the amount of accidents we have the first snow every winter. Everyone seems to forget how to drive in snow and people always reference snowing bringing the idiot drivers out.

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 03:18 Post Subject:

Hope you made it to your destination safely good natured. I also remember the bright orange snow fence and agree with you. Over this way we have an area called Johnsonburgh straight stretch that goes down to one lane long after the snow storm has subsided, I'm talking days. They will spend the time and waste the fuel on sending a plow on the road a couple times a day when the fence worked best. It is a lot of peoples only way into town and a main road. I use to live that way and had a job in town (during the winter when I was laid off) I would dread snow because of that road. I actually in the end gave up the job because of that very reason. It just wasn't worth $6.00 an hour, 15 hours weekly, with a $500 deductible on my vehicle. Well hope everyones wishing for an early spring...

Posted: 22 Feb 2008 04:49 Post Subject:

Our school did a dumb thing recently, well, 2 dumb things. One ,they let out school an hour early when the broadcasts were for farther north. Then one day they did not call off schools when they should have and people were sliding and buses were stuck .They said it was because the tower they used to communicate with the drivers had recently blown down by the tornados and straight line winds here. But we also have tv and radio and the polar report.So I chalk that up to just bad planning.

Posted: 22 Feb 2008 05:36 Post Subject:

I think we can all be guilty of bad planning from time to time. But hey its winter. Guess we will just have to sit it out and pray for spring..

Posted: 22 Feb 2008 09:24 Post Subject:

Oh, I swear that was the most miserable 183 miles (one way) of my life today. I left here early wednesday morning and the weather was good, we started hearing the forcast and I was getting really anxious last night. But I made the entire accident free, but not idiot free. When I left late morning to head home there was ice coming down, I thought there is no way I am getting home safe, well I had my doubts the whole way, I had tractor trailers passing me, I was going steady between 55 and 60 mph, which did not seem safe to me at all, but it was either drive or be pushed. I see why when there is an accident it is a major one, they are just ridiculous on the turnpike, just plain nuts. I smoked a half a pack of cigarettes that 76 miles of my trip.

I am home and happy to be here, theres my trip to main office over with for the year. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 22 Feb 2008 10:53 Post Subject:

Congrats on your safe return good natured. I was thinking of you when I heard of the impending storm. Yes the interstate is insane. I think you are a brave one. I will not drive it good or bad weather. I hope your days of bad weather travel are close to being over.

Posted: 23 Feb 2008 01:58 Post Subject:

Welcome back good, glad to see that you made it home safe and sound. Good to hear that you won't be traveling for a long time now. Just think after a trip like that, every day truck to work isn't so bad no matter what the weather.

Posted: 23 Feb 2008 02:09 Post Subject:

Nasty weather in Ohio today. Rained like cats and dogs. In fact I almost stepped in a poodle.

Snow...sleet..freezing rain. Thank God (or Allah, if you prefer) that I am only 7 minutes from work.

Posted: 23 Feb 2008 03:43 Post Subject:

I had the ride from hell today, I was actually sick in the stomach at the thought of getting on that turnpike with those trucks, they are bad enough on good roads, put a wintery mix in the pot and it was awful, I was so glad to pull in and get stuck in my drive way, LOL. The car is still where I got it stuck, had to come in the house sit down and have my coffee, love up the dogs and cook dinner. I am sooooooooooo glad to be home again.

Posted: 23 Feb 2008 01:41 Post Subject:

Glad you made it there safe. I probaly would have left the car sit there too. Theres only so much a person can deal with in one day. Do you have a hubby that can move it. After your ride I wouldn't even want to go back out the next day and deal with a stuck car. Are roads were awful until later in the day. I hate the big trucks myself. They seem to scream "Get out of my way or I'll run you over". Around here i've seen lots of heavy trucks take out little vechicles and it never turns out well. Looks like you got the weekend to recoup good natured. Rest up and enjoy.

Posted: 23 Feb 2008 10:02 Post Subject:

Got the car un stuck today, LOL, had to plow the drive way and then it was driveable, I knew this would happen when I bought this car, I have a four wheel drive truck and have always had two four wheel drives here, but this car is so easy on gas, so I bought it. It is front wheel drive and does really well most of the time, our driveway can be a mess when we get a few inches of snow. But everything is cool today.

Posted: 23 Feb 2008 10:25 Post Subject:

Warm and cheerful today...a balmy 30 degrees. But...more snow coming next week. Thank God for SUVs.

Posted: 24 Feb 2008 04:43 Post Subject:

Welcome back GoodNatured. Glad to hear you made a safe return. I hate driving in a lot of traffic myself. I am afraid of the 18 wheelers.I had to turn into my drive once nearly on 2 wheels because there was one to close and to fast on my rear.

Posted: 24 Feb 2008 01:08 Post Subject:

The driveway business is scary for me too. My driveway is pretty long and it gradually goes down hill. I hate when it snows cause its a pain in the buttfor days afterwards. I have to have my truck to get out since there is no way of turning around once you pull down in. On top of that the contractor was paid to put a french drain pipe in so all the water didn't run down in but decided to keep the money and for go the pipe. My husband and I were both working when this construction was underway.We thought since he was a friend of my sisters and her sons little league coach, we would be able to trust him. All the water causes ice and when it warms up it becomes an ice skating rink. Gonna go with my own instincts this spring when it comes time to polish off the land and the driveway and get the guy I had in here before winter set in. I had to call him in after we let the other guy go but there wasn't enough time to finish up before the crazy weather started. Can't wait for spring...

Posted: 24 Feb 2008 01:36 Post Subject:

Skating rink, not fun for driving on, will you have a turn around point put in? This is good if you live near where traffic is passing a lot. Hope you get it cleared up soon.
Goodnatured, I am glad to see that you made it home safe, sorry to hear that you had such a stressful drive. Hope you can stay a little more local now. glad you made it home.

Posted: 25 Feb 2008 12:36 Post Subject:

Yes definatelt a turn around spot. I was actually thinking of making a driveway loop so you can just drive right around. I want to leave a small grass area in the middle and put a flag pole in and some flowers. Kind of dress it up a bit. I don't pull out onto any main highways..all country this way, but it would still make it easier, especially in the winter months.

Posted: 25 Feb 2008 07:26 Post Subject:

Here we are so muddy ,we don't have to worry about getting stuck in the snow .We have to worry about getting stuck in the mud.It has rained so much here that allw e have is mud.I let the dog out and she brings so much mud inside. Our yard is like a mud bog! I will be glad when we dry out some.It did snow here yesterday ,huge wet flakes ,were so pretty but they melted fast.

Posted: 25 Feb 2008 11:56 Post Subject:

White death coming Tuesday. 1-2 inches. Actually, nothing but the local papers will put it on the front page.

Posted: 26 Feb 2008 12:34 Post Subject:

Not too much snow here this morning. Thought there would be a delay but there wasn't. Bus was 15 minutes late though.

Posted: 26 Feb 2008 06:51 Post Subject:

It was nice and fairly warm this morning and the temps have fallen to wind chill 27 degress.The wind is bad out there.I am ready for spring ,Im sorry but I am.I have not seen the sun in days! If it rains any more we will have to put out a mote!

Posted: 26 Feb 2008 07:43 Post Subject:

Rain snow snow rain. I've had enough of it myself. There calling for another 1-3 tonite. Yuk. I'm ready for spring too.

Posted: 27 Feb 2008 12:11 Post Subject:

Just heard some fantastic news on my radio....they are saying it will get to 50 degrees here (nw mo) saturday! I can't believe it! That will mean an actual stretch of oh I don't know, five or six days without snow, rain, or ice! Could it be? Dare I imagaine that spring is around the corner? :lol:

Posted: 27 Feb 2008 02:55 Post Subject:

No better not hold your breath. We had schools closed today. More snow than we have had all winter but looks like maybe an inch or so. but the secondary roads are bad today. This is only the second snow this winter the last one was less than this one.But the kids are glad to get out of school.I am also ready for spring and some drying out! Our yard is like a sponge .You cannot even welk out side except you must wear mud boots! Terrible!Even the dogs leave tracks.

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