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My husband was laid off and we are covered on his health insurance till the end of March. I work for a small company that offers insurance but the cost is very high, it would cost more then cobra stimulus plan. Do we have to go on my insurance or can we go on cobra for the 18 months?

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Cobra is elective coverage. You can 'elect' to go with Cobra or you can go with the insurance at your company. Simply call HR at your husband's office and request the Cobra enrollment form.

If you run into any problems or come across any new information (the stimulus plan is pretty new, I won't guarantee there aren't any changes to Cobra in the bill), post and let us know.

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There are quite a few provisions for consumers within the stimulus plan. Please go through the website to know the key updates executed by our Internal Revenue Services.

Over there you may search using the keyphrase 'American recovery and reinvestment act 2009'. The new law certainly bears a temporary relief in terms of the Cobra premium.


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